Facebook Marketing

DFW SEO offers Facebook marketing services in Fort Worth, TX. Reaching consumers organically through Facebook is no longer a viable option. Due to their recent algorithm update, branded content has been effectively eliminated from users’ news feeds. Unless a user manually edits their settings to include your page’s posts in their news feed, you will no longer be able to reach them in that manner.

What should Dallas / Fort Worth companies do about it?

  • Advertising: Shift your focus to paid Facebook ads
  • Groups: Start a Facebook group about your industry
  • Settings: Ask valued customers to change their settings to see your posts

Even though it no longer yields organic reach, Facebook, at the very least, still serves as an authoritative citation source and review platform. That’s why optimizing your profile is just as important as ever before. That means accurate and consistent NAP information along with a high-quality logo image.

Facebook as a Citation Source

When users search for your business on Google, the top results will usually be some combination of your Google My Business page, primary website, and Facebook business page. Because Facebook has so much domain authority, its ability to rank high on SERPs is enhanced.

So even though you can no longer reach its users on their respective news feeds, you can still reach them through Google searches of your company. Advantages to Facebook as a citation source include:

  • Authority Building: Earn trust and authority from search engine users
  • Lead Generation: Consumers may find your FB page through Google and call the listed phone number
  • Search Visibility: Appearance on Google SERPs

The absence of a Facebook page could put your company at a disadvantage against competitors. Think about it. If you don’t have one, you know one or more of your competitors will. If users search Google for a local DFW company and find your competitor’s Facebook page, you will have lost out on an opportunity to capture that lead as your own.

There is no downside to creating a business page on FB; it allows you to establish authority in your industry and location.

Custom URLs for Your Facebook Business Page

Default URLs are assigned to new business pages. They are usually quite long, aesthetically displeasing, and unappealing on business cards or other marketing materials. The solution is to create a custom URL for your page, which can be done after verifying your account and gaining 25 or more followers.

Once the option becomes available, you’ll want to make your URL short, simple, and representative of your brand name.

Businesses in Dallas / Fort Worth should invest in Facebook marketing services from DFW SEO. Our team of social media experts is among the best in the industry and stays on top of the latest trends in digital marketing.

While FB’s organic reach is not what it used to be for brands, the presence of a business page is still beneficial for your company and its overall online presence.