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Link Associations Influence Rank

The term backlink refers to an inbound link to a website coming from an external source. Examples of those sources include, blogs, industry websites, online directories, and more. Backlinks have historically been used as a website ranking factor for Google and other search engines, and that usage has continued into to modern times. As Google sees it, inbound links serve as “votes of confidence” from one entity to another. For this reason, the reputation of your backlink’s source, will help influence how search engines perceive you, and ultimately where they rank you. A quality backlink source is:

  • Credible: Trusted by search engines and their users
  • Popular: Generates regular traffic which would, in theory, utilize the link
  • Relevant: Appropriately related to your website and its subject matter

Though backlinks remain a prominent measure of website credibility, Google’s algorithm has evolved to more appropriately value the quality of inbound links, rather than the quantity. Ten to fifteen years ago, websites could jump to the top of search results with link schemes that sent favorable signals to search engine crawlers, but hindered the experience of users. As Google has become more sophisticated, they have cracked down on manipulative link building practices, and disallowed such behaviors. For ethical link building for Dallas / Fort Worth businesses, give us a call at 800.231.4871.

The Importance of Quality Backlinks

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Quality Supersedes Quantity For Backlinks

On page optimization can only take a web page so far in the eyes of search engine crawlers. Content marketing, website design, and other internet marketing techniques set a great foundation for business websites, but without establishing quality inbound links, a site cannot reach its full potential. Backlinks serve as associations with other web entities, and help illustrate to search engines, who your website is associated with. With that in mind, you want inbound links to come from respected and authoritative sources, so that the association will reflect well on your business. Additional ways in which backlinks impact internet marketing are:

  • Authority Building: Quality backlinks increase your authority by association
  • Brand Development: Inbound links help establish your brand and its purpose
  • Search Visibility: If you can generate links from popular websites, your visibility grows
  • Traffic Generation: Quality incoming links mean quality traffic from valuable sources

As a Dallas, TX business owner, we know that your main concern is the bottom line. For that reason, it is important to demonstrate the relationship between inbound link generation, and sales conversions. Since backlinks instruct Google on where to rank your website, quality links translate to higher rankings. As we know, higher rankings produce more clicks and a higher chance of conversions. In 2018, inbound links must be earned organically for optimal results. There is longer shortcuts to take like link scheming, and other manipulative tactics, as Google will penalize abusers.

Disavowing Backlinks for Search Optimization

Content Editor Embeds LinksUnderstanding that associations matter to search engines like Google, it stands to reason why bad associations would matter just the same. If you have inbound links coming from low-quality sources, such as; spam websites, spam comments, spam forum posts, etc., it will not reflect well on your business, and can end up costing you valuable ranking positions on search results. The good news is that there is a way to distance yourself from these low-quality sources with Google’s backlink disavow tool. For Fort Worth business owners in need of assistance with the process, you can contact DFW SEO today.

If you believe your online reputation has been compromised due to mismanagement or manipulative activity, Dallas / Fort Worth SEO can help get your internet presence back on track. Our online marketing services include backlink monitoring, which ensures that all link associations are high-quality, and that any suspicious links are dealt with immediately. If your current marketing company has failed to deliver on initial promises, 2018 is the perfect time to make a change. DFW SEO works with business owners throughout the Metroplex to create a superior marketing campaign. Call  800.231.4871 for backlink monitoring services.