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Site Speed

The speed of your site can directly influence sales

Almost every successful local business has a high performing website, one that keeps the attention of the user, and leads them to a call to action. Slow loading web pages not only increase bounce rates, but they directly affect your bottom line, your revenue. For SEO site speed optimization, give us a call at 800.231.4871. Here are some of the consequences of a slow loading web page:

  • Bounce Rate: An estimated 40% of users will exit a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load
  • Conversion Rate: A delay of 1 second for loading web pages can decrease your conversion rate by 7%
  • User Experience: Google collects data that measures the user experience of your website

Once business owners understand that site speed directly correlates with their bottom line, they begin to take it more seriously. But what should be done next? The best course of action is to test your current website speed with Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. This will give you an indication of how fast or slow your site is, and the steps required to improve it.

How To Increase Site Speed

Site Loading Time

Excess JavaScript slows down web pages and decreases user experience

A question many business owners ask is; how can I increase my site speed? There are several factors that slow down website speed. Each of these factors can be corrected and altered to improve performance. If you are a D/FW company interested in SEO site speed optimization, call us today at 800.231.4871. Some of the factors that determine site speed include:

  • Flash: Not only does flash not work on mobile devices, but it can add unnecessary loading time to your desktop presentation
  • Hosting: If your hosting service is considered “shared hosting” the speed of your website can be bogged down by other host users
  • Image Compression: Failure to optimize images for web use is one of the most common causes of slow web pages
  • JavaScript: The script used to collect visitor information could actually be slowing down your site, professional web designers can better optimize JavaScript to speed up websites

Every second counts for site speed optimization. A one second increase in speed can turn $100 worth of sales revenue into $700, and $10,000 worth of sales revenue, into $70,000. Needless to say, site speed is of great importance to local businesses. With conversion rates so significantly affected by the most minor of details, those who go the extra mile can reap the benefits.

Mobile Site Speed Optimization

Mobile Site SpeedMore searches are made on mobile devices, than on desktop. Still, an estimated 51% of mobile users say they have visited a website that didn’t load at all. A number much too high for the current SEO landscape. You can test your mobile site speed with Google’s Test My Site tool. The ineffectiveness of mobile websites as a whole provides a great opportunity to those who can present an efficient mobile site.

Our team of web designers at DFW SEO optimize each website for high performance and enhanced user experience. We understand that every second count, and our only goal is to help your company generate online leads. If you are a business owner in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, and interested in SEO site speed optimization, give us a call today at 800.231.4871