Why Content Counts

When shared an update a while back highlighting the latest version of Google’s Panda Content in Sharp Focusalgorithm. This was key to share because it brought into sharp focus just how important content — quality content, to be exact — is when it comes to seeing results in search rankings. And while it’s common sense to most that there has to be some content included on a professional website, we still see a plethora of sites with very little depth. These sites also fail to utilize content to their advantage, and either opt for the “more of anything is better” approach or lean on the old practice of randomly stuffing a page with keywords and back-links.

Here’s why this matters: Google and other major search engines are increasingly working to move away from the days of clunky site pages that tailor to search engine spiders while forsaking the consumer/viewer. The desires of each are now aligned so that the things a potential customer would want to see — such as authoritative, quality content that pertains to the business and services offered — are the same things that the search engines want to see. In fact, falling back on antiquated methods for getting attention when it comes to SEO are now cause for lower ranking and can actually hurt a site.

Strong Content Leads to Strong Rankings

So what does this mean for you? If your business website is consistently struggling to move up in the search rankings, consider the content that you’re offering to both potential customers and to the search engines. If one of those two parties is not benefiting from the copy you have on your site, the other won’t either, and ultimately you’ll lose new business and top spots in the search results.

At Dallas / Fort Worth SEO, we specialize in organic SEO, which means we’re all about the content. We employ a team of professional web writers who craft unique, premium content for all of our customers. Every page is structured so that search engines know what information is being communicated, and the text reinforces that, so we’re presenting a strong front from all angles. If you’re ready to upgrade your website and bolster your online marketing strategy to better position your business in the search rankings, call us today at 800.231.4871 and let our writers and web designers get to work for you!