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DFW SEO logo design services are available

DFW SEO has helped market local companies in Dallas / Fort Worth for years. One of the most important elements to a successful business is the logo. Your logo visually represents your company and what it stands for. We can design an entirely new logo for your company, or improve on the one you already have. Brand recognition is vital to the success of your local business. For DFW SEO logo design services, call us at 800.231.4871

Businesses are constantly looking for ideas to improve their search engine optimization (SEO) and generate online leads. A well-designed logo, optimized for Google and strategically embedded in your website, can make a real difference. Not only are you branding your company for offline purposes, but you are implementing effective SEO techniques to help your company rank for local keywords.

Logo Design for Internet Marketing and Branding

SEO Logo Design

You must make sure Google recognizes your logo

Internet marketing relies on a solid SEO strategy. Your company logo fits into that strategy, as long as it’s properly optimized. Logo’s should be designed and compressed for web use. You don’t want a logo file that is so big, it will slow your site speed down. Additionally, you want a logo that you can upload to online directories and review sites. Here are some of the characteristics of a web-optimized logo:

  • Alt Text: When users hover over an image file, they see the alt text; a logo should read “(Company Name) Logo”
  • Description: Google uses descriptions in image search results, so simply input: company name logo
  • File Name: Make sure the file is named companynamelogo.jpg or something similar
  • File Type: Make sure the image file type is properly condensed for web use, which will usually be a .JPG format

By helping Google understand where your business logo is displaying, you are putting your website in a good position to rank on search engine results pages (SERPs). Now, when users search your name on Google images, they will notice your logo within the results. This continues the progression of brand recognition and helps build your reputation in the local community.

Best Logo Placement for Search Optimization

DFW Logo DesignSearch engine users generally interpret content and images from left to right. For this reason, your logo should be placed on the top left header. Logo’s should be the first thing that visitors see on your website. This way, the logo has a better chance of registering in their memory. In addition to your website, logos can be uploaded to citation sources, social media profiles, and anywhere else your company is represented online. In almost every case, the website will have a place to upload your logo.

If you are a business owner in D/FW, you should consider our logo design services. We combine our expert logo design with an in-depth knowledge of SEO and internet marketing. This combination creates a great result for local businesses looking to build their online presence. For SEO logo design services in Dallas / Fort Worth, give us a call at 800.231.4871