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Mobile Device Ads

Mobile ads should display a phone number link

Mobile usage accounts for 71% of all digital minutes. If you are a local company in the Dallas, TX area, and are not investing in mobile advertising, you are missing out on the biggest part of your market. For SEO mobile advertising in D/FW, call us now at 800.231.4871. Some of the advantages of mobile advertising include:

  • Call to Action: With click call functionality, advertisers can link their office line to mobile advertisements
  • Market Reach: The aforementioned 71% of digital minutes should be a gold mine for marketers
  • Shareability: Mobile content can go viral instantaneously, as users can share on social media, and text messaging
  • Tracking: Mobile data can be quickly and easily tracked to determine the effectiveness of the campaign, and any necessary steps needed to improve it

What makes mobile advertising unique from traditional desktop ads, is that it offers direct marketing to the user, at their fingertips. Users can see an advertisement, and connect with a live person, within seconds. The value of direct marketing cannot be underestimated, as the process for converting customers becomes much simpler with mobile advertising.

Mobile Advertising Techniques for DFW Businesses

Mobile Ads

Mobile advertisements should be simple, yet visually engaging

Now that we’ve established the value of mobile advertising. What type of ads should be run? In the case of mobile marketing, less is more. If you are interested in SEO mobile advertising in DFW, give us a call at 800.231.4871. Some of the qualities of an effective mobile ad are:

  • Accessible: Buttons and/or links displayed on mobile ads should be large, and easy to click
  • Click Call Functional: Mobile ads should contain a call to action, a clickable phone number that connects directly to your business line
  • Legible: It is important that the text on mobile ads is easily readable
  • Simple: Don’t try to fit excessive text, or images, into one mobile ad, as the screen size only holds so much occupied space
  • Visual: Don’t include sound with mobile ads, as users are generally listening to podcasts or music, but visual engagement will catch their eye

Mobile advertisements have about a 2 second window to capture the user’s attention. Consequently, simplicity and click to call functionality are crucial aspects of mobile ad campaigns. By using these tactics, DFW businesses can begin to dive into the 71% of digital minutes, currently occupied by mobile devices.

How Advertising Affects Mobile SERPs

Mobile AdvertisingWhen a user searches Google on a mobile device, they are presented with a screen displaying 3 mobile advertisements. To see organic results, users have to scroll down. Even with the decrease in organic search visits, it is important to realize the importance of SEO, as the #1 organic result, still gets nearly 75% more clicks than all advertisements. So while ads are taking up more space on mobile SERPs, they are not stealing all the traffic from organic results.

At DFW SEO, we create mobile advertising campaigns, that help local businesses thrive online. Our goal is to strengthen your online presence and generate quality leads that will eventually become customers. We understand that your marketing dollars are valuable, which is why we constantly monitor and evaluate your ads, to ensure that they are optimized for the highest ROI potential. For SEO mobile advertising in Dallas / Fort Worth, give us a call at 800.231.4871