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Well Produced YouTube Content Contributes to SEO

YouTube serves as a major asset for local businesses. Not only does YouTube content rank well on Google SERPs, but the presentation of video has proven to be one of the most prominent forms of content for user engagement. Call 800.231.4871 for SEO YouTube marketing in Dallas / Fort Worth. Some of the ways in which YouTube contributes to SEO include:

  • Content Presentation: Video has proven to be one of the most engaging mediums through which businesses can present content
  • Keyword Placement: By optimizing YouTube descriptions with keywords, local companies can rank well on both Google search, and YouTube search
  • Link Building: Using annotations, businesses can create links from video content, directly to their website
  • Social Signals: YouTube is considered social media, and contributes to Google’s social signals ranking factor, and YouTube content can be syndicated on other social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus

Companies in Dallas, TX can use YouTube video content, to better engage with customers, and expand brand awareness. An estimated 46% of viewers say they have made a purchase based on YouTube video content. For local businesses looking to generate leads, this number is substantial.

Video Keyword Research for YouTube

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Placing Keywords in YouTube Tags and Descriptions Can Drive up Traffic and Generate Leads

Think of YouTube’s search function, as the Google of videos. Like Google, YouTube has its own algorithm, to best market relevant videos, to interested users. Using Keyword Planner, YouTubers can generate long tail keyword ideas, that can be placed in the “tags” section of YouTube videos, as well as the description. Call 800.231.4871 for SEO YouTube marketing in D/FW. YouTube keywords should contain the following qualities:

  • Long Tail: The amount of videos on YouTube is almost infinite, meaning you must stand out with long tail keywords, in both your tags, and your description
  • Relevant: Just like you don’t want to attract the wrong traffic to your website, you shouldn’t attract irrelevant traffic to your videos, as YouTube’s algorithm monitors “watch time”
  • Specific: Long tail keywords help separate your video content from competitors, and the more specific, the better

In addition to using Keyword Planner, YouTubers can generate keyword ideas by using search parameters. Sorting videos by views, and likes, can give users an indication of what type of video content is most popular. Pay attention to the metadata of popular videos, and record the specificity of their keywords, as well as the annotation use in their video.

How to Embed YouTube Videos on your Website

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In addition to being a great standalone video source for local businesses, YouTube content is also easily integrated within your website and social media profiles. Embedding YouTube videos on your website is a simple process, especially if using WordPress. WordPress allows for “widgets” containing YouTube links, and will present as an embedded video on your website. Copying and pasting the link on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, will also present an embedded video.

As video content becomes more popular, and expands its role as an SEO ranking factor, local companies must ensure that their marketing operation is adjusted to modern standards. The most effective way to market content in today’s marketing landscape, is through video. Call 800.231.4871 to discuss SEO YouTube marketing in Dallas / Fort Worth.