Instagram Marketing

Instagram has emerged, along with YouTube, as the premier social media platform on the internet. While it doesn’t have the billions of users Facebook has, its reach is considerably greater, particularly now that it has all-but-eliminated brand pages’ reach.

But IG is used in ways that transcend traditional marketing. It is considered the top channel for influencer marketing and makes a powerful platform for custom ads. Here’s why IG is popular:

  • Exploration: IG is a place where people explore their interests
  • Hashtags: Like Twitter, IG uses hashtags for users to find like-minded brands or individuals
  • Stories: IG has empowered users to tell minute-by-minute stories through photos and video
  • Visuals: Internet users prefer visual content over text

While Twitter produces a stronger emphasis on celebrity sensations, people see Instagram as a platform that empowers the common user. That’s why it continues to thrive in an ever-changing social media environment.

Because visual media produces much deeper engagement among Instagram fans, DFW businesses have a unique opportunity to create especially high-performance advertising campaigns.

Advertising With Engaging Stories

How can businesses use Instagram (IG) to strengthen their overall marketing performance? IG Stories are a great start! These stories allow users, including brands, to tell minute-by-minute stories through images and video. It’s easy to adapt your best content for advertising too.

Even if you don’t have the opportunity to post regularly, we almost always recommend our clients consider Instagram. Sharing your company events or fundraisers is a great way to get eyes on your profile. Examples of logical IG stories for small businesses include:

  • Events: Hosted gatherings
  • Fundraisers: Non-profit get-together
  • Jobs: If you run a service of some kind, provide an inside look

Because Instagram easily links to your Facebook business account, businesses can even distribute Facebook ads and other content through IG for additional exposure. It’s the perfect way to streamline your marketing campaigns!

Of course, if you don’t have time to run the social media advertising yourself, our team at DFW SEO offers services to manage it for you.

Why Choose DFW SEO for Instagram?

At DFW SEO, our social media advertising specialists know both the power of visual media and the influence of a well-crafted ad. We’ve accumulated years of experience managing these powerful marketing platforms, yet we also strive to stay accountable to our clients.

That’s why we make it easy for businesses to track their results and ensure the continued success of their Instagram ad campaigns.

Of course, our accountability comes with fantastic results too! We consistently deliver high-quality leads through Instagram and Facebook advertising platforms.

We design ads to function in tandem with your custom-developed website, producing stronger results for your social media campaigns and local search.