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There are billions of searches going on in our community. Fueling a massive current of industry, shopping, and maintenance is Google Search, connecting consumers with the services and/or products they need the most. Businesses often live or die by their ability to get noticed in local search, yet most don’t understand how the process works.

Today, we’ll dive into the fundamentals of success for local search! Anyone can master these steps, but so few take the time and effort required. If you desire stronger growth for your business and better quality lead generation, be sure to read along closely!

Local Search Defined

Many people confuse the term with organic search. Local search relies on algorithms specifically designed to connect people with results within a set geographical area. With these localized queries, need for proximity and timeliness is much higher than in general organic searches. After all, a consumer doesn’t want to sort through thousands of listings just to find a restaurant in their neighborhood!

Google’s Local Search Psychology

Ultimately, Google wants to provide the best service it can by connecting searchers with the best results available. To do so, it must eliminate (or rank poorly) those businesses that aren’t well-qualified to meet the consumer’s need and promote those that do. The results on the front page of each search query, especially those listed in local 3 packs, are considered the best suited listings.

Google Search analyzes thousands of signals, too many to list out here. From a broader point of view, the engine wants to establish 3 primary values in a given listing:

  • Expertise
  • Authority
  • Trustworthiness

The top listings in local search generally portray all three of these virtues exceptionally well (or at least better than other sites). Google wants to connect people within your community to your service! In fact, it prefers to provide people with local listings over national level brands. The search engine just needs to see a little effort!

These fundamental activities work on establishing your brand as an expert, authoritative, and trustworthy source of information / service in your industry. Without them, you’re business will struggle to get noticed by local consumers. Master these elements however, and you’ll certainly feel the difference in growth!

Local SEO Fundamentals

GMB Listing

Register With Google My Business

We start with the easiest to-do on our list. Not only are Google My Business listings absolutely free, they provide remarkable benefits for local search. If you haven’t done so already, claim and complete your listing as soon as possible. The GMB listing is an essential tool that the search engine uses to connect your physical address with people in your community.

Out of home businesses needn’t worry. You can use your home address for as long as you don’t have a designated office. Once business starts booming, simply switch your address to the new location.

Remember: GMB listings are essential if you want to do well in local search. Don’t put it off, or front page rankings could take much longer!

Web Design

Create Service & City Pages

Does Google really understand all the amazing services you offer? If not, it could be that you don’t have the necessary service pages showcasing your professional work. So many companies utilize a single-page website, essentially shooting themselves in the digital marketing foot.

If you have services that matters to your business, create pages for them!

Optimize those pages with appropriate keywords and images, and Google can begin listing them in local consumer searches. You can further increase your brand’s visibility through city pages. These pages are especially valuable for businesses that operate in multiple cities within the DFW area. Google has thousands of businesses to sort through in the metroplex, so simply optimizing for Dallas / Fort Worth is rarely the right move for companies with smaller operating areas. Even if you cover a broader circumference, at least break down your service area by county page!


Collect Your Reviews From Several Sources

Did you know that Google prefers reviews to come from multiple sources? That’s why it helps to spread out your employee feedback across Google Reviews, Facebook, the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, etc. Not only does this encourage Google to rank you better, it also makes it easier for consumers to find reviews on your services no matter which platform they prefer.

If you can find a way to integrate all these reviews into your website (insert Righteous Reviews plug here), that client feedback will be worth even more to your business. Remember, reviews are a sign of trustworthiness. Always ask for them at the end of a successful client experience or project!


Engage in Content Marketing

This one’s practically a given at this point, but so many businesses still don’t put time into content marketing. That’s a shame, because content marketing creates dozens of opportunities for Google Search to make additional listings for your business. All you need to do is listen to popular consumer concerns and questions and write about them!

If you’re an experienced face in your industry (and good at listening to customers), that’s half the work already done. If you’re relatively new to your trade however, simply do some keyword searches with Google – People Also Ask is an incredibly useful tool – or Answer the Public to see what folks are talking about. Write a monthly blog article on navigating common homeowner problems if you’re a contractor, a style guide if your a designer, and so on. Aim to provide valuable and rare insights for your target market, and you’ll quickly notice a gradual rise in traffic.

Want to take your content marketing even further? Share your best works with people on Facebook and Instagram! These platforms provide lucrative ways to connect with locals, and a wonderful way for call-shy people to message your business directly.

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