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What is Duplicate Content?

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More Than 1/4 of the Net is Duplicate Content

Duplicate content refers to web content that appears in multiple locations on the internet. In other words, if identical content is presented on more than one unique web address, it is considered content duplication. The most common causes of duplicate content are:

  • Content Migration: Moving content from an old website to a new one
  • Scraped Content: Copying content from another website and pasting it on your own
  • Session ID’s: Generally pertains to e-commerce websites when each buyer gets a session URL
  • URL Variants: Failure to use canonicalization or 301 redirection can cause search engines to crawl variations of the same page

In the majority of cases, duplicate content is accidental. Still, accidents happen often enough for an estimated 29% of the internet to be made up of content duplication. Hiring a professional web design service like DFW SEO can help prevent these accidents from happening with your website. For a duplicate content check, call us at 800.231.4871.

How to Fix Duplicate Content Issues

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301 Redirects Solve Duplication Problems

If you have identified content on your website that exists on other URLs, there are several steps you can take to correct the problem. The goal is to eliminate identical content while maintaining your search engine optimization. Many times, identical pages have valuable SEO built up that could be eliminated if improperly dealt with. Here’s how you fix duplicate content the right way:

  • 301 Redirection: Using the “moved permanently” redirection forwards the SEO and link quality of a URL to its more appropriate destination
  • Canonicalization: A tag within your site code which distinguishes a master copy of a page so that your search engine knows which to crawl

In addition to these methods, it is important to invest in professional web design as well as web content. Reputable services will ensure that content will never be scraped from other sources and will also handle all 301 redirection and canonicalization tasks.

Duplicate Content Check for DFW Businesses

Duplicate Content CheckIf you run a local business in the Dallas, TX area, now is the time to check your website for duplicate content. At DFW SEO, we will save you the trouble by doing it ourselves. If we determine your website is lacking in SEO we will design a completely new one exclusively for your company. We will optimize it for search engines and maintain it moving forward.

Most of the time content duplication is an honest mistake. At Dallas / Fort Worth SEO, we have the honest solution. Our team of SEO experts will help your local business reach its full potential. If you have any questions regarding your duplicate content check or would like to get started with our SEO services, give us a call at 800.231.4871.