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Eye Care SEO: The #1 Optometry Guide to Search Optimization

Eye Care SEO (Blog Cover)

Eye care SEO helps optometrists rank #1 on Google for various keywords. So if your goal is to reach more patients for your optometry practice, eye care SEO should be a top priority in 2022.

There are multiple ways SEO can generate more optometry patients in 2022. For instance, when a nearby user searches Google for a term like optometrist near me, the results show a Local Map Pack followed by traditional results. So ranking your business in both spots is critical to success.

In the following guide, Dallas Fort Worth SEO outlines the steps necessary to master SEO for optometry in 2022. You will learn how to rank in Google’s Local Map 3-Pack and traditional organic results. In addition, you will discover how to leverage SEO traffic into new patients.

What is Eye Care SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a form of marketing that promotes optometrists on search engines like Google. Search results are ranked by quality, relevance, and various other factors. As a result, the goal is to rank #1 for relevant keywords and drive traffic to your website.

Why SEO Matters for Optometrists

The further down the page you go, the lower the result rankings are. According to a survey, the top three search results garner 75.1% of all the clicks. That means that 75.1% of people who do an online search don’t bother with the results outside the top 3.

When your site doesn’t get clicks, you lose out on leads and are much less likely to land a new patient. So even though eye care is an essential service, you still need to be able to be seen by your potential patients.

That’s where eye care SEO comes in. Through the tactics that make up SEO, you can increase your rankings and make it more likely that people who search for eye care in your area will find your website. 

Eye Care Dallas Google Search (Screenshot)

Perform Keyword Research

One of the things that will help you rank higher is a keyword strategy—search engines like Google present search results based on a user’s query. When enough users perform the same query, it becomes a keyword. You can use 3rd-party tools like Ahrefs to find keyword volume.

However, remember that keyword strategy is about more than sheer volume. For example, some optometrists want to rank for technical services like amblyopia treatment, but how often do you think people will search the term amblyopia? That’s why keyword volume often mirrors layman’s terms. So amblyopia treatment turns into lazy eye treatment

Focus first on your treatments and find keywords that match user intent. For example, you can list keywords that center around treatments and services such as eye exams near mevision therapy in dallas, or affordable prescriptions for eyeglasses.

Once you have a good list, compare your keywords with the Ahrefs keyword tool. Ahrefs helps you find the keywords people use most to find your services. Then, incorporate these keywords into the content of your website so that search engines like Google will know that you have relevant information on your site. 

Eye Care SEO Keywords (Ahrefs Screenshot)

Claim Your Google Business Profile

Google makes it easy to devise a basic SEO strategy for your practice, no matter how large or small it is. Any legitimate ey care facility can claim a free Google Business Profile, which you can verify via postcard.

Google Business Profile is free to use and will allow your business to rank on the Map 3-Pack for nearby users. In addition, your Google Business Profile listing shows consumers important information like phone numbers, reviews, and FAQs. And all you have to do is claim your business

Claiming your optometry office will make you more visible to local patients, whether they find you through the Local Map 3-Pack or by searching your brand name (which will also pull up your profile).

Acquire Patient Reviews Online

Reviews are how people in 2022 get critical information on your practice. They can be the difference between getting more patients and repelling them. But it all starts with getting reviews in the first place. You must be present on platforms like Google Business Profile, Yelp, and ZocDoc.

Encourage your patients to leave a review for your practice with a follow-up email after treatment that includes a link to your review profiles. Managing different review accounts can be a significant chore. However, reputation management tools like DataPins simplify the process.

Healthcare reviews like optometry tend to generate the most negative reviews. As a result, it is vital to keep a professional etiquette when responding to unfavorable feedback. In addition, maximizing the number of satisfied patients that leave reviews becomes even more paramount.

Create an Optimized Website

You don’t need a website to rank in the Local Map 3-Pack, but you do need one to rank on traditional organic results. Some businesses ask, do I really need a website if I rank #1 on Google Maps and the Map 3-Pack?

First, it’s nearly impossible to rank #1 on Google Maps or the Map 3-Pack without a website. Although these results use a separate algorithm from the traditional results, this algorithm still accounts for website authority. Google Business Profiles that list an authoritative website on their listing typically rank higher than profiles that leave that slot blank.

Secondly, the #1 organic result gets 27.1% of all clicks. In contrast, the #1 Map-Pack result only gets 17.3%. You might be surprised that many people skip over the Map 3-Pack results, but the numbers show it happens. Of course, ranking in both spots nets you 44.4% of the SERP. That’s pure domination.

To achieve this goal, you are going to need an optimized website. We discussed the keyword strategy that will determine how you set up your service pages, homepage, and other SEO assets. You must also ensure your website delivers a great user experience with fast speeds.

Lastly, ensure your website makes it easy for patients to contact your office. For example, it helps to showcase a clickable phone number in your site’s header and footer. In addition, make sure your address appears on your website’s footer and matches the address on your Google Business Profile.

Help With Eye Care SEO

Dallas Fort Worth SEO knows a lot about search engine optimization and its proper implementation. You can contact us to help start your SEO campaign in 2022 and acquire more patients for your practice. Our staff consists of SEO specialists, web designers, programmers, and content writers. We know what it takes to rank with thousands of clients on board.

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Ranking the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Fort Worth (1-5)

Digital Marketing Agency Fort Worth (List Cover) (Showing Downtown Fort Worth)

The Dallas Fort Worth area is a bustling metropolis brimming with commerce. So it stands to reason that there are a lot of marketing agencies in operation, helping these businesses get noticed in the crowd. If you are a small business owner in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, you may be wondering what your options are in terms of marketing. 

Make no mistake about it; digital marketing is vital if you want to thrive in this city. That’s because there is a lot of competition, no matter your industry. Dallas is home to over 65,000 businesses. If you want any chance of pulling attention from this massive crowd, you need help on the digital marketing side. 

But how do you know a good digital marketing agency from a bad one? What are your options? What is the best digital marketing agency in Fort Worth? We’re here to help. We have compiled a list of some of the best digital marketing agencies in Fort Worth to help you narrow down the field and make an informed choice. 

1) Dallas Fort Worth SEO

Areas of Expertise:

  • Local SEO
  • Reputation Management
  • DataPins Tool
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Design

It’s always a good thing when your digital marketing agency has specific experience with your industry. Dallas Fort Worth SEO is an excellent example of how finding the right fit for your business can yield great success. By focusing on a narrower niche, the company can cater to contractors’ specific marketing and business needs. 

Our company has a deep history in local SEO, which helps local businesses get noticed by more consumers in their area. In addition to web design, PPC advertising, and local SEO, the agency has a successful track record in content marketing and reputation management. 

