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What Is Social Media Management?

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Social media management refers to the coordination of profiles and / or accounts across multiple social networking platforms. Regular activity and consistent promotion are the pillars of a successful social media strategy for businesses. Regardless of your industry, you can count on customers being on the internet in some capacity. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Reddit, your customers are discussing aspects of your industry online. Integrating yourself into the social media landscape can improve your local search visibility, and make you generally more accessible to consumers.  If you are a business owner in Dallas / Fort Worth, and are looking for social media management services, give us a call now at 800.231.4871. Below are some of the advantages to social media management:

Authority Building

A presence on social networks can build authority for your local business. The more places your company and brand is represented online, the more trust you’ll earn in your local community. This is true not only of users, but of Google as well. As you may or may not know, Google places a priority on local businesses that establish themselves online. Contributions to authority building include:

  • Brand Recognition: By presenting a well-written profile and business logo on each social media network, you are branding your company for people to remember
  • Citation Sources: Similarly to online directories like Yelp and BBB, social media networks also serve as a citation source for your business
  • Link Building: Social media account profiles, and posts within them, can help build quality links to your website and other marketing channels

Authority and credibility are two qualities every business can benefit from. Each account is a further representation of you company which is why well optimized profiles, with web-ready logo files, and accurate NAP information, is imperative to online success. In contrast, poor representations have the opposite affect, and can negatively impact your reputation.

Customer Interaction

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Facebook Is a Place To Interact With Clients

Before the internet hit the mainstream, angry customers would have to file their complaint via letter or telephone, usually to the Better Business Bureau. It would take weeks, if not months, for BBB to publish the negative testimonial of the company. Fast forward to 2018, and an angry customer can publicly reprimand your business in seconds. With this knowledge, it is important for companies to be vigilant in their customer interaction. Advantages to social media interaction include:

  • Customer Support: Your customers are spread out through various social media networks and they are going to want support and interaction on the platform of their choice
  • Promotional Channels: Social media networks are a great place to run promotional campaigns with discounts, coupons, and giveaways
  • Reputation Management: Review sites like Yelp aren’t the only places people like to complain, you can protect your company’s reputation by responding professionally to any negative publicity

Being easily accessible helps customers reach you at their convenience. Research shows that convenience leads to higher rates of satisfaction as it relates to consumer interaction. As social platforms continue to establish themselves as the preferred channel of communication, businesses whom recognize this trend will separate themselves from competitors. Call 800.231.4871 for social media management.

Extended Market Reach

Organic SEO is the most sustainable method of internet marketing, but its value is only enhanced through social media. Moz lists social signals in their 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors, and the evidence is overwhelming in support of social platforms as an extended market reach. For branding purposes alone, social networks really drive local businesses to their ideal destinations. Social media can extend market reach through the following:

  • Industry Networking: Build relationships inside and outside of your business industry, which can only help your market reach
  • Niche Markets: Reach untapped sources of potential customers that may not have otherwise found you through traditional marketing methods
  • Social Sharing: Reposts, retweets, shares, etc., there are so many ways for your content to be curated via social media networks, and it can spread like wildfire

Establishing your presence on every corner of the internet helps you earn authority and build reputation. As social media becomes even more popular, the potential market will expand to even greater lengths. It’s best to recognize the trend now and start allocating resources to meet consumers at this extremely popular destination. Dallas / Fort Worth SEO can help you get started today.

Is Social Media Important to Internet Marketing?

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Blog Posts Can Be Shared Via “Social” Apps

The internet is an interactive medium. To optimally market your business online, social media is crucial. Distribution of information in the modern age prompts customers to harbor an expectation that they can reach you through any source. It could be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and you have to be prepared for any one of them. If you aren’t, rest assured one of your competitors will be, and the result will be a loss in customers. Consider the following when marketing through social media:

  • Blog Posts: Link posts from your internal blog as a way to generate additional traffic to your website
  • Content Curation: By sharing relevant content with your social media connections, you can keep fresh activity flowing through your social media profiles, without having to do much yourself
  • Promotions/Giveaways: Run promotions on social media as a way to quickly reach a mass audience and inspire customer interaction

To answer the question originally posed, yes — social media is important to internet marketing. It is not possible to build authority in your industry or community if you don’t have a social presence. In addition, the more channels through which you can establish your brand, the more consumers you will have an opportunity to reach. That means Instagram, YouTube, and others should all be established and active.

How Social Media Affects Search Optimization

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Social Networking Platforms Influence SEO

We previously mentioned that social signals are considered a local ranking factor. But how does social media affect SEO, in general? In a number of ways actually. Although the presence of a Facebook or Twitter page won’t guarantee you an improved ranking, it can absolutely contribute within the context of a larger strategy. The subsidiary effects of social media activity translate into components that contribute to optimization. Some of them include:

  • Brand Awareness: The more well-known your business is, the better it is going to rank on local search results
  • Backlink Generation: By circulating content through social media, you are increasing the likelihood of an authority site linking back to your content
  • Social Search Results: There are search engines besides Google, in fact, Facebook and Twitter have their own search functions, in which ranking well on, can be very beneficial
  • Supplemental Indexing: A social media profile is another web entity (one that should contain a link to your main website) in which Google can index — the more spots you occupy on Google search results, the better chance someone has of finding your business, in some capacity

If you run a business in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex, you should invest in social media management services from DFW SEO. By expanding your brand’s reach and improving your online presence, you’re giving yourself a greater opportunity to generate customer leads and build your company’s reputation. Our social media team is skilled and experienced working with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Call 800.231.4871 for social media management services.