Accelerated Mobile Pages

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AMP Is a Collaborative Web Venture

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP’s) are part of an open source initiative by Google to increase the speed and performance of mobile websites. The goal of AMP’s is to foster the creation of web pages that provide elite user experience. Elements of AMP’s include:

  • Cross Platform: Designed for any mobile device through every platform
  • High Performance: Fast, presentable, and easily navigable
  • Speed Consistency: Elite level loading times, all the time — almost instantaneous

Though it is lead by Google, AMP is a collaborative project involving a diverse group of industry experts, including; tech companies, distribution platforms, and web developers. If you are interested in learning more about accelerated mobile pages and how they can affect your DFW business, give us a call at 800.231.4871.

Faster is Better for AMP’s

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Stripped Down HTML and CSS Expedites Site Speed

Accelerated pages are designed with a condensed form of HTML. The object is to make the website and its advertisements as “lightweight” as possible in order to expedite loading time. These pages are so fast that accessing them seems instantaneous. Some of the elements that affect AMP site speed include:

  • Condensed HTML: AMP’s only allow for modest HTML, eliminating the use of certain tags
  • Preset JavaScript: AMP has a library for JavaScript and anything not in it, can’t be used
  • Streamlined CSS: Like HTML, certain CSS elements are off-limit

For those of you who are not web designers, this terminology might seem foreign. However, it is the “behind the scenes” work of websites that most prominently affects their loading speed. It’s for this reason, that Google chose to start this open source initiative, so developers could agree upon a set of rules that would best cater to mobile speed.

Getting Started With AMP’s

Mobile Device 1Luckily for businesses, many resources exist for how to create AMP pages. Despite this, investing in a professional web designer to design your mobile website is the best course of action. Dallas / Fort Worth SEO provides elite-level mobile design to business owners in the Metroplex. We have the experience and dedication to enhance your online presence.

If you have decided it’s time to start taking advantage of the massive mobile search market, you have come to the right place. Business owners in Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX can rest assured that DFW SEO is the #1 company for search engine optimization. We will design your mobile site, optimize with keywords, and continue to maintain it throughout our service agreement. Call 800.231.4871 for accelerated mobile pages in D/FW.