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Lead Generation for DFW Lawyers (A 2021 Guide)

What is Lead Generation for Lawyers? Lead generation for lawyers is the process of attracting prospects and potential clients for your Dallas / Fort Worth area law firm. Common lead generation channels include Google search engine, Google Maps, and Facebook Advertising. Why DFW Law Firms[Read the Full Article]

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Your Local Search Guide: the Fundamentals

See & Be Seen There are billions of searches going on in our community. Fueling a massive current of industry, shopping, and maintenance is Google Search, connecting consumers with the services and/or products they need the most. Businesses often live or die by their ability[Read the Full Article]

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Elements of a Strong Blog Post

A blog post as an informal way to reach a wider audience, while encouraging Google to re-crawl your website for new content. But just because the delivery is informal, does not mean the optimization should be any less complete. Often times, websites with internal blogs will[Read the Full Article]

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How Content and SEO Work Together

About a decade ago, search engine optimization was thought of differently then it is today. Back then, SEO was synonymous with keyword research. Keywords were considered the ultimate tool for traffic generation. As Google developed its algorithm over the years, they began to shift their[Read the Full Article]

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Optimizing AdWords Accounts

Dallas / Fort Worth business owners who invest in PPC campaigns should be cognizant of their Google AdWords optimization. Specifically, their account structure. While segmentation is a valuable tool within PPC campaigns, it may not be on the macro level of account management. In fact, often[Read the Full Article]

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Producing Social Media Content in 2017

Facebook and Twitter have come along way from when they first launched. What were originally designed as social media networks, have become some of the hottest marketing real estate on the internet. So how exactly can you get seen on social media in 2017? Consider[Read the Full Article]

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Choosing The Right Dallas SEO Company

When deciding on which SEO company to hire, you should first determine what your marketing needs are. Create a list of your most important marketing qualities. Check out the list below to generate some ideas: Audience: Who do I wish to market to, and what[Read the Full Article]

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