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Quality websites must display well across all devices

As the number of searches performed on mobile devices continues to expand, DFW businesses must adapt to their customer base. The best way to ensure a mobile friendly website is through responsive design. This design method allows websites to retain their HTML code across all devices but have their CSS code respond to an individual device. With this technique, businesses can have one website URL address across all device platforms. For DFW SEO responsive design services, call us at 800.231.4871

Local businesses must generate leads at the customer’s convenience. Since more people than ever are searching the internet on mobile devices, responsive design becomes one of the most powerful marketing tools in the industry. Now, local businesses can reach customers directly at their fingertips, and on the device of their choice. By embedding a phone number link within your content, visitors can call your office with a single click.

Is Responsive Design a Google Ranking Factor?

Responsive Web Design

Responsive design can indirectly improve your ranking

There is some disagreement in the internet marketing industry about whether or not responsive design is a ranking factor for Google. This disagreement stems from a lack of understanding about direct ranking factors, vs. indirect ranking factors. Google has made it known that responsive design in of itself will not determine the ranking of a website that employs it. There are, however, several indirect ranking factors that responsive design contributes to a website. They are:

  • Accessibility: Your content is irrelevant to Google if it cannot be accessed on the device of the user’s choice
  • Site Speed: A lack of re-directs to separate mobile websites, maintains your site speed
  • URL Consistency: Having one link to your web pages, regardless of the device in which they are accessed, makes crawling, sharing and indexing a lot simpler
  • User Experience: Google prioritizes the user experience, the very quality for which responsive design is made to enhance

Though Google has not stated that responsive design is a ranking factor, they have made it clear that it is their recommended setup for websites. Using this method certainly makes life a lot easier on Google, and that alone should be enough reason to implement it. At DFW SEO, we create all of our websites using SEO responsive design.

How Responsive Design Helps Local Businesses

Code ResponsiveResponsive design is especially important for local businesses. Since most local search is done via mobile devices, a responsive website is paramount. Websites that are desktop-only have essentially zero chance of generating any type of meaningful online leads. To not have a responsive website would be like not being listed in the yellow pages 30 years ago.

DFW SEO builds each website with responsive design for the purposes of engaging local customers. We ensure that your website is displayed optimally across all devices, including mobile, desktop, and tablet. Our team of web designers has experience building highly successful websites for D/FW business owners. If you are a Dallas / Fort Worth business looking for SEO responsive design services, give us a call at 800.231.4871