What is Geotargeting?

Editor Targets Geolocation

Geo-targeting Markets Content and Advertising to Users Based on Location

Geotargeting is an internet marketing technique that delivers location-specific content to users based on his or her current location. This allows websites to present dynamic content and advertising, specific to a user’s city, state, country, zip code, etc. You’ll find examples of geotargeting on the following platforms:

  • Banner Advertising: Ads shown when you browse the web can vary based on location
  • Mobile Advertising: Similarly, Geo-Ads can display on mobile devices via apps and browsers
  • Search Engines: Try searching Google for a restaurant on your mobile device and see results within your area
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all offer location functionality

The term geotargeting, sometimes known as geomarketing gives marketers a valuable tool at their disposal. By knowing the location of the user, companies can tailor their message to meet the specific needs of said user. Not only does this optimize your conversion rates but it opens up endless possibilities for your marketing strategy. For geolocation services, call us at 800.231.4871.

How to Apply Geotargeting

Writers Use Geomarketing Tools

Targeting Locations Allows Marketers to Add Nuance and Specification to Content

While the concept of geotargeting might seem intriguing, you might be wondering how a Dallas / Fort Worth business can best utilize it. Crafting content for specific locations provides many options. Some of them include:

  • Consumer Behavior: With this concept, you can see how consumers behave towards your content and / or advertising based on their location
  • Event Targeting: market your services at the time and location of an appropriate landmark event
  • Exclusion: Don’t waste advertising dollars on locations you know have zero interest in your services
  • Keyword Specificity: What captures a user’s attention in Dallas might be slightly different in Fort Worth, geotargeting allows you to alter keywords for each location

Geotargeting actually makes marketers jobs a lot easier. Traditionally, marketing campaigns have had to cast a wide net on potential consumers which eliminated the possibility of nuance and specification. The more specific your content is, the more efficiently your dollars are spent.

Geotargeting in DFW

What is GeotargetingPerhaps certain parts of the metroplex have been affected by inclement weather. Contractors that run a business in the area can specifically target the location urgently in need of their services. Similarly, they can exclude parts of the metroplex that were unscathed by the weather.

If you are looking for a reputable internet marketing service that specializes in geotargeting, look no further than Dallas / Fort Worth SEO. Our team of SEO experts will design a marketing plan sure to take your business to the next level for 2018. To further discuss geotargeting, call us now at 800.231.4871.