DFW SEO also has a secret weapon with the DataPins tool. Contractors can automate their review requests through text and email to increase testimonials on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other platforms. Furthermore, DataPins populates user-generated content from job pins and reviews to the appropriate pages.

2) DKRM Strategies

Areas of Expertise:

  • YouTube Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing

These days, content marketing is critical. So if you are looking for a digital marketing agency in Fort Worth that will help you stay ahead of the latest trends, DKRM Strategies is a good partner. 

They do great work in content and social media marketing. They can help you get noticed via highly-utilized outlets like Facebook and YouTube. In addition, DKRM Strategies have experience working with high-profile Dallas/Fort Worth companies. 

3) Enilon

Areas of Expertise:

  • Data Analysis
  • Customer Strategy

If you believe in hard statistical data and figures, Enilon may be a good fit for your needs. Analytical strategy and technical testing are essential when running any digital marketing or advertising campaign. It would be best to see what is working and what isn’t plainly. 

Enilon is well-known for advanced data analysis and can help you understand complex calculations. They also devise customer strategies (lead-generation, conversion, customer loyalty, sales funnels, etc.) that will help earn you more business. 

Their team is one of the most experienced in the city as well. 

4) BGD Digital Marketing

Areas of Expertise:

  • In-house graphic design
  • Web design

BGD Digital Marketing is an excellent choice if you want a unique, original website and an effective social media marketing campaign. And these days, social media marketing is a huge chunk of digital marketing as a whole. 

You can rely on BGD Digital Marketing for original graphic design that you can utilize across your social media outlets and, of course, your website. 

Another thing we like about this agency is that they are known for taking the time to work closely with their clients and understand the doctrine and values of their companies. 

In this way, BGD Digital Marketing allows you to create a successful digital marketing campaign that highlights what makes you and your company unique.

5) Life In Motion Marketing

Areas of Expertise:

  • Online reputation management
  • Social media marketing strategy

Life in Motion Marketing has been working with Dallas and Fort Worth businesses since 2011. The agency comes through for small companies that are just getting started with social media marketing. 

They take a hands-on approach to devising an effective social media marketing strategy which is essential when you have a particular target audience or customer base. 

The Best Digital Marketing Agency in Fort Worth

Of course, we have to toot our horns a little bit. Here at Dallas Fort Worth SEO, we have a vast client portfolio that includes over 250 businesses in the Dallas Fort Worth area. 

We offer a complete compliment of digital marketing services, including PPC, local SEO, web design, content marketing, etc. So please find out how we can help your Dallas/Fort Worth business thrive!

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6 Effective Link Building Strategies for Dallas Websites in 2022

Dallas Link Building Guide Cover

If you struggle with website link building in Dallas, this post will help you understand the process and get better results.

Did you know that link signals are among the most important Google ranking factors? So it’s no secret that building external links to your website strengthens your Dallas SEO. That’s why there is such a high emphasis on marketing at the professional and DIY levels.

Part of the reason many Dallas businesses are willing to pay good money for a professional to handle SEO is because link building is complex. Blindly building links can result in a Google penalty, and failing to invest in any link-building strategies limits the impact of other SEO strategies.

Some people don’t realize that it’s not just about the quantity of the links; it’s also about the quality. For example, you can get many links from small, non-authoritative websites around the internet, and you still may not see a significant increase in traffic to your site. That’s because search engines like Google will also consider the quality of the links that lead to your site. 

That’s part of what makes ranking for links so difficult. Difficult but not impossible. You can employ some tactics to give your backlink profile an instant shot on the arm. In the following post, we will be talking about some of the most effective link-building tactics for Dallas websites.

1) Guest Blogging

If you are already following solid SEO tactics, your business’s website has a blog. Nearly any business would benefit from having a blog in many ways. One of the ways is by leveraging the content you use for your blog.

Case in point: guest posting. A guest blog post is where you post an article on a colleague’s website and insert a link within the text. The link must present value to the readers and maintain relevance for the topic.

Guest posting is a great way to gain external links and generate buzz around your content. But, of course, you will want to put your best foot forward in the blog content (compelling, well-written, entertaining, informative, etc.). 

Furthermore, you want to target authority sites. However, it’s ok to start small. Start with other people or businesses related to your industry – make sure they are not your direct competitors. 

Guest Post Search

2) Linkable Assets

Having something of value on your site will make building links much more manageable. Aside from excellent blog content, you may want to explore video content, informative articles, and white papers. 

Going beyond the peripherals, you can also entice others to link to your site simply by having a great product or service. Producing valuable content results in natural link building, which Google wants. 

The most important thing is to have something to offer – some linkable asset. If you have been investing in good content marketing, then chances are you already have something of value to provide the masses.

Linkable Asset Example

No matter what kind of link-building strategy you prefer, there’s no getting around the fact that you will have to reach out to people, whether they be admins, webmasters, or other business owners. 

You may find that the most effective means of establishing external links to your site is simply by asking for them via email or phone. The important thing, though, is knowing who to ask. 

Remember that you aren’t trying to help the competition. Anyone you ask for a link will have to share a relevant audience. So it’s all about knowing who to ask. In general, you will want to reach out to businesses that complement your business, not compete with it. 

Here’s an example. Let’s say you are a plumber. The kinds of businesses you would want to reach out for links with are tool suppliers, maybe some of your equipment suppliers, local hardware stores, general contractors, real estate agents, or even property management companies. 

Other plumbers are the kinds of businesses you don’t want to contact. Instead, try to think of companies that would provide mutually beneficial value to website visitors.

Then, it’s simply a matter of getting in touch with them and proposing a link insertion. For example, maybe the website has a resource page listing corporate partners. 

Conversely, perhaps they have a blog post where your linkable asset might add value. But, ultimately, the more detailed your request is, the better chance they will take action.

Link Outreach Email Screenshot from AWeber

4) Editorial Source

One of the easiest and most effective ways to generate links on high-profile news and media sites is by becoming a source on sites like HARO and Muck Rack

When you register as a source on these sites, journalists will contact you about stories they want to write that might be relevant to your field or area of expertise. 

It’s easy, and you will receive multiple requests for information, ideas, or information on a product you know about a day. Of course, some businesses will get more recommendations than others, but it’s a nearly effortless way to build white-hat links on news and media outlet sites. 

HARO Outreach Screenshot

5) Social Sharing

Sometimes earning links is about getting your content in front of the right people. We touched on linkable assets as a way to attract links. It’s much easier if your content ranks well on Google search as people will naturally cite your content as a reference in their articles.

Another strategy, however, is sharing your content on social media platforms. Perhaps you have a significant following on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or Linkedin. If so, share your best content assets on your timeline and hope that followers link back to the URL.

There’s no downside to sharing your content on social media, as it can drive traffic to your website, even if it doesn’t result in a new link. But, of course, the chances of getting a link depend primarily on the quality of your content, so make sure to produce valuable assets.

