How Smart is Google?

Tricking Google: Can You Do It?

trick, illusionReaching the top of Google’s search page can seem like an insurmountable goal. Sometimes when the path laid out is hard and tedious, it is tempting to take a short cut. Unfortunately, many SEO companies today still try to short cut their way to the top. So the question is, how smart is Google? Can you trick Google? 

The long and short of it: No you cannot. And they are smart, very very smart. Google has invested years of research to create the algorithms they now use to rank sites. And guess what? They have seen every trick in the book. Once upon a time some of these tricks may have worked. And they still may take to you the top quickly. But beware, Google knows your tricks and they will catch you in time.

The Old Tricks

Now that you have been fairly warned, it is time to take heed and avoid the old tricks used to get to the top of search rankings. Remember, though some of these things may seem to work up front, they will damage your site, possibly irreversibly, over time.

Multiple Sites

banditIn the past, many companies would put up multiple sites for the same business. Or worse yet, they would put up fake company sites that contained their real company’s phone number. I.e. the website was for Jake’s Team, but when you dialed the number Joe’s Plumbing picked up.

Now the rule is, one site for one business. Google has the ability to tell if you have multiple sites trying to catch more website traffic. They will check across the internet for multiples of sites by looking at company information. If the same company name, address, phone number, etc is found in multiple places they will penalize you. They will even look at the information used to register domain names.

Keyword Stuffing

dead end contentThis is an age old trick: stuffing your content full of your keywords. For example: “Need a Dallas auto repair shop? We are a Dallas auto repair shop who can help you. Contact our Dallas auto repair shop for all your auto repair needs in Dallas.” While this example may be overtly keyword stuffed, the reality is many companies still do this.

Even if it isn’t as obvious as the example above Google now checks your keyword density. That isn’t to say you cannot repeat words. The key is, does this sound normal? Does this phrase fit? Google simply wants to find quality content that is written for the user. Not a dead end page stuffed with keywords that will not help the client find the information they need.

Proper SEO

Proper SEOThe opposite of trying to trick Google then is playing by their rules. This is often referred to as “White Hat SEO.” Proper SEO will always be rewarded and never penalized. If your site is set up the correct way and abides by Google’s regulations, you never have to worry about being penalized down the road. Instead of living in fear of Google’s latest algorithm updates, you can relax knowing Google is out to catch the “bad guys” not you. And ultimately the goal of Google is to help users find you: a quality company providing quality answers.

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