PPC Campaign Analysis

Printed Reports and Laptop Depicting PPC Campaign Analysis

Advertisers Often Fail To Monitor Campaign Metrics

Many PPC advertisers minimize returns by failing to analyze their campaign after it launches. As a result, competing advertisers generate more clicks, more conversions, and a greater ROI. Dallas / Fort Worth SEO offers PPC campaign analysis services to small businesses in the DFW area. Our services include:

  • Advertisement Text Optimization: We make necessary adjustments to ad text based on user response
  • Competitor Analysis: We measure the results of competing ads, and utilize the information to make improvements
  • Data Measurement: We monitor important metrics to look for trends in your PPC campaign
  • Landing Page Optimization: We look for breakdowns in conversion rate optimization by improving the landing page reached once the ad is clicked

It makes sense that the advertisers with the greatest attention to detail generate the highest ROI for PPC campaigns. If you are a small business preoccupied with day to day business operations, consider investing in PPC campaign analysis from DFW SEO. Give us a call today at 800.231.4871.

PPC Analysis Tools

AdWords Analytics

Analysis Tools Help Improve Campaigns

For advertisers using Google AdWords as their PPC platform, many measurement tools exist. In fact, WordStream offers a Free AdWords Performance Grader that reviews critical metrics of your PPC campaign. In addition to the performance grader, consider using these PPC analysis tools:

  • ADbeat: Uncover the advertising strategy of any online competitor
  • MOZ Keyword Explorer: Measure keyword opportunity and priority
  • SEMRush: Look for “related keywords” which can provide alternate keyword ideas
  • SpyFu: Monitor your competition on Google and review their ad variations

These are only some of the top PPC analysis tools but many more exist. Don’t get so caught up in the tools, that you forget about the end result. The goal is to generate measurable data that can inform the direction of your PPC campaign, and help you most efficiently market to new customers.

Analyzing PPC Metrics

Marketers Review Campaign With PPC Analysis Tools

DFW SEO Performs Pay Per Click Campaign Analysis

Analysis tools are good, but they are only as effective as the person doing the analyzing. To properly analyze a PPC campaign, the analyst must be aware of important metrics that indicate successes and failures of advertisements. Some of the most important metrics include:

  • Click Through Rate: How often your ad is clicked on compared with how many times it’s shown
  • Cost Per Click: The cost of each ad click which is the basis of all PPC advertisements
  • Impressions: The amount of times your ad appears on for a specific search query
  • Quality Score: Google’s grade for how well your ad interacts with users

These metrics are all indications of PPC success or failure. Quality scores prevent the company’s with the most funds from dominating Pay Per Click platforms. By accounting for the quality of a specific advertisement, it levels the playing field for smaller businesses. Call 800.231.4871 for PPC campaign analysis in Dallas / Fort Worth.