Social Media Usage for US Adults Graphi

6) Directory Listings

Dallas businesses can submit website links manually on directories like Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor. These directory listings are called nofollow links, which means Google treats them as a ranking hint rather than a full-fledged endorsement.

It makes sense that Google wouldn’t hold these links in the same regard since anybody can build links back to their own website. However, nofollow links are still valuable, especially for local businesses. Remember, multiple ranking hints begin to add up and boost ranking.

It would help if you targeted local directories in Dallas like Also, if you belong to a specific industry like pest control, look for directories in those niches, like Texas Pest Control Association. You will earn credit for website link building in Dallas as these add up.

Dallas Directory Screenshot
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Plano Web Design: The (Ultimate) Website Development Guide

Plano Web Design Blog Cover

Plano web design is critical to your business’s success in 2022. After all, your website should be your number one lead magnet and serve as a haven of reliable information for new and existing customers. 

In addition, your website should help convert customers and contribute to your bottom line. 

So as a small business owner in Plano, you have to ask yourself one question: is your website up to par? If the answer is no, don’t feel too bad. There is always time to right the ship. 

In the following post, Dallas Fort Worth SEO outlines essential elements of great Plano Texas web design. We will also discuss things to consider when building your website from the ground up. 

Plano Website Development Options

Whether building your first company website or shifting your website to a new platform, you must know how to start or restart. Here are a few of the options available to you and some of their perks and drawbacks:

Screenshot of Plano Plumbing Website


WordPress is a viable option if you’re new to web design because it has a wealth of helpful plugins that make the process of building a website a bit easier. Another bonus is that some of these plugins will help you grasp SEO or Search Engine Optimization basics. 

Basic websites are even free on WordPress. The main issue with platforms like WordPress is that there is still a bit of a learning curve, and it could take you months to get your bearings and create an effective website for your business. 

Website Builders

You can use other services that have more or less a “drag and drop” interface where there is essentially no learning curve. Some examples of website builders include Wix, Shopify, and BigCommerce. Not only are these we builders fool-proof, but they also tend to be very inexpensive. 

The bad news is that they don’t leave much room for optimization, which means your website may ultimately be ineffective for lead generation. Also, if you ever want to move your content to a new platform, you may not be able to do so as some of these services take ownership of content published on their platform – be sure to read the fine print. 

Professional Website Design

If you choose to work with a professional web designer in Plano, TX, you will benefit from optimizing your website in any way you need to. You will also spend your time on essential aspects of your business that only you can see instead of designing your website. 

Plus, a professionally designed website looks more well, professional. But, of course, the downside of hiring a design agency is the price. Even on the lower end of the spectrum, web design services can cost around $1,000. Just be aware that the price will depend on the designer’s experience and your business’s level of need. 

Elements of Great Plano Website Design

The most important thing to remember about Plano website design is that it’s not all about looks. These days, your website has to be a beacon in cyberspace that draws new customers to your business. So here are some of the most critical Plano web design elements to consider:

Screenshot of Plano Company Website

Clear Architecture

Did you know that the average web surfer will spend only 45 seconds on a site before clicking through to another one? Forty-five seconds isn’t nearly long enough for any lead to take a favorable action like requesting a quote or booking an appointment. 

One of the things contributing to this high turnover rate is poor website architecture. In other words, your website has to be easy to navigate. Consider a flat website architecture wherein every page is accessible in one or two clicks.

Important Information

A lot of internet searches occur with research intent. In other words, people are looking to find answers about a particular service or product. Your website has to provide the information that people are seeking. Consider displaying essential NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) information on the homepage. 

Also, make sure there are pages for all the services you offer. Think about the questions that your customers often ask you. Then, make that information available on your website to entice visitors to keep clicking or make a call. 

Business Name in Domain Name

This one may not be possible for all business owners. However, if you can, it’s a great idea to include your business name in your domain name. Having your actual business name as your domain name or at least as part of your domain name makes it much easier for your customers to find you and increases brand recognition. 

If your company name is already taken, choose a close variation. For example, if your business name is “Bob’s Upholstery,” but is already taken, try adding a city name.

On-Page Optimization

Plano SEO should be a significant point of emphasis whether you hire a design agency, freelancer, or design your site yourself. Focus on on-page optimizations like keyword usage, image usage, and content marketing. Also, if you can, publish a blog on your website to increase traffic. 

Make sure you use relevant keywords to rank higher in search engine results pages. In addition, make sure every website page links to another page to avoid dead-ends or orphan pages on your site. Finally, make sure all web pages load quickly and regularly test them for speed.


These days, anti-virus software will let consumers know when a site is unsafe to use or share information. In cases like this, the consumer will exit your website as soon as possible. On your end, securing your website will protect you against hacking threats and information leakage. 

That’s why it’s essential to ensure that your website is secure. Starting with an SSL certification is critical. You may also want to look into more advanced security options if you have a particularly large or busy website. 

Web Design Plano Experts

If your Plano business requires an all-in-one solution for website development, choose Dallas Fort Worth SEO. Our agency addresses every aspect of website design, including those mentioned above. Our in-house design team crafts custom, branded websites for Plano-area companies.

Your site gets optimized with cutting-edge SEO techniques and encourages conversions through tactful calls-to-action and appealing visual elements. Our design firm also stresses the importance of personalization within your homepage to increase trust and credibility.

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How to Choose the Right Fort Worth SEO Consultant in 2022

Blog Cover for SEO Consultant in Fort Worth

If you’re like most business owners, you don’t have time to learn all the ins and outs of SEO. That’s why it’s important to hire a Dallas – Fort Worth SEO consultant who can help your business grow online. But how do you choose the right consultant for your business? There are a lot of them out there, and they all claim to be the best. Here are some tips to help you choose the right one:

  • First, ask the consultant for references. Then, talk to their past clients and see what kind of results they got.
  • Second, look for a consultant who has experience in your industry. They’ll have a better understanding of how to optimize your website for your target audience.
  • Third, make sure the consultant is up-to-date on the latest SEO trends. The industry changes rapidly, and you don’t want to be left behind.
  • Fourth, ask for a proposal outlining their services and how much they charge. This will help you compare prices and services before making a decision.
  • Finally, trust your gut feeling. If something about the consultant doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not.

What Can SEO Consultants Help You With?

Fort Worth SEO consultants can help you with a variety of optimization strategies. Their expertise can save you time, money, and resources will help you achieve your goals faster than you otherwise would. Some of the specific strategies they can help with include:

  • Keyword research
  • Website optimization
  • Link building
  • Content creation
  • Social media marketing

If you’re not sure what services you need, ask the consultant for a proposal outlining their recommended strategy. They should be able to help you get started with SEO and grow your business online. Choosing the right Fort Worth SEO consultant

How Much Does SEO Consultation Cost?

