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What is Content Marketing?

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Various Marketing Channels Exist For Content

Content marketing is the process of appealing to a defined audience through compositions such as blog posts, web pages, videos, and social media posts. Conceptually speaking, content marketing relies on the value of compositions, rather than how they are “pitched” or displayed. As an organic methodology, content marketing merges cost efficiency with audience reach. As of 2018, almost every brand in America uses content marketing in some capacity. Examples include:

  • Blog Posts
  • Social Media
  • Web Pages
  • YouTube Videos

Although the concept is not revolutionary (it has existed for centuries), its accessibility is more extensive than ever before. Not only are there more channels through which to create and distribute content, but those same channels are accessible to a greater number of people. As a result, every company can take advantage of content marketing, but must be prepared to face fierce competition. For content marketing services in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX, call DFW SEO at 800.231.4871.

Creating Valuable Content

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Google Prioritizes Content That Holds Value

Google states in their Quality Guidelines, that they prefer content to be engaging, valuable and unique. To reach the largest number of consumers, your content must present value to them. At Dallas / Fort Worth SEO, we employ a team of highly skilled content writers to create valuable and engaging content for your business website. Our editor reviews each composition before it is published on the internet. Valuable compositions are:

  • Credible: Promotes authority and reputation, and earns trust
  • Easy To Find: Properly optimized to be found in relevant search queries
  • Informational: Provide insights or data relevant to the reader
  • Shareable: Can be shared via social media, or other sources

Much of Google’s literature about content details things NOT to do, rather than things TO do. This is in response to the preponderance of black hat SEO tactics, which attempt to manipulate search engines with low quality, keyword heavy, compositions. It’s been several years since Google really started to crack down on thin content, and place a greater premium on valuable and engaging web pages. The team at Dallas / Fort Worth SEO is happy to help you get started with all of your internet marketing needs today.

Distributing Web Content

Content Meeting At DFW SEOContent marketing relies on the value of compositions to appeal to a target audience, but that doesn’t preclude companies from distributing it on all available channels. Social media is one of the most prominent examples of a distribution channel, and includes platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Sharing valuable material on these platforms creates more observers of your content, and can increase lead generation. Blog posts, videos, and other compositions can all be shared via social media marketing.

Are you a business owner in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX? If so, 2018 is the perfect time to start your content marketing campaign. DFW SEO offers content marketing services to companies throughout the Metroplex. We employ an expert team of content writers, who along with our SEO experts, and web design team, combine to form the ultimate internet marketing solution for small businesses. We have helped countless business owners expand their market reach and create a greater revenue stream for their companies. Call 800.231.4871 for content marketing services.