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Local Optimization Is An Important Part Of Modern Marketing

As the internet has transformed into a mobile platform, with 24/7 access, local optimization has come to the forefront of small business marketing. One way Dallas / Fort Worth businesses can improve local search results is through keyword ranking. Optimizing web pages for local keywords attracts relevant consumers to your website. Methods by which to to rank for local terms include:

  • Image Alt Text: Optimizing images by including appropriate alt text
  • Keyword Research: Using tools like SEMRush to research local terms and phrases
  • Meta Description: Writing a length appropriate description which informs search users
  • Title, Header Optimization: Including researched keywords within titles, headers, and URL’s

In many cases, keyword research will indicate that long tail keywords hold the most local opportunity. Short and generalized phrases are highly competitive, and will take more than a well optimized website to rank prominently for. In contrast, long tail phrases, which generally include a; local term + industry term + qualifier, are easier to rank for, and ensure traffic relevance from search engines. To discuss local keyword ranking for your Dallas, TX business, callĀ 800.231.4871.

How Does Google Determine Local Keyword Ranking?

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Several Factors Influence Local Search Rank

Google has never made their precise ranking factors public, but have released several documents explaining their philosophy for search ranking, and what factors websites should consider when producing content. Moz performed a 2017 study of Local Search Ranking Factors, which concluded that a variety of considerations influence rank position. Some of them include:

  • Customer Reviews: How often a company has been reviewed, and its aggregate rating
  • Google My Business: The existence and optimization of a Google My Business page
  • Link Building: The formation of both inbound, outbound, and internal links
  • On Page SEO: Optimization that occurs directly on web pages

With Google My Business signals being deemed a prominent ranking factor, Fort Worth companies should pay extra close attention to their GMB page, ensuring that it is optimized, and contains accurate and consistent NAP information. In regards to link building, internal and outbound links can be formed through sound optimization techniques, while inbound links must be earned organically, and are generally the result of well developed and marketed content.

How Mobile Design Affects Local Keyword Ranking

Content Team Implements Local TermsMost search queries are performed via mobile device. This is especially true of local searches in which consumers are seeking a service within their general radius. To account for this, websites should incorporate responsive design, and be easily navigable on smartphones and tablets. DFW SEO designs each of our clients websites with responsive design, ensuring they are presentable not only on mobile and tablet, but also on desktop. When high performance mobile websites are combined with well-researched and implemented local keywords, the probability of local keyword ranking increases exponentially.

The trend of mobile usage as the prominent access point for websites is not new, but it is increasing with each passing year. From a marketing perspective, this is great news. Reaching consumers at their fingertips, on devices that are on their person 24/7, provides marketing opportunities that were once an impossibility. With opportunity comes responsibility and competition, and there is no better company to help you succeed than Dallas / Fort Worth SEO. We cover every aspect of internet marketing for small businesses, and stay on top of the latest trends. CallĀ 800.231.4871 for local keyword ranking services.