The cost of SEO consultation varies depending on the services you require. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $200 per hour for services. 

However, some consultants may offer package deals or monthly rates. Be sure to ask for a proposal outlining their services and fees before deciding.

Factors influencing pricing include experience, expertise, and case studies demonstrating ROI for other clients. For small business owners, another factor is comfort level. Do you trust the prospective consultant with your business information? These are the types of things you must consider before moving on.

Small businesses can profit from SEO consultation in several ways, including:

  • Increased website traffic
  • Improved online visibility
  • More leads and conversions
  • Higher ROI on marketing investments

If you’re unsure whether SEO is right for your business, consult with an experienced Fort Worth SEO consultant. They can help you determine the areas you need improvement and the shortest routes to digital business growth in 2022.

Benefits of SEO Consultation for Small Businesses

Whenever investing resources in an external source, like a service or consultant, it’s important to weigh the pros and the cons. Some companies believe they can perform SEO by themselves without the help of any external influence. In reality, however, most successful companies are getting their blueprint from an expert in the SEO industry. Small businesses can benefit from SEO consultation in several ways, including:

HVAC SEO Elements

Increased website traffic

More website traffic means more potential customers. If your website is optimized for search engines, you’ll get more traffic from people looking for your product or service. SEO can help you reach your target audience and increase sales and profits.

More traffic may also increase brand awareness and boost brand credibility. The more eyes that come across your logo, mission statement, and staff photos, the more equity you build in the online community.

An intelligent SEO consultant will help you increase traffic in various ways, from targeting long-tail keywords to crafting linkable assets that will drive domain authority to your website.

Improved online visibility

Online visibility is vital for businesses today. To reach your target market, you need to be where they are looking – and that’s online. Working with a Fort Worth SEO consultant can improve your online visibility and reach more potential customers.

SEO is one of the most effective ways to improve your website’s visibility. SEO consultants understand how to optimize your website to appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This can result in more website visitors, leading to more sales and revenue for your business.

A good Fort Worth SEO consultant will help you achieve your business goals by improving your online visibility. They will develop an SEO strategy specifically for your business, and

More leads and conversions

Small business owners can benefit significantly from leads and conversions. Leads are potential customers who have expressed an interest in your product or service. In contrast, conversions are customers who have purchased something from you.

When it comes to generating leads and conversions, Fort Worth SEO is one of the most effective strategies. By optimizing your website for search engines, you can make it easier for potential customers to find you. And since SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy, it’s a great way to get the most bang for your buck.

In addition to SEO, there are other ways to generate leads and conversions. For example, you can run online ads, participate in trade shows, or offer free consultations. In addition, a consultant can save you time by sharing a practical blueprint.

Higher ROI on marketing investments

When it comes to marketing investments, it’s vital to ensure that you’re getting a good return on your investment (ROI). This means that your investment should be generating more revenue than it’s costing you.

There are many factors to consider when measuring ROI, including the cost of the investment, the amount of revenue it generates, and how long it takes for the investment to pay off.

It’s critical to note that not all marketing investments will have a positive ROI. You may have to lose to gain market share or increase brand awareness in some cases. However, as long as the investment generates more revenue than it’s costing you, it’s worth continuing.

Final Thoughts on Fort Worth SEO Consultants

If you’re unsure whether SEO is right for your business, consult with an experienced Fort Worth SEO consultant. They can help you determine the areas you need improvement and the shortest routes to digital business growth in 2022.

Businesses that have succeeded with SEO have typically done one or more of the following:

  1. 1) Invested in a quality SEO consultant who can help them improve their website and optimize it for search engines.
  2. 2) Paid attention to detail and closely followed their SEO consultant’s recommendations.
  3. 3) Made sure their website was mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.
  4. 4) Provided valuable content that people wanted to read and share.
  5. 5) Used keyword research to determine which keywords to target.
  6. 6) Paid attention to their website’s analytics to see how they could improve their SEO results.
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Local SEO for Therapists: The Ultimate Guide for Therapy Pros

Blog Cover for Local SEO for Therapists

Mental health professionals who invest in Local SEO for Therapists are 317x more likely to generate consistent clients online. Still, many in the mental health industry lack awareness of search engine optimization.

What is Local SEO for Therapists?

Local SEO for therapists targets local mental health keywords through website development, content publishing, and Google Business Profile optimization. Typically, Local SEO helps therapists rank on Google Maps.

The Importance of SEO for Mental Health

Gone are the days of scanning the yellow pages for therapists, couples counselors, and addiction specialists. These days, if you don’t have an online presence as a therapist or mental health professional, it might as well be like you don’t exist. 

Whether your practice is in a small town or metropolitan area, you should invest in SEO to maintain a steady stream of clients. Once you establish a local online presence, you can build your reputation through online reviews.

In the following guide, Dallas Fort Worth SEO addresses the SEO needs of an often overlooked group of professionals: therapists. This Local SEO guide for therapists aims to inform mental health professionals in 2022.

Local SEO Pillars for Therapists

Infographic With Local SEO Pillars

Just like any other industry, your therapist SEO journey needs to start with good keyword research. Keywords are one of the most fundamental SEO ranking factors. 

From there, you progress towards other implementations like website development and content production. The ultimate goal is to generate traffic that converts into new clients.

Therapist Keyword Research

Keyword research is the backbone of local SEO. First, you must research the top keywords for your location and industry and categorize them by intent. Being mindful of what the patient is seeking can be a big help. 

For example, many people will search things like therapists in Tempe. Still, they intend to find the price of a therapist, the process of a typical therapist, average therapy session length, what a therapist can help with, and so on. 

Use keyword research tools like MOZ, Ahrefs, and SEMRush to find keyword volumes and difficulties. Remember, though, some of your best keyword opportunities come from your own experience with past patients.

Top 10 SEO Keywords for Therapists

  • therapist near me
  • mental health therapists near me
  • mental therapy near me
  • therapist near me for depression
  • how to find a therapist with my insurance
  • weekend counseling near me
  • therapists with weekend hours
  • social anxiety therapist near me
  • therapist for anxiety and depression
  • anxiety therapist near me

Google Business Profile

If you perform one action for Local SEO, it should be Google Business Profile optimization. This is because listing your practice on Google is the fastest way to appear in local search results on the Local Map 3-Pack.

At its core, Local SEO is about ranking within the Local Map 3-Pack for relevant keyword terms. Your clicks, calls, and inquires will increase substantially if you appear within the top 3 Google Maps results.

Creating a Google Business Profile is free. From there, make sure to verify your listing via postcard and update your profile with images, hours of operations, and frequently asked questions.

Content Marketing

Once you have target keywords, you must build content around those terms and phrases. If you have an existing website, you can better alter some of your pages and posts to target the terms and user intent.

