SEO 101: Write for the Consumer; Leave Clues For Google

Seo writers should focus on the consumers

SEO Writers: Consumers Care About Content! Write For The Consumer!

SEO writing is an essential part of any website’s success in organic search results. How can you expect to get to the top of Google’s search engine results when you don’t know how to cater to the algorithms that power it? The short answer is, you can’t. For the best results, businesses hire SEO writers, or SEO companies to lead the way. However, we at Dallas Fort Worth SEO, along with other professionals in the industry, are urging SEO writers everywhere to stop making a particularly critical mistake.

SEO Writers: We Read Your Content!

Many website owners often skip out on SEO services because they believe their content doesn’t matter, nobody reads it, and that traffic from their external advertising will drive business. As SEO professionals, we know that isn’t true. However, some SEO writers seem to believe the same, or at least a portion of it.

At some point, SEO writers begin to think Google is the only one reading the content they write. However, studies show that a majority of website visitors are very interested in content. That means consumers WANT to read your content, but they WON’T if you only wrote it to appeal to Google’s algorithms. If you want to drive success, you need to please your consumers, because Google looks at that too!

SEO is a form of marketing

Who are you selling to? Google? Or the consumer?

Writing For Your Audience

well-written SEO Content gets read

Consumers want to read well-written content!

As SEO writers, we need to appeal to Google. Simple fact. However, we are meant to be writing to our consumers. Google has said for years that writing just to please the algorithms isn’t enough. Good content is what your business needs. Good content involves writing to please your main audience, the consumer, but leaving important key elements that help Google rank your site where you want it to.

It is easy to get into the rut of believing that consumers won’t read your content, but it is important to remember that consumers love to read well-written content. So continue your SEO writing with Google’s algorithms in mind, but keep the consumer in the forefront of your goals.

REMEMBER: If you appeal to your consumers, and leave SEO clues for Google to trace, your content will succeed.

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