Social Media Data Analysis

Twitter and Facebook For Social Media Data Analysis

Social Analysis Entails More Than “Likes” or “Clicks”

Social media is about more than likes and shares. Analyzing its output requires a comprehensive understanding of internet marketing and a commitment to finding trends throughout large samples of data. In addition, the true value of social media marketing can only be gauged in the context of its relationship to other marketing channels, most specifically; primary business websites. Consider these tenants of social media data:

  • Click Through Rate: The rate at which users click on social content in relation to how many times it is presented
  • Conversion Funneling: What role individual social platforms play in your conversion funnel
  • Content Engagement: How users react behaviorally to your social content
  • Platform Testing: The study of platforms and content mediums and how they compare to one another

For small business owners in Dallas / Fort Worth, social media is an incredibly valuable tool. It is free to sign up for the majority of platforms, and the data accumulated as a result is also free. The aspect that will separate businesses from competitors is how that data is analyzed and eventually used to craft better marketing strategies that increase customer acquisition. Call 800.231.4871 for social media data analysis in D/FW.

Applying Analyzed Social Media Data

Group Social Sharing

Tweets With Images/Graphics Get More Engagement

Companies can become aware of social media trends through data analysis. For example, a study suggests that tweets with images get 18% more clicks than tweets without them. That’s useful information, but only if it can be applied to affect the bottom line. In this case, posting more tweets with images is a simple application. Other instances of data application include:

  • Content Presentation: Much like the example above, data indicating a particular style of content receiving more engagement calls for an increase in that content style
  • Keyword Optimization: Much like with keyword research for websites, social keyword data should cause marketers to adjust content for keyword placement
  • Resource Allocation: Statistics revealing increased content engagement on a certain platform (i.e. Facebook) should lead to adjustment in resource allocation, with more going towards Facebook
  • Time Management: Data which indicates increased engagement at a specific time of day (i.e. 5:30 PM) should instruct social managers to strategically share content at this time

The application of data is what will affect your bottom line. Analyzing social output is only the first step in this process. When you understand its direct correlation to sales conversions, you will more completely grasp its usefulness to your business. If you are interested in social media data analysis in the Dallas, TX area, call 800.231.4871.

The Best Social Media Platforms To Analyze

Business People Browse Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube (if you consider it social media) are four of the most popular platforms to analyze. Each of them caters to a slightly different demographic. Some of those demographics overlap each other. For example, Facebook and YouTube are so popular in general, that most people are using both. Instagram and Twitter also have a massive following, although millennials make up a significant percentage of each.

Remember, the data analyzed is only as good as it’s application. Facebook data should be used in the context of sales conversions. What role does Facebook play in your conversion funnel? Meaning; does Facebook serve as a middleman to your website? Or perhaps social posts on Twitter are generating a click through and a call to action. For professional social media data analysis from DFW SEO, call 800.231.4871.