Content marketing is a potent tool for local SEO for therapists. As we touched on earlier, people are looking to be educated on mental health issues online for the most part. 

By providing the information they need, you make it much more likely that they will turn to you when they are ready for therapy. Consider implementing the following:

  • Blog Posts: Structure blog content around keywords that you want to rank for and include them naturally, flowingly, and organically into your blog content. 
  • White Papers: Educational white papers are a great way to generate therapy leads and increase your search engine rankings. 
  • Social Media Posts: Social media posts about mental health can be beneficial for local SEO. You can share blog posts, post polls, ask provocative questions or entrench yourself in communities related to mental health.

Citations and Review Platforms

In contrast to other industries, therapists should not solicit reviews. Still, it is vital to list your practice on all of the mental health review platforms. You should also make sure the claim your Google Business Profile and list your practice on Psychology Today.

  • Google Business Profile
  • GoodTherapy
  • HealthGrades
  • ShareCare
  • Psychology Today 
  • Yelp

Online reviews can provide a haven for other people while maintaining their anonymity. For this reason, it helps your local SEO to be present on review websites like Google My Business, GoodTherapy, and even Yelp.

Local Link Building

The more websites (that aren’t your own) that point to your website, the more it signals to Google and other search engines that you have something of value to offer their users. 

Off-site links build your web authority which is excellent for SEO. Start with local business directories and try to get your site listed with them. Ask other professionals in your city to consider linking to your website.

As a therapist, you may appear in one or more medical or research journals. Make sure to list your website with these publications as well. You can also reach out to colleagues in other cities or disciplines.

How Local SEO Connects Therapists With Clients

SEO is a popular industry that helps businesses improve their online presence and grow their company. However, therapists’ relationship with the internet is incredibly constructive in enhancing mental health crises.

Here’s why:

Online Research is Anonymous

Many people are reluctant to talk about mental health issues. They fear ridicule or judgment from their peers, so it’s not like there are droves of patients asking their friends and family to refer them to a good therapist. 

For better or worse, many people take to the internet to search for local therapists to avoid embarrassment. 

People Seek Information Online

Content marketing is a massive part of local SEO for therapists. It involves composing quality online content that either entertains or informs visitors. 

Therapists creating content (blogs, video content, infographics, etc.) is educational. Why is this important? Because many people also take to the internet to learn more about mental health conditions and treatments. 

A large portion of your potential clients performs their own research online. So you must ask yourself, “are they finding my content?”

SEO Builds Trust 

For many people, the ability to trust a therapist is paramount. Therefore, practices that are good for SEO are also good for your therapy practices. 

Posting bios, credentials, pictures, and personal messages are great opportunities to include keywords that will boost your SEO. These methods also create trust between you and your prospective clients. 

Reviews and reputation management are powerful SEO tools. Patient reviews can also do a lot to make a potential patient more comfortable with you. 

As you can see, SEO plays a dual role by increasing your online presence and allowing patients to get a better feel for your practice. 

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7 Best SEO Companies in Arlington, TX (w/Tips for Businesses)

Blog Cover for Best Arlington SEO Companies Showing Arlington, TX Skyline

Which SEO companies are the best in Arlington, TX? Dallas Fort Worth SEO examines the top digital marketing agencies in the Arlington, Texas, area. As a local business owner, it makes sense to trust a local agency.

1) Dallas Fort Worth SEO

You might look at this ranking as self-serving, but DFW SEO is the best Arlington, TX SEO agency. We have written about why Arlington business owners can benefit from SEO and published a location page for Arlington-based services. You can see some of our benefits below:

  • Month-to-Month Agreements (No Long-Term Deals)
  • Custom Website Design for SEO Boosts
  • Extensive Keyword Research to Find Long-Tail Terms
  • Work With a Wide-Range of Industries

2) Digital SkyRocket

Run by Chad Barnes and Jacob Shulenberger, Digital SkyRocket has offices in both Tyler and Dallas, TX. But, of course, they also work with Arlington business owners, including those in the law, roofing, HVAC, and plumbing industries, among others. Some of their main benefits include:

  • Texas local (in Tyler and Dallas)
  • Work with an excellent range of niches
  • Offer SEO, web design, and content strategy

3) D3 Agency

D3 provides professional services that merge strategy consulting and technology. They offer specialized solutions across multiple marketing facets, including marketing, software development, and IT. D3 is among the most technically sound SEO providers in the entire nation.

  • Technically advanced agency
  • Combines SEO with technical solutions
  • Offers consulting along with services

4) SEOTeric

SEOteric offers SEO services for Arlington business owners despite being located out of state. Their agency specializes in attorneys, doctors, and franchises, making them a practical option for business owners in those categories: their services include design, SEO, and Google Ads.

  • Specialize in law firm and doctor SEO
  • Provide a diverse set of services
  • Award-winning Facebook Ads agency

5) JG Marketing

Jameson Grace Marketing provides SEO expertise in Arlington. They provide digital marketing options to help boost an online presence. Their agency stresses the reduction of advertising costs to maximize clients’ overall revenue. Some of their primary benefits include:

  • Link-building strategies
  • Budget optimization
  • A diverse set of services

6) Canz Marketing

Canz Marketing aims to accelerate growth for Arlington, TX business owners. As their case studies outline, they work with a wide variety of industries. Their services include WordPress web development along with local SEO and paid social media. Let’s review some of their benefits:

  • Wide-Range of Services
  • Wide-Range of Industries
  • Facebook Rapid Fire Testing Method

7) Ascend Web Media

Ascend specializes in email marketing, SEO, and social media, which gives Arlington businesses an excellent opportunity to improve their online presence. In their own words, they work best with small and medium-sized companies to help increase revenue with SEO.

  • Don’t guarantee rankings (a sign of honesty)
  • Work with small and medium-sized businesses
  • Provide email marketing services along with SEO

What to Look for in an Arlington SEO Company?

Choosing an SEO company can be stressful, especially with so many options. It helps to break down your potential choices into categories and go from there. Of course, you can filter your list down by considering:

Graphic Showing Statistic About Arlington SEO Companies


Your budget will eliminate some providers from your list. Be sure to look for price ranges on their websites. If no such price is listed, submit a contact form or inquiry to get more information.


Does their website appear custom or a carbon copy of another website? Does it look like actual employees work there, or is it simply a lead generation agency? These are things you can find out on their site.


How long has the agency worked with clients? You can usually find that information on the website, but it’s best to confirm it by checking out their reviews and calling the agency yourself. Typically, a tenured agency will have an aged domain.


The best agency is not necessarily the best agency for you. The most important aspect of selecting an SEO provider is to make sure they fit your needs. Much of this depends on the type of company you run and what your online marketing goals will include in 2022.

