Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Team Audits KPI's For DFW Website

Cost Per Action = The $ Spent On Each Completed CTA

A key performance indicator (KPI) is a quantifiable value that reveals the success level of an internet marketing campaign. KPI’s help marketers improve campaigns by highlighting their strengths and deficiencies and therefore instructing subsequent actions. Dallas – Fort Worth SEO keeps clients informed of their campaign’s progress, maintaining accountability for our services. Some of the KPI’s we use to monitor online performance include:

  • Cost Per Action: The price of each completed call to action
  • Customer Acquisition Cost: The amount spent per customer gained
  • Lead Conversion Rate: The rate at which leads are converted into customers
  • Pageviews Per Session: The number of pages a user views before exiting

No single KPI can reveal everything about an internet marketing campaign. Covering the full spectrum of consumer behavior allows marketers to get a macro-level look at their campaign’s performance. We believe KPI’s are most effective when used within a larger context. For that reason, we analyze multiple metrics before reaching a reasonable conclusion. To implement key performance indicators into your internet marketing strategy, call DFW SEO at 800.231.4871.

Components Of an Effective KPI

Webmasters Review Performance Indicators

Successful Indicators Are Timed, Specific, and Relevant

With so much data available to marketers in today’s landscape, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by information. Burying yourself in statistics won’t lead to decisive action and will hinder progress overall. Effective KPI’s share common qualities that make them useful to marketers and their clients respectively. A metric is only as good as its subsequent analysis, and the action it inspires. An effective key performance indicator is:

  • Measurable: Quantifiable
  • Relevant: Useful for business objectives
  • Specific: Clearly defined
  • Timed: Constrained to a time period

Absence of one or more of the components above compromises the metric’s relative potency. It’s easy to lose sight of primary business goals when sifting through excessive information. Keeping your objective clear and defined encourages progress as opposed to stagnation. KPI’s are a tool — and a facilitator, but cannot on their own improve your marketing performance. Skilled SEO experts, content marketers, and web designers must use the information produced to take meaningful action.

Setting Attainable Goals

Analytics Tracking On iPadSince performance indicators operate within the context of business goals, it’s important to set ones that are reasonably attainable. For small businesses in Dallas / Fort Worth, expanding your customer base by 200% over a 6 month period is not realistic. KPI’s apropos of such lofty objectives will merely illustrate their nearly certain impossibility. When setting business goals — start small, make incremental progress, and trust the process.

Handling your digital marketing campaign can be overwhelming, particularly in today’s landscape of information overload. What you need is a company that can put things in perspective, and develop a plan for achieving realistic online marketing goals. Dallas – Fort Worth SEO is that company. We work with businesses of all sizes throughout the DFW Metroplex and help them define and achieve their objectives for 2018. To learn more about key performance indicators, or to sign up for our services, give us a call at 800.231.4871.