Search Query Data Analysis

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Queries Are Entered In The “Search Box” on Google and Other Search Engines Like Bing & Yahoo

A search query refers to the text entered into the search box on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The text usually comprises a phrase, question, or sometimes a series of words. In each case, the composed text is known in search marketing as a keyword, or keywords. Search queries generally fall into 3 main categories:

  • Information: Keywords intended to acquire information about a particular subject
  • Navigation: Keywords intended to lead the user to a specific website
  • Transaction: Keywords intended to find a product or service to purchase

In contrast to the web address bar on the top of browsers, search engine boxes are designed for diverse exploration. Search engine users generally approach search engines with a broad understanding of where they would like to go, but are also open to new suggestions and information about their desired subject. For search query data analysis, call 800.231.4871.

Analyzing Search Queries

Google Search Query Box on Tablet

Search Console Works With Analytics To Generate Query Reports

To analyze search query data, you will need to sign up for Google Search Console. From there you can generate search analytics reports which will give you insight into the types of queries users are searching to find your website, and how effective they are in acquiring visits. Be mindful of the following metrics:

  • Clicks: The amount of times users clicked your website per query
  • Click Through Rate: The number of impressions divided by the number of clicks
  • Impressions: The amount of times your main website became visible on search results

Search analytics reports can give business owners valuable information for marketing usage. By understanding what users are searching for, companies can more effectively market their services to a desired audience. It is important to note that search query data does not include every single search that was made for your website. Google does not provide certain queries. Still, the generated information is of a great value. Call 800.231.4871 for search query data analysis.

Optimizing Website Keywords

Search Analytics Report With Magnifying GlassThe main objective of search query data analysis is to provide information that can help companies more effectively market their services. For example, if a your website has shown up a number of times for a particular search query, but it is not generating enough clicks, you may be optimizing for the wrong keywords. You should also ensure that your SERP presentation is optimized. That means a descriptive title, meta description, free from typos and keyword stuffing.

If you require assistance in analyzing search data, DFW SEO is here to help. We are the #1 Dallas SEO company and have helped countless small business owners achieve online marketing success on a scale they once only dreamed of. Our services expand beyond search analysis, as we will also design and optimize your website for search engines and continuously improve it as Google evolves its algorithms. Call 800.231.4871 for search query data analysis in Dallas / Fort Worth.