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Featured snippets are special blocks of text, extracted from a website, that appear on the top of Google search engine results pages (SERPs). These blocks appear when a search engine user asks a question on Google. The blocks contain summaries of the corresponding answer along with a link and URL title from the extracted page. Review the following qualities of a featured snippet:

  • Answers a Question: Featured snippets answer a specific question posed in a search query
  • Appears Above Search Results: The snippets jump over the top organic ranking, effectively securing the #1 Google rank
  • Extracted From Website: The snippets are taken from relevant website text that answers a posed question
  • Displayed as Summary: The snippet will not contain all text from a page, but rather a summary from the answer portion

At Dallas / Fort Worth SEO we do produce high quality content that gives your website as good a chance as any to be marked for a featured snippet. While there is no magic criteria to automatically rank your page, well written content that informs and engages the user can optimize your page for snippets. Call 800.231.4871 to discuss featured snippets SEO.

How To Generate Featured Snippets

DFW SEO Writers Attempting Featured Snippets Generation

There Is No Markup For Featured Snippets So They Must Be Generated Organically

Before you get all excited about ascending above the top Google ranking, you should first understand how featured snippets are actually generated. Google explicitly states that you cannot mark your page for a featured snippet. In other words, it has to happen organically. Still, there are few things you can do to give yourself a better chance:

  • Answer a Question: If you have specific services you are marketing, try answering some common questions about those services
  • Organize Information: Research suggests Google extracts snippets from answers that are organized cognitively (i.e. text lists, bullet points, charts, tablets, etc.)
  • Follow SEO Protocol: Like with any other Google criteria, practicing good SEO that enhances the user experience gives your website a better chance of being selected

Google Search Console Help explains more about featured snippets in search. It is important to understand that Google programmatically detects the featured text. The text always corresponds to the question posed in a search query. There is no way to trick this program, as Google will always take quality into consideration and protect users from manipulation.

The Value of Featured Snippets

Search GraphicNow that we know what featured snippets are, how do we determine their marketing value? Well it’s simple when you think about them in the context of Google search rankings. Companies invest thousands of dollars in SEO and PPC campaigns in attempt to rank on the top of Google SERPs. But what if you could jump over the #1 spot with a featured snippet? You’d be circumventing traditional marketing routes for one of the most competitive spaces on the entire internet.

Featured snippets allow websites to rank on the top of Google SERPs through non-traditional methods. Instead of ranking #1 on organic results, your are essentially ranking #0, which is of course one higher than #1. While DFW SEO cannot deliberately rank your page as a featured snippet, we can create content that is conducive to snippet generation. Call 800.231.4871 to further discuss featured snippets SEO.