User Interface (UI)

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Visitors Should Not Notice The Website’s User Interface

A strong user interface (UI) can improve website performance and increase search rankings. Users who can easily navigate a website are likely to consume more of its content, and stay on its pages for a longer period of time. As a result, bounce rates decrease, and conversions increase, prompting the cited performance improvement. As a representation of your business, a website should facilitate a positive user experience. An effective UI has the following traits:

  • Communicativity: Conveys its message to users
  • Familiarity: Uses common elements to appeal to the user’s second nature
  • Purpose: Deliberately organized as opposed to randomly assembled
  • Simplicity: Refrains from unnecessary or excessive features

A UI’s effectiveness can be gauged by its noticeability. If users don’t notice the interface, it is serving its purpose. If they do notice it, you’ve added at least one element too many. When people notice UI it’s usually because their experience has been disturbed in some manner. Their interpretation of your UI becomes an active part of their thought process, rather than a more desirable passive part. Call 800.231.4871 for user interface design services.

Components of a Website’s UI

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Seamless Navigation Improves The User’s Experience

An effective UI anticipates the user’s need and facilitates its fulfillment. That’s why its elements should be simple and accessible to the average user. Constructing an interface for your website is not an easy task, but it is critical nonetheless. To avoid the usage of stock templates, and their subsequent stock UI’s, knowledge of web design and HTML code is strongly recommended. At Dallas – Fort Worth SEO, we design custom websites with attractive user interfaces. Components of UI include:

  • Controls: Buttons, boxes, text fields, etc.
  • Containers: JavaScript, breakpoints, displays, etc.
  • Information: Icons, notifications, messages, etc.
  • Navigation: Menus, pagination, breadcrumbs, etc.

The average internet user has become accustomed to particular UI elements, and attempting to veer away from them is dangerous. When we think about website design, we might think of innovation and boldness. The truth of the matter is, UI is better served to incorporate predictability and consistency. Disturbances in the user’s experience, even for valid reasons, is not worth the impact it has on website performance, and ultimately; lead generation. Finding a balance between visual appeal and usability is a job for a professional.

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