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PPC Ads Offer Immediate Search Visibility

Pay per click advertising is one of the most popular forms of promotion for businesses in Dallas – Fort Worth. In contrast to organic search engine optimization, PPC improves visibility quickly, and as a result, generates the traffic that websites covet. The consensus platform for PPC advertising is Google AdWords. Since Google is the unchallenged #1 search engine in the world and PPC ads appear on search engine results pages (SERPs), the popularity of AdWords makes perfect sense. Advantages to using AdWords include:

  • Budget Control: Set a budget so you never overspend
  • Local Targeting: Target your ads to customers within your service area
  • Pay For Results: Only pay when users engage with your ad
  • Search Visibility: Appear on top of search results for relevant keywords

Google AdWords offers an abundance of features that can help Dallas – Fort Worth companies grow their business online. For example, the clickable call button encourages mobile users to connect with your service directly from their device. The convenience this provides to consumers exponentially increases the likelihood of them becoming paying customers. Dallas / Fort Worth SEO can help you manage your AdWords PPC campaign, and take your company to the next level in 2018. Call 800.231.4871 for Google AdWords campaign management.

Bidding On Keywords

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Quality Score Is a Google Ad Metric

AdWords decides which ads to show based on an auction of sorts, in which various companies, businesses, and individuals set their price point. This auction process occurs every single time a user searches for the corresponding keywords on which your company (and others) bid on. But make no mistake, the highest bidder is not the one who automatically appears as the top PPC ad. Google considers other factors, which include:

  • Expected Impact: Ad extensions can enhance the impact of your ad, and rank it higher than a less impactful ad that bid more
  • Quality Score: A metric Google uses to determine the quality of your ad

Your bid is still a factor, but it is judged in the context of other variables. With multiple factors taken into consideration, the playing field is evened for small businesses. If the only factor was money, the richest companies would win all the ad space, creating an unfair advantage, and ultimately a disservice to search engine users who deserve a more complete offering of options on the marketplace. DFW SEO can help get your AdWords campaign started today.

PPC and Web Design

Google AdWordsPaid ads can get users to your website, but it will all be for nothing if they aren’t converted into a customer. To convert website visitors into customers, your web design must be on par with your ad, and contain an urgent call-to-action which can help you get in direct contact with leads. In many cases this is the clickable phone number button, which really encourages mobile users to call you on their device. Another option is an email subscription button, which will provides a recurring line of communication.

With so many internet users on mobile devices, web design should incorporate a mobile-first concept to accommodate them. DFW SEO designs each of our clients’ websites with responsive web design which adjusts your website to the device on which it is accessed. Also, thinking about your website as a landing page, you should put important information at the top, so that users see it immediately upon entrance. If you require assistance with your Google AdWords campaign, give us a call today at 800.231.4871.