Display Ads for DFW Companies

Editor Reviews Display AdFor Dallas / Fort Worth companies, getting more traffic to your website is always a primary goal. One way to accomplish that is with display advertising. If you are unfamiliar with the term, display advertising refers to text, images, videos, or any other media that is presented as an advertisement on a given website. These ads can appear across different websites while users surf the net. You’ve almost certainly seen these ads before. Any box that appears while your looking on your local news or blog site is a display ad. They can help small businesses in the following ways.

  • Branding: Put your logo and mission statement out there for people to see
  • Lead Generation: Use call-to-actions CTA to earn phone calls or emails from ads
  • Segmentation: Target specific areas in regards to your advertisements
  • Visibility: You can have a great product, but if nobody knows you, it doesn’t matter

Not every display ad you see will be the typical box or rectangle. In some cases, they are massive pop up ads that feature rich media. In other cases they are known as overlays, in which the user must X out the ad to return to the normal website. Sometimes these ads are seen as intrusive, and the more traditional display ads have a better chance of making a mark. But it all depends on the perception of the user. Call 800.231.4871 to discuss display ads for your DFW business.

Segmenting Your Display Ads

Editors Adjust Display AdvertisementSegmentation refers to the division of consumers into subgroups based on variables such as location, demographic, psychographic, media behavior, etc. Companies can target groups that have the highest conversion potential as a way to save themselves resources, and maximize effectiveness. To breakdown what certain segments mean. Look below:

  • Demographic: Accounts for age, proximity, interests, etc.
  • Location: The geographic location of your target audience based on zip code or postal code
  • Media Behavior: The market research of how users interact with types of media
  • Psychographic: Market research criteria based on aspirations and attitudes

Why do we segment? Not only does it help us avoid wasted spending on advertising to consumers who we can’t reach for one reason or another, but it maximizes the potential of the audience you are intending to reach. With display ads from DFW SEO, you can reach the right kinds of consumers and acquire new customers in innovative ways.

The Best Dallas / Fort Worth Display Ads Company

Writers Craft Ad CopyDFW SEO is ready to start working with your business immediately. We do more than create appealing display ads and target them to researched segments, but we also track their effectiveness. This helps us tweak advertising strategies in real-time to maximize revenue for your company. We work with small business throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.

If you are thinking about adding display ads to your marketing strategy, there is no company to help you get started better than Dallas / Fort Worth SEO. We are the best DFW SEO company in the Metroplex and now exactly what it takes to market your company to residents of the area. We work with businesses like yours all the time. Call 800.231.4871 to speak with a Dallas SEO expert on display advertising services.