Google Image Badges Markup

Web Programmer Works on Google Image Badges MarkupGoogle image badges are small emblems on the bottom left side of image results that designate them into specific categories and indicate the availability of further information. This new feature from Google helps search engine users more effectively search for images and identify the associated content that accompanies them. Badges are applied to images that use appropriate structured data markup to tag their image for badges. Currently, Google image badges include the following categories:

  • GIF (No Markup Required): Badges for GIF image files uploaded to your website do not require any markup, and will be automatically tagged by Google algorithms
  • Product Markup: Use this markup to tag images that display products available for purchase
  • Recipe Markup: Use this markup to indicate a cooking or baking recipe
  • Video Markup: Use this markup to indicate that the thumbnail image is, in fact, a video

Google introduced image badges on August 1, 2017 and it serves as further evidence that Google developers will continue to provide the best possible experience for search engine users. Local business can take advantage of this new feature, by joining Google’s efforts for elite user experience. By applying structured data markup to your website images, you can more effectively market your content, products, or services, and generate more relevant traffic.

How Do Image Badges Apply To My Company?

Tablet Displaying Google Which Now Offers Google Image BadgesSince recipe, video and product markups are currently the only three categories for image content, many Dallas / Fort Worth business are going to fall somewhere outside that sphere. If you don’t sell products online, but offer services nonetheless, how can you effectively tag your images for badges? Local business should consider the following ideas for image badges:

  • Stay Prepared: Knowing Google, additional image categories will be added soon, so practicing with GIF’s and video markup can be advantageous for future reference
  • Video Badges: Every business type can take advantage of video badges, that help users distinguish your video content on image search results
  • GIF Images: Use Giphy to generate GIF Images from YOUR OWN YouTube content and upload them to your website

Google image badges are still a new concept for users, and website managers alike. The best thing to do right now is familiarize yourself with the concept because it will only become more common as time goes on. By being proactive, you can separate your local DFW website from competitors, and give Google an additional reason to index your content, and rank it higher on search results.

Google Image Badge Markup Services in DFW

Web Coder Markups Google Image Badge for VideoDFW SEO offers Google image badge markup services to companies in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. We are excited to help local businesses stay progressive with cutting edge SEO techniques like image badges. We stay up to date with Google’s latest trends and features, so that we will constantly improve your website and keep your Dallas business standing out from competition.

If you are interested in learning more about image badge markup and how it can improve your search engine optimization, please contact DFW SEO today. We offer a wide range of SEO services that will optimize your local business for online lead generation. We take pride in working with small business in the Fort Worth, TX area, and will be happy to provide a free SEO evaluation. Call 800.231.4871 for Google image badge markup services in Dallas / Fort Worth.