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Google Highlights Text From a Web Page And “Features” It

Featured snippets are highlighted blocks of text, extracted from a web page, and placed on the top of Google search results for relevant queries. The text is accompanied by a link to the reciprocal website, effectively marking it as the #1 organic result. Featured snippets appear most prominently for queries that pose a question, such as; who, what, where, when, and why. Web pages selected for featured snippets contain answers to the corresponding questions. To review, a featured snippet:

  • Answers a Question: Featured snippets answer a specific question posed in a search query
  • Appears Above Search Results: Snippets jump over the top of organic results, effectively securing the #1 ranking
  • Is Extracted From Website: Snippets are constructed from relevant website text that answers a posed question
  • Is Displayed as Summary: Snippet’s don’t contain all text from the page, but only a summary from the answer portion

Dallas / Fort Worth SEO produces high quality content for client websites, giving each page a legitimate opportunity to earn a featured snippet. Though there is no defined criteria by which to secure a snippet, producing consistently good content increases your chances exponentially. Our team of qualified content writers ensure that each page is informative, engaging, and unique. Check out an example below:

Featured Snippet Example Dallas

How To Generate Featured Snippets

Writers Improve Web Content

There Is No Way To Auto-Generate a Snippet

Before business owners get too excited about jumping to the top of organic results, it is important to stress that featured snippets are earned, and not given. Google explicitly states that a page cannot be “marked up” for a snippet. Instead, featured snippets appear organically based on well developed content that answers a common question. With all of this in mind, there are steps to be taken to improve the probability of earning a snippet:

  • Answer a Question: If you have specific services you are marketing, try answering some common questions about those services
  • Include Header Tags: Try posing a question in the form of an H1 or H2, and then answering it below
  • Organize Information: Research suggests Google extracts snippets from answers that are organized cognitively (i.e. text lists, bullet points, charts, tablets, etc.)
  • Follow SEO Protocol: Like with any other Google criteria, practicing good SEO that enhances the user experience, gives your website a better chance of being selected

Text highlighted in snippets always answers a question posed in a corresponding search query. There is no way to trick Google into selecting your web page, as the text is programmatically detected by web crawlers. As is the case with other forms of search engine optimization, manipulative tactics increase the risk of a Google Penalty, and compromise the reputation of your company. By partnering with DFW SEO, your website will always meet the highest ethical standard.

The Value of Featured Snippets

Content Team Optimizes PagesAs SEO has become more prominent in business, ranking high on search results is harder than ever before. Not only has competition increased, but variations of results have expanded. While it used to be PPC ads followed by 10 organic results, Google now produces a Local 3 Pack, Knowledge Graph, along with featured snippets. Earning this highlighted snippet would allow your website to circumvent traditional SEO precedent, and secure one of the most valuable spaces on the entire internet.

Earning a featured snippet allows your website to rank #1 on Google through non-traditional methods. Research indicates that snippets are usually selected from websites that otherwise rank in the top 10 for the corresponding query. With this in mind, practicing standard organic optimization will assist your site in its quest to be featured as a highlighted snippet. To learn more about featured snippets, or to improve your internet marketing in 2019 and 2020.

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