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Blogs keep your website active with fresh content

Enhancing web pages for search engine optimization (SEO) is a well-known practice. But once a website is optimized, how do companies maintain relevance so that they can continue to ascend on search ranking results pages (SERPs)? Internal blogs keep fresh content circulating on your website so that Google will continue to crawl and index your website for new visitors. If you are a business located in the DFW area and are looking for SEO internal blog management, give us a call today at 800.231.4871

So internal blogging is good for content circulation, but how do local businesses best optimize their actual blog posts? The process of optimizing blog posts is similar to that of regular pages. Posts should feature a keyword, title tag, header tags, meta description, and image optimization. It’s also important to create a comprehensive URL structure for blog posts. Each post should have a URL that makes sense to visitors.

Internal vs External Blogging for SEO

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We offer internal blogging services in Dallas, TX

When someone talks about “internal” blogging, they are referencing blogs that exist within the main website. Internal blogs are extensions of your website that are accessed from the same URL and hosted on the same server. They are particularly valuable because their content is considered by Google, and other search engines, to be part of your website. Some advantages of internal blogging include:

  • Additional Indexing: Blog posts provide additional opportunities for indexing
  • Content Circulation: Regular posts ensure your website is still active, and create a vehicle for fresh content
  • Networking Opportunities: Blogs are a great way to make connections with other companies
  • Social Media Content: Internal blog posts can be shared on social media, giving people a new portal to your website

In contrast, when people reference “external” blogging, they mean blogs that are accessed from a separate URL, and in most cases, hosted on a separate server. Websites like Blogger, Tumblr, and all offer free external blog services. While these mediums can be a very effective way to market content, they don’t directly contribute to your on page SEO.

How Does Blogging Contribute to Internet Marketing?

Internal Blog SEO

Blog posts can have both internal and external links

The primary goal of internet marketing is to generate business leads. So how exactly do blogs help accomplish that goal? The answer lies within the value of internal blogging for SEO. Internal blogs create opportunities for websites to enhance their reputation and expand their customer base. Some of the ways you can use internal blogging for marketing are:

  • Be Informal: Blog posts are a good way to display your company’s personality
  • Link to Authority Sites: Create outbound links to authority sites like; industry suppliers, government institutions, review sites, etc. help build your reputation
  • Link Internally: Include internal links to your main website pages a couple times throughout the blog post
  • Offer Guest Posts: Ask relevant acquaintances or industry connections to write a post on your blog

At DFW SEO, we provide internal blogging services to local businesses. We keep your website active by adding monthly blog posts, each optimized for search engine ranking. This strategy keeps Google crawling and indexing your content. For SEO internal blog services in Dallas / Fort Worth, give us a call at 800.231.4871