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LinkedIn expands your network while helping your SEO

Many companies think of Linkedin as a social network for individuals in the business world. Linkedin actually is a very useful tool for businesses to market themselves, and spread brand awareness. Business owners can take advantage of this massive network of over 200 million people, who are constantly discussing aspects of business. Call 800.231.4871 for SEO LinkedIn marketing in Dallas / Fort Worth. Some of the ways in which LinkedIn can help DFW companies include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A well optimized LinkedIn business page can rank on Google SERPs
  • Find Job Candidates: Companies can find qualified job candidates to fill their open positions
  • Promotions: LinkedIn business can promote themselves to a valuable audience
  • Social Sharing: Sharing blog posts with people in the business industry, can have a greater effect than a more general social media site like Facebook or Twitter

A LinkedIn company page allows local businesses to network with like minded people, while simultaneously expanding brand awareness, and establishing authority in a particular industry. The added bonus of recruitment makes LinkedIn company pages a valuable SEO commodity to businesses in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page for Google

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LinkedIn should be optimized with industry keywords and important links

Optimizing your LinkedIn company page is similar to how you would optimize a page on your website. The goal is to attract relevant traffic to your LinkedIn page, and provide a call to action, that will help convert them into a customer. Call 800.231.4871 for SEO LinkedIn marketing in D/FW. Optimize your LinkedIn company page, using the following tactics:

  • Content Curation: Share your own blog content, and other appropriate blog posts on your LinkedIn company page
  • Keyword Placement: Place industry keywords throughout your company page, without stuffing them
  • Networking: Make sure your company page has a sufficient amount of followers, so that your page has established itself within the LinkedIn community
  • Website Link: Place a link to your main website in your LinkedIn company profile

By optimizing your LinkedIn company page, you are giving your business another chance to rank on Google SERPs. The more “real estate” you can occupy on SERPs, the greater chance you have of generating relevant traffic to your website. LinkedIn serves as another authoritative entity from which your website can link from. The added bonus of networking and recruitment, make it a tool of great value.

Expand Your Business Network with LinkedIn

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While SEO is an important factor for LinkedIn company pages, network expansion is another asset. LinkedIn allows companies to connect with one another by “following” each other. As you begin to accumulate connections, LinkedIn will provide recommendations for more. Having a visually engaging company page, that aims to inform users and provide worthwhile content has a much better chance of expanding its reach.

At DFW SEO, we help business in D/FW, expand their brand recognition, and build their online presence. We offer social media services, including LinkedIn marketing, that establish local companies as authorities in their local community, and industry. Call 800.231.4871 today, for SEO LinkedIn marketing in Dallas / Fort Worth.