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SEO for Medical Aesthetic Clinics: The #1 (2022) Strategy Guide

SEO for Medical Aesthetic Clinics (Blog Cover)

The medical aesthetic industry is booming. Today, it is estimated to be worth more than $86.2 billion. However, you may find that your medical aesthetic clinic is in a slump. If so, you must ask yourself one question: are you investing in SEO? 

Suppose you are not keeping up with how your customers are searching for medical aesthetic clinics. In that case, it doesn’t matter how lucrative the business is. 

SEO for medical aesthetic clinics is your ticket to landing new patients and, more importantly, keeping up with the times. SEO is the practice of optimizing your website and your online content so that people who search for your services online will be able to find you. 

And make no mistake about it; most consumers in 2022 are taking to the internet to find goods and services. 

You need to be visible where your customers are. So if you are in the medical aesthetics field and would like more customers, you need to seriously consider SEO. 

In the following guide, Dallas Fort Worth SEO takes you through essential and advanced SEO practices you can put into practice to make your clinic more visible online. 

What is SEO for Medical Aesthetic Clinics?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a form of digital marketing that focuses on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo (mainly Google, though). The main goal of SEO is to drive more traffic to your website. But, of course, the more traffic to your site you get, the better the odds are that you will land a new customer. 

So how does SEO drive website traffic? Think back to the last Google search you did. Did you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page? Did you click on the second page of search results? Or maybe the 3rd? We’d be willing to guess that you didn’t. That’s because we know that less than 1% of people ever click on the 2nd page of search results. 

This holds true whether someone is searching for medical aesthetic clinics or a local bakery. So why is this important? People don’t even see your website if it ranks on the 2nd page of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs. As a result, they have no chance to visit your website. If they don’t see your website, you have no chance of converting.

SEO will help you show up on the first page of SERPs and get you as high as possible on that first page. So now that you know what SEO does and why it’s important, let’s take a look at some of the most effective strategies.

Medical Aesthetic SEO Elements

Keyword Research

You can use any number of online tools to help you with your research. The Google Keyword Planner would be a good place to start because you don’t have to be an experienced marketer to figure it out and make use of it. Plus, it’s free, and that always helps. 

Start by entering the medical procedures you offer to your patients. Next, you will see a list of keywords related to the service and how many times it is searched a month. Keep in mind that the higher the search volume, the more competitive it will be to rank for that keyword. 

Competition shouldn’t deter you, but Google Keyword Planner also gives you a list of alternative keywords you can use for some short-term wins. Other factors like link equity, and branded authority, determine how quickly you can rank for more competitive keywords.

In the meantime, choose the most relevant keywords and start building your on-page content around them. Don’t overuse or “stuff” keywords into your content unnaturally. This will hurt your SEO rankings. Instead, use them organically in the content and remember to include them in your content’s meta titles, page titles, and headings. 

Medical Esthetician Near Me Suggestions

Google My Business

If your clinic isn’t already on Google My Business, stop reading and sign up right now. If you are on Google My Business, there are specific ways you can optimize it to drive more traffic. Here are some tips:

  • Include Pictures: Google loves pictures. Be sure there are high-quality, relevant photos on your Google My Business Page.
  • Accurate NAP: Make doubly sure that your clinic’s Name, Address, and Phone Number are listed correctly on your Google My Business page. Inaccurate or inconsistent NAP info is the quickest way to get docked in the rankings. 
  • Update Regularly: Google also loves fresh content. That’s why it’s a good SEO practice to update your GMB page regularly. We aren’t talking about significant overhauls – just minor tweaks here and there. Maybe updated hours, COVID policies, new services, new photos, or updated business descriptions. 
Medical Spas GMB Screenshot

Content Marketing

Google and other search engines may take into account how long people spend on your website. This is an example of an advanced SEO tactic because it appears to only affect the rankings of the top search results. 

However, having quality content on your site is essential no matter what. It will draw new users to your site and keep them on your site for more extended periods. Whether that’s a ranking factor or not, it’s always good for business because the longer a person stays on your site, the more likely it will be that they schedule an appointment. 

So what kind of quality content are we talking about? Blog content is an excellent start. Offer your potential patients valuable insight into the cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics process. Maybe even knock up a welcoming video for new patients. 

Create engaging social media posts that will get people interested in medical aesthetics. Before and after photos are also effective content focal points in the medical aesthetics field. 

DFW Content Marketing Blurb

Reputation Management

In the world of medical aesthetics, patient reviews can make you or break you. If your clinic is still in business and you are reading this post now, we’re willing to bet that you have at least a few good patient reviews. It’s time to leverage those reviews to draw in more patients. Here are a few tips on how you can do that:

  • Reply to Reviews: People love when you reply to their reviews, whether good or bad. Potential patients will see your replies and get the sense that you care about the patient experience.
  • Use Good Reviews: You can use the reviews you already have in your website’s on-page content to attract new patients. You can also use them in structured data for more visibility.
  • Use Google Reviews: Use Google review links to get more reviews. Get a Google Review link and share it in your emails and text correspondence with patients.

This is really only the tip of the iceberg. For a more in-depth insight into SEO for medical aesthetic clinics and to earn new patients, reach out to us here at Dallas Fort Worth SEO.


Google Reviews Fort Worth Plastic Surgery

Medical Aesthetic SEO Services

Looking for SEO services for your medical aesthetics clinic? Dallas Fort Worth SEO provides full-service SEO including content marketing, reputation management, local SEO, and on-page SEO. Start improving your online presence with our suite of automated SEO tools that ensure keyword targeting for every procedure your clinic provides. Contact Us today to learn more about our pricing and discounts.

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4 Logical Reasons To Invest in Arlington, TX SEO in 2022

SEO Arlington TX (Cover)

What is Arlington SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your website to rank high on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) in Arlington, Texas.

Why Is SEO Important for Arlington Businesses?

Arlington, TX, is a thriving city, and like any flourishing city, there is a substantial commercial community. As a business owner in Arlington, TX, you have probably asked yourself how to get more customers. 

However, if you are ignoring SEO in 2022, you are already making a big mistake. The fact is that as more people shift their research and shopping habits to online formats, SEO becomes more and more viable. 

That’s because SEO is all about increasing your online presence and getting more consumer eyes on your website. For example, consider the following statistic: 68% of consumers begin interacting with a company, business, or service provider with an online search. 

More than half of your potential customers use search engines to find you, patronize you, and do research on your business. 

Now consider this statistic: the top three search results hog all but 25% of user clicks. That means that if your site isn’t ranking among the top 3, there is only a 25% chance it will get clicked on. And if you don’t get any clicks, you have no chance at converting customers online. 

Not convinced that SEO Arlington, TX is important yet? Take a look at the following reasons why you should be investing in SEO Arlington, TX in 2022 and beyond.

