Content Distribution Tips for Small Businesses

Adult YouTube Home Consumption

75% of Adult Americans Report Watching YouTube On Their Mobile Devices

For DFW businesses, starting a blog and creating social media profiles is not enough to attract a meaningful audience. Though content marketing is a useful business strategy, it is also oversaturated. As of 2018, almost every small business has a website, blog, and social media profile. With that in mind, content distribution is where companies can separate themselves. Pressing publish on your WordPress blog will not produce the audience you are looking for. You must take the initiative to encourage relevant users to visit your website.

But where can you find these people in order to tell them where to go? That’s where knowledge of distribution channels really comes in handy. Deep dives into social media communities can produce a goldmine of target customers. The same is true of internet forums and websites like Reddit. These are where your prospective customers are most frequently discussing your company, and companies like yours, among themselves. But how can you appeal to these demographics? Consider some of the content distribution concepts below:

Make Content Visual

Internet users want visual content. Text will no longer suffice on its own. Instead of writing 2,000 word blog posts, shortening the word count in exchange for more ocular content can really bost engagement numbers on your blog, website, and everywhere your company distributes content. If you are wondering what exactly constitutes “visual elements” consider some of the following examples:

  • Images: Though regular website images are the least dynamic of visual content available in today’s marketing sphere, they still serve an important purpose, particularly with the emergence of Instagram as a social media phenomenon
  • Infographics: We’ve all heard the phrase “show don’t tell” and with the new era of consumers being comprised of young people who have spent much of their lives learning through visualization, they will want to continue that trend as they search for information online
  • Videos: The ultimate visual content medium is video which in 2018 can be accessed throughout all corners of the web. YouTube is not just limited to young people. 3 in 4 adults report watching YouTube on their mobile devices

It’s possible to go as far as repurposing your entire post as a visual presentation. Instead of text being broken up by images and videos, use text as the transition element in your post. The demand for visual elements is so great, pages based mostly on text will be limited to niche communities and gradually become obsolete. This is not a trend that will reverse course either. If anything, new visual mediums will emerge, and businesses will have to incorporate them into their content distribution strategy.

Find New Distribution Channels

The depth of the internet is so great that deciphering which information is worthwhile can seem daunting. With that said, users are getting better at ignoring mindless spam and focusing on content that will actually provide value. For small businesses in Dallas – Fort Worth, one objective is clear; engage your audience. But what are some of the ways to do that while avoiding spam?

  • Podcasting: One clear and evident boom for content marketing is the emergence of podcasts into the daily activity of most Americans. If your business wants to reach a broad range of customers, investing in, or starting your own podcast can certainly help you gain traction
  • Reddit AMA: The popular online community Reddit has a discussion group for just about every topic imaginable, one way to get your website or blog on the map is by hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) which allows members of the community to ask you question to which you will answer and in turn promote your brand digitally
  • Social Engagement: It has become easy for social media users to identify spam, so much so that Facebook has changed their algorithm to discourage the abundance of shameless brand promotion that had begun to flood the social network. Instead of spamming links to your blog, try engaging with users in real-time so that their experience with your company seems more personal

The days of posting your blog to Facebook and Twitter and calling it a day are long gone. Like any other marketplace, the internet evolves as consumers grow accustomed to behaviors and tendencies. The difference in 2018 is that everything happens faster. Consumers are getting smarter more quickly and are more aware than ever of default content distribution tactics. It is the job of businesses to find new channels, and uses of them, to reach customers.

Win Influencers and Friend People

Regardless of which industry your company belongs to, it has influencers that help shape the marketplace and how consumers behave within it. Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular in recent years and has produced mixed reactions. While businesses should tread softly, there are a plethora of advantages that can be gained through influence:

  • Credibility: Influencer marketing serves the same conceptual purpose as a celebrity starring in a product commercial. If someone who influences people endorses your content, it will by virtue of human behavior, make that content appear more credible
  • Reach: We talked previously about how social media users have become smarter in how they consume content. To reach a wide audience, posting your blog on Facebook will no longer do the trick. But what if someone with a relationship to your industry and very popular on Facebook were to post that same piece of content? The blog would ended up reaching a much wider audience than would have otherwise been the case
  • Trust: For someone to be considered an influencer online, they must have a large community of followers that trust them, their judgement, and their ethics. With those boxes already checked, distribution of your content via their channel will allow your brand to inherit the established trust as your own

On one hand, having a reputable company re-tweet, re-post, or share, your content can curate your brand to a valuable group of consumers. On the other hand, the world of influencer marketing is inherently prone to manipulation. In the same way modern communication has made once profitable infomercials the punchline of jokes and internet memes, clearly manipulative influencer marketing will fail to reflect well on your company and its brand.

DFW SEO Content Distribution Services

Businesses finding it hard to keep pace with the constant changing digital marketplace need not stress any longer. Dallas – Fort Worth SEO offers content distribution services to help get your company on the digital map, and keep it there. As you run your day to day business operation, we ensure that your brand is being established online and is growing consistently to reach more prospective customers.

Our team at DFW SEO is constantly evaluating ways to improve our clients standing online. Partnering with us will make you an instant player in the digital marketplace, allowing you to focus on your day to day operations while seeing your brand grow exponentially online. If you’ve been putting off your internet marketing plans for too long, the time is now to invest in your company long-term and place your trust in Dallas – Fort Worth SEO. Call 800.231.4871 or more information.