Conversion Rate Optimization

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The Goal of CRO is to Increase User Conversion %

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, refers to the process of increasing the percentage of sales conversions per website visitor. This process is formulated based on website analytics and the implementation of a “call to action” also known as a “site goal”. Some examples of conversions include:

  • Clicked Phone Number Link
  • Contact Form Submission
  • Email Subscription
  • Product Purchase (For E-Commerce Sites)

With each of these examples, the percentage of times a website visitor completed the task would determine the conversion rate for that particular call to action. Obviously the end goal is to complete a sales transaction, but measuring and optimizing the path that visitors take to get to that point, can increase the percentage of sales. Call 800.231.4871 for conversion rate optimization.

How CRO Enhances SEO

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CRO and SEO Work Together To Improve The General User Experience

CRO and SEO work together to enhance the overall user experience. The goal of CRO is to create an experience that encourages users to complete a desired action. Similarly, the goal of SEO is to attract relevant users to your website, and engage them enough to stay there. CRO improves SEO in the following ways:

  • Bounce Rate: CRO optimization is designed to decrease bounce rates which in turn improves SEO
  • CTR: The first step in both the CRO and SEO process is getting people to click your website
  • User Experience: Again, CRO is designed to create a better user experience which is one of the top ranking factors for Google search engine results

Just as CRO enhances SEO, SEO returns the favor. Generating relevant traffic and an optimal user experience creates a higher probability of conversion. One cannot truly prosper without the other one. This is especially true for service industry websites that rely heavily on sales conversions and customer acquisition.

Conversion Rate Optimization Services

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