Arlington SEO Statistic

Top Reasons SEO is Critical in Arlington

1) SEO Generates Quality Leads

One significant aspect of local SEO is keyword research and usage. Keywords represent the services you provide. For example, if you own an auto repair garage, one crucial keyword for you may be “brake shop in Arlington, TX.” 

Keyword selection and usage allow you to generate quality leads because you can attract customers based on the services you want to emphasize. 

Proper keyword research eliminates empty visits. Those are people clicking but not interested in your services, and they won’t convert. SEO gives you a better shot at converting customers online by displaying relevant content to customers ready to make a purchase. 

2) SEO is Sustainable

Local SEO Arlington, TX is a more sustainable method of generating leads than advertising. But, of course, you can make the argument that online ads like PPC or retargeting ads are also an essential part of digital marketing. 

The counterargument is this; organic SEO is more sustainable than ad campaigns. Once you have your pages optimized for the keywords you want to rank for, you have to do light maintenance and some performance testing. 

With advertising, you have to pay monthly (or by click fees) and do performance testing to make sure they are generating results. 

Once you have your on and off-site SEO set up, it more or less generates leads on its own. Plus, people tend to be distrustful of black-hat SEO tactics and ads. 

3) SEO Gives your Business Credibility

Another big part of SEO is online customer reviews. The more reviews you can get for your business, the better. Research has shown that the average consumer will read multiple online reviews before making a purchasing decision.  

But there is another advantage of online reviews: they can quickly lend your business an air of credibility. Remember when the only way to hear about a company was from a friend or relative? Online reviews are like word-of-mouth referrals times a thousand. Now, anyone can listen to what your customers think about your business with the click of a mouse. 

Of course, you want more good reviews than bad, but the most important thing for SEO is that you have reviews. People will be more trusting of a company with bad reviews than a company with no reviews at all. Of course, if you do have a lot of good reviews, it makes your business appear very credible, which is always a good thing. 

4) SEO Makes you More Visible to Mobile Users

SEO works the same for desktop users as it does for mobile users. If you have no SEO presence, you have no hope of being visible on desktop or mobile. The statement is quite simple: SEO Arlington, TX, makes you more visible for mobile users, and over 60% of online searches occur on a mobile device.

Making your site visible for mobile users is critical because mobile searches continue to rise. As phones and tablets get faster and mobile devices become more convenient; more people will use them to conduct local searches.

Using SEO To Compete With Arlington Businesses

One of the primary reasons people get into SEO is because their competitors are reaching customers online. Since most business owners hate the idea of losing, they look for top experts to help them overtake their local rivals. However, it’s important to note, SEO is not always a competition.

Dallas Fort Worth SEO Logo

Content Gap Analysis

SEO is simpler than you might think. Agencies like ours at DFW SEO perform content gap analysis between your website and your competitors’ websites:

  1. A) We see which keywords they rank for that your website fails to rank for online.
  2. B) We evaluate what kinds of topics their pages target, compared to your pages.
  3. C) We close these gaps with full-fledged content marketing.

Backlinks Analysis

Backlinks remain a top ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. We can analyze which websites link to your competitors with various link analysis tools. While some 3rd party links block crawlers from these tools, essentially hiding their links, we can still get a general outline. Finding competitors’ links helps us understand new linking opportunities and what we’d need to close the gap, link-wise.

Growth Analysis

Existing websites tend to become stagnant with their SEO. Achieving desirable results requires a consistent effort. We can see when your website begins to overtake competitors growth-wise. For instance, you may start ranking for more total keywords than competitors who once outranked you. From there, Google will respect your site even more. 

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The Premium Guide to SEO in Garland, TX (Updated for 2022)

Garland SEO

Texas small businesses looking to implement local SEO in Garland, TX, must first understand their goals and objectives for online marketing. Because only 30% of existing companies would recommend their current SEO provider, there is a significant disconnect between agency and customer. To clear things up, DFW SEO presents the Garland SEO guide.

Chapter 1: Defining Your Goals

As a Garland business owner, what do you hope to accomplish through SEO? It shouldn’t be enough to invest in search engine optimization for the sake of it or because you’ve heard about it from other businesses. To have SEO success, you must define clear and measurable goals. For example:

Defining Your Goals

Brand Recognition

Some companies want to establish an online presence to expand brand recognition and awareness. However, if your company lacks a basic online presence, it can be hard to grow and scale in 2022. Essential SEO tasks like claiming your Google My Business listing are cost-effective and straightforward ways to grow your brand online.

Lead Generation

Perhaps the most common SEO objective is to generate leads. SEO is an effective way to get more prospective customers to contact your company with website funnels, forms, and calls-to-action. Depending on your business model, your lead generation methods may vary in 2022.

Sales Conversions

Though leads are the first step in selling your products and services, the sales process requires a unique set of strategies. Optimizing your website for conversions is one of the main reasons why companies invest in search engine optimization. The bottom line always appeals to business owners.

Chapter 2: Creating a Plan

Once you know your SEO goals, you can begin developing a plan to achieve them. One of the most significant challenges with SEO is identifying the best ways to achieve your marketing objectives. Below, Dallas Fort Worth SEO will outline some of the primary SEO plan points.

Creating a Plan

Website Design

Companies without an online presence must plan to launch a new website optimized for search engines. However, even businesses with existing websites should look into creating a unique design and optimization strategy. SEO-friendly websites are designed to provide excellent user experience and easily accessible content through clean navigation.

Keyword Research

Identifying target keywords is essential to SEO success for Garland, TX. However, finding search volumes for location-specific keywords can present challenges for researchers. 

Still, once you set up your Google Search Console, you will acquire more reliable data in the form of search queries. The goal is to find both primary terms and long-tail keywords to target with your website. It would help if you also considered user intent and the potential for conversions.

Content Mapping

Once you identify high-opportunity keywords, you must assign those keywords to specific pages or blog posts through content mapping. You can use a Google Sheet or MS Excel Spreadsheet to map out your content. Your service pages should target primary keywords, while your blog posts can target long-tail terms and phrases that relate to your topics. 

Chapter 3: Local SEO Basics

Once you have an SEO plan, it’s time to start implementing local SEO basics. It begins by claiming and optimizing your Google My Business listing and then investing in NAP citations. From there, you want to start asking former clients to leave reviews on your various feedback platforms. Let’s review the steps below:

Local SEO Basics

Claim Your Google My Business

Local SEO’s top priority is your Google My Business listing. By claiming your listing, you can appear in Google’s Local Map 3-Pack for related keyword terms. In addition, GMB listings are free of charge, so you can begin optimizing them as soon as you’re verified. Verification typically occurs via postcard, where Google sends a code to your office address. Once you input the code, your listing goes live.

