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Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) promotes a company, entity, or individual through paid advertisements. The advertiser pays each time a person clicks on their ad. Dallas Fort Worth SEO provides Pay Per Click Management services for Fort Worth businesses throughout the metroplex.

As a Per Per Click Management Agency in Fort Worth, DFW SEO offers Google Ads Management, Landing Page Optimization, and Creative Ads Development.

While PPC is a highly effective digital marketing strategy, we only offer this service in conjunction with our search engine optimization services.

Fort Worth Google AdWords Services

Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords, is the #1 PPC platform globally. When you invest in Google Ads, you pay for a listing on top of Google Search Results for relevant keywords. We believe that combining top organic rankings with PPC placements drives the most local leads.

Fort Worth PPC Ad

Google Ads produce great supplemental traffic as business owners wait for SEO efforts to take full effect

Keyword Research

Targeting the correct keywords is integral to Google Ads’ success. as a result, our agency selects keywords on your behalf, ensuring you pay online for lead-generating terms and phrases. Keyword relevance creates higher conversion rates making the keyword research process essential.

Our team uses Google Keyword Planner to group keywords and select ones that will drive high-conversion traffic to your landing pages. In addition, our paid advertising experts continuously evaluate keyword performance to refine every campaign.

Consumer Targeting

Ad targeting is one of Google’s most powerful features. However, if you neglect location targeting or ad schedules, you can blow your budget quickly. Let’s take a look at some of Google AdWords’ most essential targeting options for Fort Worth area businesses and advertisers.


Google Ads’ audience targeting allows us to target in-market segments (based on user’s online research) and affinity audiences (based on habits and personas). Our PPC experts also utilize ad retargeting based on browser cookies so that we can deliver ads to people who’ve visited your landing page.


Your consumers may be more or less likely to convert on a specific device type like tablet or mobile, depending on your industry. For example, if we find that your conversion rates spike on mobile, we will focus your ad budget targeting mobile users.


Our team ensures your ads target locations within your service areas. After all, reaching consumers that you can’t service wastes your money. In addition, because we work with contractors who perform outbound service calls, we must target the correct locations.

Time and Day

Our team monitors your advertising analytics to identify the best times and days to run ads. We also incorporate call extensions so that consumers needing specific services can be separated into categories. For example, people needing emergency plumbing need 24/7 options.

Conversion Tracking

DFW SEO tracks conversions on PPC campaigns, so nothing falls through the cracks. Most effective PPC campaigns are fluid so that users can adapt based on real-time analytics. The first step is appropriately setting up conversion goals and connecting your Google Ads and Analytics accounts. Check out some more components of conversion tracking.


Our team collaborates with our clients to set business goals and objectives like more phone calls, form submissions, or website visits. From there, we create a means to measure this goal and an ensuing metric that showcases the campaign’s success or failures in those areas.

Google Analytics

It’s easy to connect your Google Analytics account with Google Ads. As soon as you provide us with manager access to your account, we can manually connect to your Analytics account. Then, all we must do is click on Tools & Settings, Google Analytics, and Link.

Campaign Testing

Google Ads delivers valuable data to help advertisers refine their campaigns in real-time. For example, monitoring which keywords perform best allows you to drill down to the most relevant keywords based on data. While we can estimate keyword performance, the real-time data provides a more definitive evaluation. Check out other tests below.

A/B Testing

Creating variations of the same ad is a great way to test performance. A single change like the ad copy, image, or CTA can highlight which ad component is holding you back. Once we identify the best-performing variation, we can delete the lesser-performing ad and maximize your budget.

Bid Adjustments

We monitor which locations are most efficiently using your budget. Then, we adjust bids based on this data to make sure you get the most out of your expenses. For example, perhaps a time of day is draining your budget with low conversions. As a result, we can adjust bids for that time of day.

Audience Testing

Another test to run is based on Ad Groups. By targeting two different audiences, we can identify which of them is responding most appropriately to your ads. Based on the results, we can adjust the audience targeting and more efficiently spend your campaign dollars.

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