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Investing in PPC campaigns allows companies to generate immediate search traffic for targeted keywords

What Is PPC Advertising?

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is an internet marketing strategy where businesses, companies, or individuals create ads, target them to a specific demographic, and then pay money each time their advertisements are clicked. In opposition to organic SEO, PPC allows you to jump the search result rankings in a short period of time. If each conversion generated from a PPC campaign is greater than the money you spent to acquire it, your campaign is working effectively. For Dallas/ Fort Worth SEO PPC services, call us at 800.231.4871. Let’s take a look at some of the components of PPC:

Choosing a Platform

Before local businesses decide what advertisement to run, they have to decide where to run it. A number of options are available to DFW business owners looking to invest in a PPC campaign. Some of your options include:

  • Google AdWords: By far the most popular PPC advertising platform on the internet, one in which displays ads on the top of Google search results
  • Bing Ads: An affordable alternative to AdWords with a smaller but valuable audience
  • Yahoo Gemini: A lesser used platform which focuses on targeting user intent

Clearly, AdWords is the most competitive platform to invest in PPC campaigns. Still, Google is the authority on SEO and internet marketing, making its advertising space all the more valuable. For businesses on a tight budget, Bing Ads and Yahoo Gemini become attractive secondary options.

Researching Keywords

SEO PPC Adwords

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Now that you know the platform in which you wish to advertise on, you must decide which keywords you want to target. Keyword research relies on a few very important elements. They include:

  • Keyword Competition: Also know as quoted search result, keyword competition gives you an idea of how much you will have to bid for specific keywords
  • Keyword Tools: Use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner and Google Correlate to come up with great keyword ideas straight from the source
  • Keyword Volume: Pay attention to search volume, as you want to target keywords that people are actually searching for

After researching keywords you can formulate a list of the ones you wish to target. Make sure they are relevant to your business industry and have a high conversion potential. Remember, not all traffic is good traffic, you want traffic that will lead to something more. To speak with a PPC specialist in D/FW, call us today at 800.231.4871

Running Your Campaign

Once you have decided on your target keywords, you can begin your PPC campaign. If you have not yet created an account for AdWords, Bing Ads, or Gemini, you can do so now. Some of the benefits to a successfully run PPC campaign include:

  • Controllable Spending: You can set a budget so that you never spend more on advertising than you can afford
  • Measurable Results: You can generate valuable marketing data from PPC campaigns, whether they end up being successful or not
  • Specific Targeting: You can target to specific service locations so that you never spend advertising dollars marketing to people who have no need for your services

As you can see, PPC has some real value as an internet marketing strategy. Even if your campaign yields unimpressive results, you will still have acquired valuable data that can be used to tweak your marketing strategy going forward.

The Difference Between PPC and SEO

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PPC should work together with organic SEO

PPC doesn’t account for organic SEO benefits like sustainability, authority building, and long-term scalability. Companies invest in PPC campaigns so that they can profit on the paid advertisements. If you are a Dallas / Fort Worth business owner who would like to discuss PPC investment, contact us now at 800.231.4871Some of the major differences between PPC and organic SEO are:

Paid vs Unpaid

PPC is about paying people to click on your website while organic SEO is about attracting people through strategic optimization.

Quick Results vs. Gradual Results

PPC works immediately while organic SEO takes a while to implement, and then for Google to properly crawl and index.

Short Term vs. Long Term

SEO prioritizes long-term benefits like reputation, authority, and indexing while PPC is about short-term lead generation.

The most important thing to remember is that PPC and SEO are not mutually exclusive. Websites with strong organic SEO have a better chance to succeed with PPC campaigns than ones without it. Ideally, companies should gradually build their online presence with organic SEO and then strategically invest in PPC campaigns when opportunities present themselves.

How PPC Affects Internet Marketing Budgets

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Custom budgets provide flexibility to advertisers

PPC can either be an enhancement or a hindrance to your company’s budget. The best way to determine the effect of PPC on your marketing budget is to develop an ROI measurement before you launch your campaign. A good measurement formula is to divide your conversion amount by your advertising amount: Conversion Profit/ Advertising Cost. With this formula, you can calculate how much money you are making per advertising dollar.

At DFW SEO, we will help design and manage your PPC campaign for high earning potential. If you are considering investing in PPC but don’t know the specifics of how to develop an optimal campaign, we can assist you in every aspect. With location targeting and controllable budgeting, we can make sure that your PPC investment is well spent. For DFW SEO PPC Management, give us a call at 800.231.4871