Internal Blog

Blogging for Businesses

blog written outNo matter what your business type, an internal blog may be a helpful component for your website. Internal blogs aid your site in organic rankings and can be a wonderful tool for sharing relevant information to your clients. We provide all of our clients with a custom internal blog. Dallas / Fort Worth businesses can benefit from the blogging we provide as a part of our ongoing, monthly SEO services.

Why an “internal” blog?

There are two different types of blogs your company can have, an internal blog or an external blog. Internal blogs are more beneficial, because internal blogs are actually part of your website. This means when you add content to your blog, Google considers this a content addition to your website.

Ongoing content management is one of the components Google looks for when ranking websites. If your site appears to never be worked on or added to, you can lose rankings quickly. But if your site is managed and your content updated (including through an internal blog) Google will continue to rank you on top.

What should a blog do?

It isn’t enough to simply set up a blog. You must manage this blog and manage it well. Google is looking for specific aspects when they see your blog. The following are all components of a good blog:

  • Informative: Your blog should contain useful information. This information should answer questions and demonstrate a deep knowledge of the topic at hand.
  • Original: Reusing content and article spinning are both examples of a bad blog entry. Your blog should always contain original, unique content.
  • Relevant: Ensure the information you share on your blog is relevant to your company. Don’t blog about things that have nothing to do with the services you provide.
  • Engaging: A blog is a wonderful way to share information that is more informal in nature. And it is a great place to implement a local touch. This will all aid in engaging your audience.

If you are ready to implement an internal blog for your website, talk to us today. We provide blogging for businesses in Dallas / Fort Worth and beyond. We look forward to helping your website grow through proper content management.