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Image Badges Are Divided Into 4 Categories

An image badge is a small emblem on the bottom left side of an image result that designates it as specific type of photo. This new feature from Google helps search engine users more effectively search for images and identify their accompanying content. Badges appear on images that contain structured data markup, which are applied by web designers and developers. Google currently supports the following categories of image badges:

  • GIF (No Markup Required): Badges for GIF image files uploaded to your website do not require any markup, and will be automatically tagged by Google algorithms
  • Product Markup: Use this markup to tag images that display products available for purchase
  • Recipe Markup: Use this markup to indicate a cooking or baking recipe
  • Video Markup: Use this markup to indicate that the thumbnail image is, in fact, a video

It’s been less than a year since Google introduced image badges on August 1, 2017, and the response has been largely favorable. Google has been proactive in developing new ways to enhance user experience, and local businesses can take advantage. By applying structured data markup to on page images, you can more effectively market content, products, services, and generate more relevant traffic. Call 800.231.4871 for Google image badges markup.

How Do Image Badges Apply To My Company?

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Companies Can “Mark Up” Their Web Images

If you don’t have a custom website with branded company images, you’re already behind much of your competition. For your website to prosper in 2018, it will have to do so through great content. That content is not limited to text, but also includes images and videos. Local companies in the DFW Metroplex must be proactive in publishing visual content to their websites. Consider the following aspects of image badges for your company:

  • Product Badges: If you sell any product, even if its an e-book or t-shirt, you can mark  the corresponding photo as a product image
  • Video Badges: Every business type can take advantage of video badges, that help users distinguish your video content on image search results
  • GIF Images: Use Giphy to generate GIF Images from YOUR OWN YouTube content and upload them to your website

Remember, it’s usually the small details that separates close competitors from one another. For example, if you and your local industry competitor both have a custom website with SEO marketing and PPC advertising, the smallest detail might separate one from the other. In this case that detail can be image badge markup. Because DFW SEO is an all-inclusive marketing service, we include image badge markup with more traditional schema markup services.

Google Image Badge Markup Services in DFW

Google Home PageDFW SEO offers image badge markup services to companies in Dallas – Fort Worth, TX and the surrounding areas. We thrive by helping local businesses achieve their marketing potential and are constantly evolving to keep pace with Google and the digital landscape as a whole. By partnering with us, you have access to our elite web design team, content marketing team, and SEO specialist team. Any changes Google makes to its algorithm will be noted and adjustments to your website will be made if necessary.

If you are interested in Google image badges and how they can help your local business improve its search engine optimization, contact DFW SEO today. We offer a wide range of optimization services that cater to lead generation. Although we work with companies of all sizes, we have a special connection to small businesses, and have been helping them reach their maximum marketing potential for years. Call 800.231.4871 for image badge markup services.