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Visual Content is More Engaging, in General, to Users

YouTube is a major asset for local business. Not only does its content rank well on Google’s search engine results pages (SERP’s), but video engages internet users at a rate unrivaled by any other form of media. YouTube is the most popular source for video content, not only on the internet, but in general. Statistics show that more 18-49 year old’s watch YouTube (on mobile alone) than any cable or broadcast TV network. Businesses in Dallas / Fort Worth can take advantage of this massive audience, by focusing on the following:

  • Content Presentation: Producing valuable video content, and presenting it optimally
  • Keyword Placement: Optimizing channels, and adding keyword tags to uploads
  • Link Building: Forming links to a primary website through video annotations
  • Social Signals: Staying active on the platform, which sends social media signals to Google

For local businesses that feel its impact is overstated, the opposite is true. Most companies aren’t taking full advantage of the platform, considering its massive usage rate. The problem for many business owners is that they don’t understand modern technology, and therefore refrain from recording video on their smartphone and uploading it to the company channel. The platform remains an untapped market with the advancements in mobile apps and devices, which can now record HQ video and perform editing, all in a short time period. For YouTube marketing, callĀ 800.231.4871.

Video Keyword Research for YouTube

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Keywords Play a Big Role In Ranking For Video Results

YouTube is owned by Google, and this affiliation makes its value even greater for search engine optimization. Like Google, YouTube has an algorithm to rank videos on their native search engine. But perhaps the most important visibility takes place on Google SERP’s. When a Google searcher performs a query with certain language, video results from YouTube will display as the top results. Knowing how to place your videos within those results, adds exponential value to your online presence. Video keywords should have the following characteristics:

  • Long Tail: Stand out with long tail keywords, in both tags, and descriptions
  • Relevant: Attract visitors who have true interest, since the platform monitors “watch time”
  • Specific: Capture a niche audience rather than a very general user base

Incorporating video content on other platforms is also highly recommended. Blog posts containing videos receive a higher level of engagement than those without them. The same is true of social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Emerging social platforms are incorporating their own native video tools. Instagram, for example, offers IG stories, which fosters a chronological video journal of the user or brand’s daily activity. The world of marketing is getting more visual, and it is incumbent on DFW business owners to keep pace with the marketplace.

How to Embed YouTube Videos on your Website

Webmasters Discuss Video ContentWe mentioned blogs and social media posts as candidates for video content. Another great candidate is your primary website. In addition to being the ultimate standalone video source, YouTube also makes website integration seamless with their “embed” feature. By navigating to the video you wish to use on your website and clicking “embed,” HTML code will promptly appear, which you can then copy and paste within your website’s code. Using WordPress content management system, it s even easier, because of the HTML widget feature. DFW SEO can help you through the process.

As video continues to establish itself as the preferred form of content, local businesses should adjust resource allocation accordingly. The most effective way to market services in today’s climate, is through video. Combining video optimization with organic SEO enhances your online presence immediately, and creates additional channels through which to develop a brand, and most importantly, generate leads. Dallas / Fort Worth SEO is the top internet marketing company in Dallas – Fort Worth, TX, and looks forward to partnering with your company for its next campaign. CallĀ  800.231.4871 for YouTube marketing services.