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Logo Placement

Every DFW Business Must Establish a Brand Identity

To brand your DFW business online, you need a strong and flexible logo. But where can you find a logo design service that will capture your company’s identity without draining its bank account? The answer is Dallas / Fort Worth SEO. Our graphic design team works closely with both our web designers, and SEO specialists to create an all-inclusive internet marketing plan for DFW companies. Here at DFW SEO, we believe a strong logo is:

  • Appropriate: Fits within your industry context
  • Flexible: Translates well across a variety of marketing materials
  • Memorable: Is easily recalled by consumers
  • Simple: Is understated from a design perspective

Thinking about some of the most famous logo’s, whether it be Nike, Starbucks, or Twitter, one common trait is simplicity. Loud and obnoxious designs rarely translate into business success. Because logo’s work on a psychological level, they should really target the consumers subconscious, rather than their conscious. Research indicates that people respond well to more colorful logo’s, a note we use to our advantage at DFW SEO. Call 800.231.4871 for logo design services.

Logo Design Optimization

Web Developer Optimizes Image File

All Image Files Should Be Optimized With Standard Protocol

For internet marketing, most every action can be traced back to search engine optimization. With logo design, it is no different. As is the case with any photo, logo’s must be prepared for web use, and properly optimized. The optimization of logos improves search visibility and creates a greater probability of lead generation. A well optimized logo has the following characteristics:

  • Alt Text: When users hover over an image file, they see the alt text; a logo should read “(Company Name) Logo”
  • Description: Google uses descriptions in image search results, so simply input: company name logo
  • File Name: Make sure the file is named companynamelogo.jpg or something similar
  • File Type: Make sure the image file type is properly condensed for web use, which will usually be .PNG format

Google web crawlers scan every part of a company website. They want to access as much information as possible so that they can most appropriately market your services to interested consumers. By marking your logo file as companyname-logo.jpg, or something similar, you are making the crawling and indexing process much easier for Google. The resulting convenience should help your cause to rank on top of search results.

Best Logo Placement for Search Optimization

Design Team Crafts Brand IdentityA company logo appears on various marketing materials, and businesses often wonder about where to place it. Internet users are consuming information from left to right, making the left header portion of your home page, an optimal place for your logo. With most website designs, your header appears, not just on your home page, but on all subsequent sub-pages, which would allow your logo to be displayed, irregardless of the users current location.

Your website is not the only place your logo will appear. Consider the other digital representations of your company that exist on the world wide web. From social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to business directories like Google My Business, and Better Business Bureau. In most cases, logo placement will expand offline, and appear on business cards, promotional documents, and other marketing information. Call 800.231.4871 for logo design services.