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Links have always been used as a barometer of a website’s authority and credibility. Today, the formation of links must adhere to stricter regulations, and manipulative link tactics are more fiercely policed by Google. Businesses in Dallas – Fort Worth must adjust-on-the-fly, if they haven’t done so already. In 2018, link earning is far more important than link building. The days of building as many links as you can from any source imaginable are gone, and today, links must be earned from sources with the following qualities:

  • Authority: Established in their industry
  • Credibility: Trusted by Google and its users
  • Organic Nature: Formed through natural means
  • Relevance: Relating to your page topic

There is no more gray area when it comes to the formation of inbound links. Certain practices are flat out disallowed, and can get your site slapped with an official Google penalty. Other tactics will signal to Google’s algorithm that your website doesn’t deserve its current ranking position. Dallas – Fort Worth SEO can help you avoid such fates with our internet marketing services. Call 800.231.4871 to learn more about earning quality links.

How To Earn Quality Backlinks

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Blog Posts Can Help You Earn More Inbound Links

Since the tactics once used by most websites have been disallowed by Google, companies must pivot to more organic link formation techniques. The first step is hiring an online marketing company that has your best interests in mind. If you are promised thousands of links within a short period of time, that should be an instant red flag for that company. Ethical links are formed at a gradual pace, and are sustainable over a long period of time. The following practices help you earn quality links:

  • Blogging: Write monthly blog posts
  • Content Marketing: Create great on-page content
  • Social Sharing: Syndicate content on social platforms
  • Search Optimization: Enhance visibility on search engines

The best practices for earning inbound links align perfectly with modern search engine optimization. Many of the optimization techniques once used by marketers are obsolete and now considered black-hat SEO. That term refers to optimization that is manipulative in nature, and compromises user experience in some way. Cloaking, link schemes, sneaky redirects, and other actions, can hurt your website way more than they can help it. By partnering with DFW SEO, you ensure your company uses only ethical optimization methods.

I’m Still Not Ranking With Quality Links

Webmaster Evaluates Link ProfileIf you have more quality links than your competitors, but are still falling short of them on search results, it could be due to multiple reasons. First, make sure your on-page optimization is perfect. That means proper placement of keywords, a URL hierarchy, image alt text, and more. Second, you must be patient. Google is constantly evaluating web pages and how they appeal to users. If you consistently follow best practices, you will eventually outrank competitors who fail to do the same.

Longevity is also a consideration for web pages. Moz has metrics called domain authority and page authority which measure the likelihood of a domain and page’s ranking potential, respectively. Impatience might tempt us to accelerate the process through manipulation, but you’ll regret it sooner rather than later. Instead, trust the process, and start by investing in internet marketing services from Dallas – Fort Worth SEO. Call 800.231.4871 to learn more about earning quality links.