On Page SEO

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SEO that takes place on your website, rather than externally, is considered “on page”

On page SEO references optimization that takes place directly on your primary website. That includes, content, title tags, header tags, meta descriptions, etc. In contrast, off page SEO, would refer to optimization that is generated externally from your website, like backlinks, NAP citations, social media networks, etc. On page SEO is the foundation of organic search optimization. For on page SEO services in D/FW, call 800.231.4871. Some of the ways which on page SEO can help local businesses include:

  • Conversion Rate: Traffic generated from on page SEO, is more likely to complete a call to action
  • CTR/Bounce Rate: Good SEO attracts more users, and keeps them longer
  • Long Term Value: Local SEO doesn’t go away, it is a long term asset
  • Search Engine Rankings: On page SEO directly influences your ranking on Google SERPs

Think of your SEO as you would another company asset, and one that has an opportunity to grow over time. The investment you choose to make on your website can directly impact the success of your local business. Google continues to prioritize websites that create the most optimal user experience, making on page SEO a requirement for successful websites.

Examples of On Page SEO


Good on page content is a critical aspect of SEO

So what does on page SEO actually look like? It can be presented in a number of different ways, but the common thread between all of them, is that they originate on your website. If you are a business owner in Dallas / Fort Worth and would like to discuss on page SEO services, call us today at 800.231.4871. Some good examples of on page optimization include:

  • Content: The lifeblood of your SEO is quality content that both informs and engages the user
  • Header Tags: H1s, H2s, and H3s, should each include primary or secondary keywords, without stuffing
  • Structured Data Markup: Implementing schema.org microdata to markup your services, helps search engines more effectively market your website
  • Title Tags: Each page title should contain a primary keyword
  • Meta Descriptions: Descriptions should contain multiple keywords, as well as a call to action

The above list should give local companies a better understanding of SEO. Other ranking factors like NAP citations, and inbound links, are not considered on page SEO, because they originate from an external source. That doesn’t mean you should ignore off page SEO factors, it simply means that internal SEO creates more and better opportunities for external search optimization.

What Meta Descriptions Mean for On Page SEO


Meta descriptions are the short summaries that appear underneath your website link on Google SERPs. These descriptions give users a glimpse of what to expect when clicking on your website. For this reason, meta descriptions should be both accurate and engaging. Since relevant traffic is the only type that can be converted into sales, misleading users with your meta description only hurts your organic SEO.

At DFW SEO, we create all our website pages with accurate and engaging meta descriptions. We include phone number links in each description, to allow interested users to quickly complete a call to action, and pursue your services. If you are a business owner in DFW, and are interested in on page SEO services, give us a call at 800.231.4871