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The Bing-Yahoo network accounts for about 33% of desktop searches

Bing is believed to account for about 21% of desktop searches. That number gives Bing the #2 spot behind Google at 64%, and in front of Yahoo at 12%. When you consider the fact that Bing and Yahoo are partners, the combination accounts for 33% of desktop searches. While that number does not consider mobile search, and still falls way behind Google, even without it, there is some inherent value in that 33% of desktop users. Companies who cannot afford Google AdWords campaigns might consider Bing Ads as an affordable alternative. For SEO Bing Ads in Dallas / Fort Worth, call 800.231.4871. Some advantages of Bing Ads include:

  • Ad Extensions
  • Adjustable Bids
  • AdWords Compatibility
  • Location Targeting
  • No Mandatory Budget Threshold

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, Bing also provides businesses with high-quality traffic. 38% of Bing users hold an income of 100,000 or more, 52% are college graduates, and about 39% are between the ages of 35 to 54. So while the amount of traffic is significantly less than Google, the quality of the traffic is better. Traffic quality can lead to a higher conversion percentage, and can help make up for some of the traffic disparity in comparison to a Google AdWords campaign.

Bng Ads vs AdWords

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Bing Ads are a cost-effective alternative to AdWords

Bing ads are less competitive than AdWords. In other words, businesses can spend less on Bing advertising space because there are fewer companies bidding on the same digital property. Call 800.231.4871 for SEO Bing Ads in D/FW. Here are some of the ways in which Bing Ads are less competitive:

  • CPC: Cost per click on Bing Ads is between 10% and 25% lower than on Google AdWords
  • Impressions: Bing Ads impressions are estimated to be 90% cheaper than AdWords
  • User Engagement: The amount of time Bing users stay online is 24% higher than average search engines

Of course, the reason there is less competition is that fewer users search on Bing and Yahoo than they do on Google. Still, companies looking for a cost effective alternative to Google AdWords will find the competition level for Bing Ads refreshing. With 134 million unique searchers, Bing Ads do present a legitimate market, with conversion potential.

Do Bing Ads Affect Google?

Bing Ads

Bing Ads are presented on Bing, Yahoo, and AOL searches. In addition, advertisers can choose to distribute ads on search partner sites, as well as, Windows based apps. None of your Bing Ads will ever appear in Google SERPs, and they will have no relationship to your Google ranking. The only correlation between Bing Ads and Google AdWords, is that Bing allows advertisers to upload AdWords campaigns into Bing. This saves businesses the hassle of redesigning their campaign for a separate PPC service.

If you are a business in the DFW area, looking for an affordable alternative to Google AdWords, you should consider Bing Ads. Bing offers a search network of high-quality users, with high conversion potential. There will be a low amount of “empty clicks” when advertising on Bing SERPs. For SEO Bing Ads campaign management, give DFW SEO a call at 800.231.4871