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Fresh Content Encourages Regular Visitation

Original web content is a prime attraction for business websites. With an anticipation of recency, visitors will return to your website regularly, rather than only once. But how can you keep a website up-to-date while running a full time business operation? With content management services from Dallas / Fort Worth SEO. Our established content team provides the following services for websites:

  • Blogging: Writing monthly blog posts with relevant topics
  • Pages: Writing home, top level, and service pages
  • Updates: Monitoring and updating web pages

The object of search engines is to produce the most relevant search results to its users. The process of meeting this goal includes crawling and indexing web pages, and interpreting their content for appropriate rankings. The easier it is for Google to understand what your web pages are about, the more effectively they will be marketed to relevant users, some of which will ultimately become customers. Call 800.231.4871 for content management services.

How Google Interprets Content

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Crawling technology allows Google to read and interpret website information. The search engine uses “web crawlers” which navigate websites through links, and returns their findings to Google servers. Data is stored in Google’s search index, and subsequently rated based on a series of criteria included in their search ranking algorithm. Google’s instructions for developing a high quality web page are detailed in their content quality guidelines. Google prefers pages that are:

  • Engaging: Spark the interest of users with high-quality content
  • Trustworthy: Refrain from shady tactics, and adhere to Google standards
  • Unique: Offer original information that isn’t already oversaturated on the web
  • User-Friendly: Designed for the user, rather than for search engines
  • Valuable: Possess inherent value through quality content

Most of the public information about Google’s ranking factors deal more with what “not” to do, than what “to” do. This can create a level of confusion for businesses unfamiliar with how websites rank. As a baseline, all businesses should renounce manipulative web tactics such as link scheming, keyword stuffing, and sneaky redirects. With an ethical foundation, you can then expand into fruitful horizons. Dallas / Fort Worth SEO can help you get there with our content management services.

How to Market Content for Search Engine Optimization

Content Team Develops PagesYou’ll often hear the terms content management and content marketing used interchangeably. While they are not equivalent to one another, they are both maximized when used collaboratively. We’ve discussed content management for the majority of this page. Content marketing, is a concept that serves as an extension of content management. Good marketing includes; on page optimization, proper channel distribution, and appropriate promotional tactics.

If you run a business in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex, your website could really benefit from content marketing. Failure to generate online leads usually traces back to low-quality content, or lack of proper optimization. DFW SEO will improve your site’s ranking through a variety of tried and true techniques. We utilize WordPress content management system for each of our clients’ websites, allowing us to seamlessly and impactfully edit and arrange web content. Call 800.231.4871 for content management services in Dallas, TX.