Invest in NAP Citations

Citations are essential for any Garland-area business looking to grow through SEO. You can use services like Whitspark or Yext to spread your citations across various platforms like Yelp, Angi, and HomeAdvisor. Each provider offers different packages depending on your industry and budget. In addition to spreading your contact information across the web, citations also serve as nofollow backlinks for your website.

Request Reviews

Your business can quickly gain legitimacy through review requests. Ask some of your most satisfied former or existing clients to leave a review about your business. You can automate review requests through software tools like DataPins. As you begin acquiring legitimate reviews from real customers, you will see your GMB listing rise in the local rankings and your other platforms rank higher on Google search.

Chapter 4: On-Page SEO for Local Businesses

Once you set up your local SEO basics, it’s time to implement your on-page SEO on your local website. We spoke about designing a website in the planning phase, and now it’s time to optimize it for search engines. It starts by inserting title tags and meta descriptions on the appropriate pages and properly deploying keywords and synonyms throughout the content. First, let’s take a look at the on-page SEO steps for local websites.

On-Page SEO for Local

Title Tags / Meta Descriptions

Each page and post needs both a title tag and meta descriptions containing your primary keyword instances. Remember, Google uses the title tag to designate the page’s topic, so correctly inserting your tag is critical. Titles should be between 50-60 characters, and keep in mind that Google recently updated how it displays title tags to users. Meta descriptions should be about 160 characters and describe your page.

Inserting Keywords Within Content

Correctly inserting keywords into titles and descriptions is not enough to rank for the term. To give yourself a chance to rank high on SERPs, you must include the keyword in your content. Always insert the keyword within the first paragraph and in one or more header tags within your page. Be careful not to overly use the keyword as that’s considered keyword stuffing which can harm your site’s SEO. Instead, use synonyms and LSI keywords to diversify the language and create readable content for the user.

URL Structure and Internal Linking

Each page and post has its own unique permalink, which Google crawls when indexing your website. So, for example, would represent the teeth cleaning service page on your website. Aside from correctly naming your URL slugs with the proper terms, you should also link internally from your homepage to service pages and from blog posts to related service pages. Internal linking helps the reader find related pages and helps Google crawl your site.

Chapter 5: Off-Page SEO 

Even the best on-page content in all of Texas won’t be enough to rank your Garland website on the first page of Google. For search engines to trust your domain, you must correctly implement off-page SEO. For example, we covered some off-site SEO tasks in the SEO basics section, like investing in NAP citations. However, there is more to do relating to off-page SEO in 2022.

Off Page SEO Local

Link Building

Investing in NAP citations, which we cover in the local SEO basics, helps establish nofollow links for your business website. However, nofollow links only count as a hint for your website’s authority rather than a full endorsement. Follow links, in contrast, do count as an endorsement, and you must build them by producing great content and building relationships. For example, a local chamber of commerce mentioning your company, along with a link to your website, is an example of a link that can pass equity to your domain. Avoid paying for links, however, as Google will penalize and de-index your entire website.

Reputation Management

We covered review generation in local SEO basics, but a more extensive reputation management process should ensure that your brand is in good standing across the web. It is essential to monitor what people are saying about your company, not just on review platforms like Yelp and Google, but on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can also bolster your reputation directly on your website by downloading the DataPins plugin and performing jobsite schema pins when you complete services.

Social Media

Much like citations, claiming social media profiles is a big part of SEO success. Your company should have a verified business page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube, at the very least. While you don’t have to post frequently, you should always optimize your social profiles with your company logo, the about us section, and a link to your main website, depending on your industry and outreach plan. It also helps to publish video content on YouTube, which you can share on other social platforms and your website.

Chapter 6: Technical SEO

Technical SEO is often overlooked in the context of local optimization. However, technically sound websites perform better locally, which makes technical SEO imperative in 2022. Factors like site speed, crawl budget, and sitemap submission influence how well or poorly you rank on Google search results. Below we outline the aspects of technical SEO.

Technical SEO Garland

Site Speed

Your site speed can make or break user experience, especially for mobile visitors. Test your website speed on Google Pagespeed Insights and GTMetrix to evaluate where you can improve. Consider downloading and installing WordPress plugins like WPRocket and W3 – Total Cache to speed up your website automatically. Considering some local institutions ignore website speed entirely, it presents a chance for your company to stand out among the crowd.

Crawl Budget

Search engines like Google use resources to crawl websites. However, with over 1.7 billion websites currently online, Google must preserve some of those resources for the most optimal websites. The resources allocated by Google for your website are known as your crawl budget. Removing thin content and low-quality pages helps increase your crawl budget and encourage Google to crawl your website more frequently. Instead, focus on consolidating similar pages and only publishing valuable content.

Sitemap Submission

It is essential to submit a sitemap through Google Search Console to help Google crawl and index your pages. Every website should have an XML sitemap which you can create manually or with a plugin like Yoast SEO. Think of your sitemap as a roadmap for search engine crawlers which will help index your pages efficiently and put your website on good terms with Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Chapter 7: Reporting & Analytics

Tracking your SEO progress is the best way to understand its value or lack thereof, especially if you pay for Garland SEO services. Ultimately, you must set benchmarks for traffic, lead generation, and clicks so that you can correctly attribute ROI to your SEO budget. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to monitor your progress.

Reporting and Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free Google tool that requires web admins to install tracking code within your website’s HTML. Once set up, administrators can view traffic, landing pages, sources, and various other important metrics that showcase SEO progress. It helps to understand the intricacies of Google Analytics to get the most out of its reporting. You may want to invest in an SEO agency to produce reports on your behalf, and you shouldn’t trust companies that fail to provide such data.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another free Google tool with a more user-friendly interface than Google Analytics. GSC is relatively easy to use, even for non-professionals; however, it only tracks Google traffic rather than total traffic (other search engines, direct traffic, etc.). Despite such limitations, Google is by far the #1 search engine globally, so GSC can provide extremely valuable insights for business owners.

Google My Business Insights

Your Google My Business listing should be a top traffic source for Garland-area companies, which makes Google My Business Insights a critical tracking tool. GMB insights provide data about who clicks on your GMB listing, who calls directly from your profile, and which queries your listing show up for on Google Maps. You’ll find that your listing may show up for various near me search queries which is a sign of good local SEO.

Investing in Garland SEO Services

If you find the local SEO process overwhelming, you are not alone. Consider partnering with Dallas-Fort Worth SEO for SEO services in Garland, TX. Our agency provides a full spectrum of services, including website design, GMB optimization, citations, and complete SEO. We also offer reporting and analytics using the tools mentioned above. 

We are aware that most business owners find their SEO agency falling short of their promises. At DFW SEO, we consult with clients before they join our agency and outline detailed plans for growth in Garland, Texas. Best of all, we offer month-to-month plans so that businesses never feel locked into a long-term contract. Such plans keep the pressure on our agency to deliver success for your website so that you keep coming back.

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