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Google Plus still contributes to SEO through indexing and social signals

Though Google Plus has far less activity than Facebook and Twitter, it is still a valuable component of your online marketing strategy. Google Plus can help D/FW businesses improve their Google rankings, and extend their market reach. Call 800.231.4871 For SEO Google Plus Marketing in Dallas / Fort Worth. Some of the SEO benefits of Google Plus include:

  • Blog Sharing: Sharing your internal blog posts on Google Plus can help generate more traffic
  • Fast Indexing: Google Plus posts rank quickly on Google SERPs
  • Market Reach: Google Plus communities allow businesses to network with like minded companies and to share information quickly and efficiently

While Google Plus won’t provide you with nearly the amount of social engagement that Facebook and Twitter will, its affiliation to Google is a major factor in its value. Since Google is the primary source of online marketing leads, becoming visible on all of its channels is not only necessary but also strongly recommended.

Does Google Plus Still Matter to Businesses?

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Google Plus content tends to index faster than normal

Google Plus optimization is still a ranking consideration, which makes it important to local businesses. Call 800.231.4871 for SEO Google Plus marketing. Google Plus is no longer a major social media factor, but it helps companies in other ways. Some of the ways in which Google Plus can help Dallas / Fort Worth business are:

  • Branding: The more places you can upload your company logo, the more your brand awareness will spread
  • Integration: Google oversees your Google My Business Page, Google Plus Page, YouTube Page, and GMail account, meaning each of them should be consistent and accurate
  • Link Building: Google Plus is another quality source for which to build links to your website

Clearly, Google Plus still matters to Dallas, TX businesses. Why, you ask? Because its existence as a social media entity has transitioned into something else. It still sends social signals to Google for ranking purposes, and it still allows business to network with like minded people in their communities.

Google Plus vs Google My Business

Google Plus DataSometimes local business confuses Google Plus with Google My Business. Google My Business is a business listing page which helps local companies manage their online presence throughout Google Search and Google Maps. Google Plus, on the other hand, is considered a social network platform in which business can engage with members of the online community.

At DFW SEO, we help companies optimize their online presence through Google Plus marketing. While Facebook and Twitter are more significant social media networks, Google Plus still has enough value to make it worth pursuing. Call 800.231.4871 for SEO Google Plus Marketing in DFW.