Off Site SEO

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Off Site SEO is a Marketing Tool For DFW Businesses

Off Site SEO, also known as off page SEO, or external SEO, refers to search engine optimization that occurs away from your primary website and domain. While your website represents your principal online asset, extending its value through additional channels, maximizes online visibility. Some examples of off site SEO include:

  • Backlinks: Also known as “inbound links” backlinks initiate on third party web pages and link back to your domain
  • Citation Sources: Optimized business listings from online directories like Google My Business represent external SEO sources that affect your search engine ranking
  • Review Directories: A subdivision of online directory sites, these are ones that specialize in crowdsourced reviews, like Yelp
  • Social Media: Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn serve as external channels for authority building, brand development, and customer acquisition

Each instance of off site SEO represents a marketing opportunity for businesses in the Dallas, TX area. This becomes increasingly relevant as mobile traffic continues to ascend at a rapid pace. Google presents customized search results to mobile users based on proximity, and takes many off page SEO factors into account. Call 800.231.4871 for off site SEO services.

On Page vs Off Page SEO

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On Page SEO Sets The Foundation For Off Page SEO

Though off site SEO is invaluable to local businesses, it can never come at the expense of on page SEO. Optimization that occurs on your main website should be the foundation in which you build upon. On page optimization refers to:

Internal Linking: Creating relevant links through web content, that link to other pages within the same domain

Keyword Placement: Optimizing your page content with researched keywords

Title, Header & Meta Tags: Ensuring your title and header tags have keywords and your meta description is informative and appropriate

URL Structure: Creating a URL hierarchy that enhances user experience and presents seamless navigation

On page SEO will make your external optimization more valuable. Why? Because off site sources like backlinks and online directories all link directly to your main website. If you have a poorly optimized website, or perhaps no website at all, you are severely limiting the potential of your off site SEO.

DFW Online Marketing Services

Phone Showing Mobile Search SEOIf you are a local business owner in the Fort Worth, TX area, you should strongly consider investing in a strategic internet marketing plan. As we move closer to 2018, the importance of external SEO will continue to increase, as more and more users will be searching on mobile devices. Mobile search relies heavily on off page sources like Google My Business and Facebook.

If you are interested in online marketing from a trusted local source, contact Dallas / Fort Worth SEO today. We have experience working with local companies to enhance their search visibility and generate more customer leads. We look forward to working with you to meet your specific business needs. Give us a call 800.231.4871 to further discuss our off site SEO services.