Google SEO Tools

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Free Tools Can Impact Your Website In a Major Way

Google is so popular throughout the world, that it is often used as a verb. To “Google” something means to search for it. With this in mind, search engine optimization (SEO) effectively means Google optimization, as SEO is predominately applied for the purpose of ranking higher on Google results pages (SERPs). Luckily, Google offers many free tools that every local business should take advantage of. Among the best Google SEO tools, include:

The above tools are only a shortlist, as many more options exist. Google Tag Manager, Google Trends, and Google Search Console are a few more to consider when assessing your company’s SEO. Though Google My Business is not a “tool” per se, it does make a positive impact on local SEO when properly optimized and maintained. To learn more about SEO tools, or to get started with internet marketing services in Dallas / Fort Worth, call DFW SEO at 800.231.4871.

How Google Determines Search Engine Rankings

Google SEO Tools

Great Web Content Is Vital To SEO

Google uses a programmed set of rules known as an “algorithm” to determine search rankings. While the precise ranking factors are not publicized, Google has documented concepts that influence ranking. As far back as 2011, Google had begun to value content quality and distance themselves from sites that use keyword stuffing and link schemes. In subsequent years, Google has inched closer to the ideal algorithm. If there’s one consistent theme for every algorithm update, it is the attempted enhancement of user experience. Knowing this, business websites should observe that notion, and attempt to display the following qualities:

  • Content Quality / Readability
  • Helpful Link Building
  • Keyword Relevance
  • Mobile Responsiveness

Google has yet to master its algorithm 100%, and manipulative websites are constantly looking for new loopholes to “trick” search engines into ranking their pages higher. While this might work for a short time, it is not a sustainable strategy, and will end up hurting your business over a long span. Algorithm updates like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and Possum have all given SEO marketers a greater understanding of how to optimize their website. With help from Dallas / Fort Worth SEO, you can make sure your site is always up-to-date with the latest algorithmic improvements.

How Long it Takes Google to Recognize SEO

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PPC Can Supplement Website Traffic For Short Times

As is the case with ranking factors, there is no publicly defined timetable for Google to recognize and account for a website’s search engine optimization. Research and studies indicate that the process can take several months. This length of time can be off-putting to many businesses who are looking to see results fast in this quick-moving marketplace. Patience is key for long-term and sustainable optimization, but in the mean time, businesses can take steps to supplement website traffic through other methods like:

  • Internal Blogging: Blogs tend to get indexed faster than web pages, making an internal blog a great way to put your website on the map
  • PPC: If you want to bypass the grace period for organic search rankings, you can always set up a Google AdWords account, and pay to advertise at the top of SERPs.
  • Sitemap Implementation: You can submit and XML sitemap to Google which lists all of your pages
  • Social Media Sharing: You can share your website link on social media profiles and citation sources
  • Structured Data Markup: You can implement structured data markup to make your site stand out

At DFW SEO, we are sympathetic to business owners looking for fast results. The important thing is that you trust the process, and the people executing it. For a team you can count on, Dallas / Fort Worth SEO is your go-to option. Not only will we utilize all the best SEO tools, but we will also design your website, market it via PPC and social media, and list on NAP citations. To learn more about Google SEO tools, give us a call today at 800.231.4871.