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Twitter Provides DFW Businesses With a Great Tool for Customer Interaction

Twitter provides local businesses with an outstanding tool to interact with customers, promote services, and build authority in their industry. Call 800.231.4871 for SEO Twitter marketing in Dallas / Fort Worth. Some of the SEO benefits of Twitter include:

  • Google Partnership: Google partnered with Twitter to acquire their “firehouse” information stream, which helps Google distribute their information more efficiently
  • Keyword Tweets: Tweets can actually be indexed by Google, making keyword context placement appropriate for tweets
  • Citation Source: Social media platforms like Twitter serve a dual purpose, as a social media network, and a valuable citation listing
  • Link Building: Sharing blog content on twitter, or linking to relevant posts from network acquaintances, helps generate a traffic to and from your website

Twitter continues to grow with over 313 million monthly active users. The information exchange is so quick on twitter, that new topics can start trending at any minute. Like Google, Twitter can customize certain aspects of their application based on the user’s location data. DFW businesses looking to immerse themselves in the local community can take advantage of local trends and hashtags.

How Local Businesses Gain Twitter Followers

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Gaining Followers is a Gradual Process That Relies on Consistent Activity

Gaining Twitter followers is not a simple task. Many businesses fall victim to buying followers, which is actually considered unethical by Google as well as Twitter. Instead of buying followers, Dallas, TX companies have to formulate a strategy to gradually build a following. Call 800.231.4871 for SEO Twitter Marketing in D/FW. Some ways to gain followers are:

  • Follow Back: Try following some acquaintances in the industry and see if they will return the favor with a follow back
  • Hashtags: Use #Hashtags to join local, national, and worldwide Twitter conversations
  • Content Sharing: Share valuable and informative content, and include hashtags in your content sharing tweets like #DFW #Dallas #FortWorth
  • Personalize Tweets: So many Twitter accounts tweet automated content, and it does not engage followers, stand out from the crowd with personalized tweets

These are just a few ways to get started building followers. Do not get discouraged if your follower count does not rise quickly. Consistency will eventually help grow your number, and attract more user engagement. Include your Twitter handle (i.e. username) on your website and other social media profiles. You can even embed a “follow me” or “follow us” button in your website footer.

How do Tweet Engagements Affect Local Businesses

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Twitter provides a measurement known as “engagements”. Engagements are the number of times a user interacts with a specified tweet. This can be any type of interaction, including, re-tweets, follows, likes, replies, etc. Your engagement number gives you an idea of how effective your tweets are. If you notice a very low number, you either aren’t attracting enough viewers, or aren’t tweeting valuable enough content.

At DFW SEO, we understand the importance of social media to a strong internet marketing campaign. Consequently, we provide Twitter marketing to local businesses in the Dallas, TX area. Our team of social media experts ensure that your profile distributes engaging and informative content, that will help grow your online presence. Call 800.231.4871 for SEO Twitter marketing in Dallas / Fort Worth.