Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

RWD Improves Web Performance By Influencing Key Metrics

In 2018, websites must appear optimally on a wide variety of devices. Because the range of devices used is so expansive, it would be impossible to create a separate website for each device. Instead, websites must be constructed using responsive web design (RWD). This design method allows websites to adjust their presentation based on the device from which they are accessed. Advantages to RWD include:

  • Bounce Rates: A decrease in immediate exits
  • Conversion Rates: An increase in converted users
  • Page Speed: Keeping one website, rather than multiple, makes pages load faster
  • Search Optimization: Better chance to rank on Google

Each benefit contributes to the ultimate goal of lead generation. The SEO benefit of RWD cannot be understated, as Google has publicly endorsed the design methodology. Common sense meets analytics when evaluating RWD. It’s reasonable to assume that a more diverse audience can access your website when it uses RWD, and the numbers support that notion. Call 800.231.4871 for responsive web design services.

Is Responsive Design a Google Ranking Factor?

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Responsive Design Is Not Officially a Factor

RWD is NOT an official Google ranking factor, as far as we know. With that said, we do know RWD can indirectly influence search ranking. RWD improves website performance metrics, such as; decreased bounce rates, and increased page speed, both of which are believed to be Google ranking factors. Therefore, while responsive design, in of itself, may not improve ranking, its impact will. Confused yet? Take a look at some of the ways in which RWD contributes to website performance:

  • Accessibility: Your content is irrelevant to Google if it cannot be accessed on the device of the user’s choice
  • Site Speed: A lack of re-directs to separate mobile websites, maintains your site speed
  • URL Consistency: Having one link to your web pages, regardless of the device in which they are accessed, makes crawling, sharing and indexing a lot simpler
  • User Experience: Google prioritizes the user experience, the very quality for which responsive design is made to enhance

Despite its lack of status as an acknowledged ranking factor, it’s not as if Google has denounced the concept of responsive web design. On the contrary, in fact. Google has gone on record to recommend responsive design to developers, citing its various benefits to SEO and overall website performance. With Dallas / Fort Worth SEO, you ensure your website is constructed using RWD. This not only makes your pages more appealing to consumers, but it improves SEO potential.

How Responsive Design Helps Local Businesses

Design Team Works on RWDDFW businesses can benefit from RWD, in more ways than one. Most local companies generate business from mobile Google searches, which makes the necessity for responsive design even greater. Websites stuck in the past with desktop-first designs, are losing customers as we speak. To not have a mobile-friendly website in 2018, would be like not being listed in the Yellow Pages 25 years ago.

Choose Dallas / Fort Worth SEO for all of your internet marketing services. Not only will we create a brand new RWD website for your DFW business, but we will optimize it for local search, and market it through paid advertising campaigns and social media marketing. We have the best web designers in the industry, and when combined with our highly trained SEO content developers, we are the perfect match for any business. CallĀ 800.231.4871 for responsive website design.