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Google’s Mobile Revolution

More than 3 years ago, on April 21, 2015, Google began to roll out its mobile-friendly update. Marketers throughout the blogosphere referred to the event as Mobilegeddon, anticipating its impact on defiant websites. Google was exceptionally transparent in what the update would entail, whom it[Read the Full Article]

Drupal vs WordPress

If you are unfamiliar with a content management system, it is a web software application that assists the creation and editing of content on websites. The two major players in the CMS industry are WordPress and Drupal. There is quite a bit of dissent about[Read the Full Article]

The SEO Impact of Web Design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is bigger than keywords. While just a decade ago, most SEO research focused on keyword volume and implementation, Google has evolved to become much more sophisticated with their ranking criteria. Web design, in particular, is a vital part of any optimization[Read the Full Article]

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