Simplifying the SEO Process

The Dallas SEO Process

Confusing Terminology, Manipulative Practices, and Empty Promises, Will Never Beat Proven and Consistent Techniques

When local business in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex type Dallas SEO, or Fort Worth SEO into Google Search, they are exposed to a wide array of information sources, services, and other helpful tutorials. While all of this information can be valuable, the phrase “paralysis by analysis” can hold true in this instance. There is such thing as over-optimization, and thinking too much about subsidiary SEO ideas, when you should be putting your resources into proven foundational search optimization tactics. Google has made it abundantly clear that it can’t and won’t be tricked. Everything they do from this point forward will make it less advantageous to try to manipulate search results and more advantageous to follow consistent protocol that takes effort and attention to detail. At Dallas / Fort Worth SEO, we believe in these foundational SEO principles.

Content Quality

Our first and foremost focus is content quality. Regardless of which business you are in, content will be the difference between a sales conversion and another missed opportunity. Marketing is ultimately about communication, and the content that best communicates their services, and its advantages to the consumer, will win the sales conversion. Quality content should be:

  • Conversational: Automated writing doesn’t work because people can tell it’s (at least partially) a robot, they would rather feel like they are hearing from a real person
  • Deliberate: Your content should have a defined objective, in most cases this will be to best communicate your services to prospective customers
  • Formatted: The consumption of content is not strictly about the words themselves, but also how they are presented — consider using bullet points, bold lettering, and italic lettering
  • Optimized: Keyword stuffing is a horrible practice, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strategically and ethically place keywords that assist the user in finding their need

URL Structure

Everything from your domain name to your URL hierarchy should be planned BEFORE your website is launched. No SEO tactic on the planet will mean a thing without a pre-planned URL structure. You should have an idea about your parent and child pages. For example Services would be a parent page and then Business Consulting would be a child page underneath that. In general, URL’s should be:

  • Branded: Make sure your domain URL is branded with your company name or abbreviation
  • Concise: Keep them as short as possible for crawlability reasons
  • Robot.txt: Make sure your robot.txt file notifies Google about which pages to not follow
  • Structured: Ensure your URL has structure and makes cognitive sense to the user

Website Design

Before content, SEO, PPC, or any other aspect of internet marketing, you need a foundation. That foundation is your website. Unfortunately today, many companies rely on quick-design websites that don’t require professional web designers. What these services don’t mention is that it will hurt your SEO in the long-term and depreciate the value of your website as a business asset. Instead, DFW businesses should look for web design that is:

  • Affordable: Yes we want quality, but we still must be practical, negotiate a fair price that will create ROI
  • Customized: Stock websites destroy your SEO potential and damage your brand, choose a custom design
  • Mobile Friendly: Any website that will succeed in 2018 and beyond must prioritize its mobile display
  • WordPress: Most SEO-friendly websites use WP CMS which is open source and fully customizable

The Dallas SEO Advantage

For business owners in Dallas, DFW SEO is the perfect match for you. We handle all aspects of your internet marketing so you can focus on what you do best, running your business. We look forward to speaking directly with you to discuss all of your marketing needs. Like we’ve stated, we simplify the SEO process so that you know exactly what you are working towards and how it can be sustained over a long period of time. To speak with a Dallas SEO expert today, call DFW SEO at 800.231.4871.

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