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Your SEO strategy should be challenging but attainable

When marketers talk about SEO strategy, what do they mean? An SEO strategy is the process through which local businesses and websites are optimized for search engine rankings. Your goal of ranking better on Google SERPs must be measurable, and the method for which you will attain it, must be documented. For SEO strategy services in D/FW, call us now at 800.231.4871. Below are some of the components of a great SEO strategy:

  • Attainable: Like every business goal, the objective should be challenging, but realistic
  • Adjustable: With Google constantly evolving their algorithms, business must be flexible to change
  • Documented: Documentation is crucial to the success of a strong SEO strategy, as everyone must be on the same page
  • Measurable: The effectiveness of your SEO strategy must be measurable, with the help of Google SEO tools

People often confuse tactics, or actions, with strategy. For example, starting an internal blog to generate fresh content on your website is not a strategy, but rather a tactic. It is a tactic within a larger strategy to improve your ranking on SERPs. Using tools like Google Analytics, companies can measure the progress of their strategy, and tweak it to account for inefficiencies.

Understanding Your Audience

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At DFW SEO, we implement the best strategy for local businesses

One of the most critical components of a good SEO strategy, is the understanding of an audience. For local businesses, internet marketing is about engaging with an audience, and making sure they view your company through the proper lens. If you are a business owner in Dallas, TX, ready to discuss your SEO strategy, call us now at 800.231.4871. There are several steps you can take to better understand your audience, and to build an optimal SEO strategy. They include:

  • Content Quality: Fill your website with relevant and informative content, designed for the user, and not for search engines
  • Keyword Research: Use Google’s Keyword Planner to find out what type of industry keywords people are searching for
  • On Page SEO: After researching keywords, use them to optimize your title tags, header tags, content, and meta description
  • Social Media: Engage with your audience on social media platforms, including; Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

SEO strategy and user experience are closely related. By enhancing the user experience, you are progressing towards your goal of search engine ranking improvement. As you begin to measure the effectiveness of your strategy, you will notice that positive signals directly correlate to user experience, while negative ones, usually reflect a lack thereof.

Adjusting Your SEO Strategy

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As Google continues to develop its algorithms, local companies must be mindful of the updates. Every successful website must be ready to adapt to new concepts and leave room within their strategy to account for new information. Flexibility is key to sustained success. Businesses must embrace the challenge, and be ready to maintain their online presence.

DFW SEO offers full-service internet marketing. We will develop, implement, and monitor a strategy that fits your specific circumstance, and puts you on the road to search engine optimization. Our in depth knowledge of search engines, allows us to adjust your strategy, as they improve their algorithms. If you are interested in SEO strategy services in Dallas / Fort Worth, give us a call at 800.231.4871