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IG Continues To Grow in Usage and Reach

Instagram has emerged, along with YouTube, as the premier social media platform on the internet. While it doesn’t have the number of users Facebook does, its reach is considerably greater, particularly now that Facebook all-but-eliminated brand pages’ reach. But IG is used in ways that transcend traditional marketing. It is considered the top channel for influencer marketing, which helps brands reach with their consumers more effectively. Here’s why IG is popular:

  • Exploration: IG is a place where people explore their interests
  • Hashtags: Like Twitter, IG uses hashtags for users to find like-minded brands or individuals
  • Stories: IG has empowered users to tell minute-by-minute stores through photos and video
  • Visuals: Internet users prefer visual content over text

Instagram has empowered average users to have a voice, rather than Twitter which is perceived to favor celebrity expression. DFW businesses want to go where their customers feel empowered, and that’s Instagram. The methods for marketing through IG should not be as traditional as other platforms. Consider using influencer marketing, as well as branded posts to reach a growing community of prospective customers. Call 800.231.4871 for Instagram marketing services in Dallas, TX.

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IG Stories Have Increased User Engagement

To fully immerse your business in IG’s culture, you must participate in what are known as IG Stories. These stories allow users, including brands, to tell minute-by-minute stories through images and video. Now, depending on the type of business you run, you may not have the most exciting daily schedule. Reserving Stories for company events, or fundraisers is a great way to get eyes on your profile. Examples of logical IG stories for small businesses include:

  • Events: Hosted gatherings
  • Fundraisers: Non-profit get-together
  • Jobs: If you run a service of some kind, provide an inside look

As we noted, some industries are limited by the nature of their services. Still, IG is becoming so popular that most every company can benefit from participation. If Stories are unrealistic, you can comment on Stories from other brands and users, as well as gather ideas you’ve yet to consider. Dallas – Fort Worth SEO is here to find marketing solutions for each of our clients, regardless of specific industry.

Instagram Content Creation

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IG Content Can Highlight Employees

Aside from Stories, IG is a great place to share high-quality images. These photos can include short descriptions along with hashtags to get users looking at your photos. Be careful however, as IG spam is identifiable but its liberal use of hashtags. Only include tags that are relevant to the image posted, and that could spark interest from users throughout the platform. Also, the importance of an images’ quality cannot be overstated, and will be a representation of your company’s quality moving forward.

One tactic for small businesses is to highlight employees through image posts. Each month, choosing an employee to highlight, and providing their credentials within the description, as well as why they were chosen. This can really create a personal connection beteen company and consumer. When they can make a personal connection with your brand, it translates into their overall perception of your business. Call 800.231.4871 to sign up for Instagram marketing services in Dallas, TX and the surrounding area.