Website Maintenance Services in Fort Worth (Fix Errors)

Website maintenance is critical to maximizing the impact of your website and SEO campaign. Launching a website is only step one of a process that includes search engine optimization, content marketing, and schema markup.

One often overlooked aspect of having an active business website is the regular maintenance required to keep it running smoothly. Factors like website errors, site speed, and others influence results. As a result, Dallas/Fort Worth SEO offers website maintenance services.

By partnering with us for your internet marketing services, you ensure that your website is constantly monitored and problems are fixed when they arise.

DFW SEO Website Maintenance Graphic

Our system includes automatic website backups to ensure your data can be recovered or rolled back anytime.

Our website maintenance services include:

  • 301 Redirects: Consolidation of similar or obsolete web pages
  • Content Editing: Reappropriation of outdated content
  • Data Backup: Regular duplication and storage of website data
  • Site Speed Optimization: Expedition of slowed loading times
  • UX Adjustments: Requested changes to the user interface

With other business assets, it goes without saying that timely checkups are necessary. The time is now to start treating your company website in that same vein.

Most leads in today’s marketplace will originate online, specifically from Google searches performed on mobile devices.

Problems with your website, even temporary ones, can hit you where it hurts, in the pocketbook. Google recently published tools for winning on mobile, including an impact calculator that estimates money lost due to slow-loading pages.

Users expect prompt loading on their mobile devices, and even minor website errors can dissuade users from using your services.

Test My Mobile Site Speed Screenshot

Use Google’s free Mobile Site Testing Tool to measure the speed of your mobile website.

Website Monitoring

Regularly monitoring your website is half the battle. If you fail to do so, you won’t be made aware of problems until they are already costing you customers. Without a marketing service like DFW SEO, only verbal complaints or analytical evidence will prompt adjustments to your website.

Our monitoring services fix website errors before they become an issue. As Google’s impact calculator can attest to, this can save you significant dollars on your online marketing campaign.

We monitor websites for the following issues:

  • 404 Errors: Non-loading pages, usually due to server malfunction
  • Canonicalization: The absence of canonicalization, which presents duplicate web pages with separate URL variations
  • Slow Pages: Slow loading times
  • User Experience: Problems with user experience

Usability has a major influence on website performance. This is especially true in the mobile-first era. One navigation and user interface issue can cost your business a month-changing lead. With great risk, investing in website maintenance services seems like a no-brainer.

When you consider including search engine optimization, website design, and social media advertising, it’s hard to find a reason not to sign up for DFW SEO’s online marketing plan. You will never have to worry about your website again.

Dangers of Lack of Website Maintenance

A website is not unlike a home or vehicle in that failure to maintain it will cause problems both now and into the future. In fact, you’ll spend more money on issues down the line than you would on maintenance services.

Loss of leads, loss of traffic, loss of search visibility, and loss of brand reputation are just some of the problems that can arise from a lack of web maintenance.

DFW SEO strongly advises that you not risk any of these problems because of their potential cost to your website and your business as a whole.