Backlink Monitoring

Inbound Link Management

backlink monitoringWe provide backlink monitoring for Dallas / Fort Worth businesses who are working to optimize their site. Inbound link management is a critical component of proper SEO. And unfortunately, many shoddy companies provide link building that can destroy your domain name through penalties by Google. If you believe your site has been damaged by backlinks, talk to our SEO experts today about cleaning up your inbound links.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks, also commonly referred to as inbound links, are the links that point to your website from outside sources. Originally the idea was that Google gave weight to sites with more inbound links. This was because inbound links were a sign of authority. If you had a local website that was an authority in the roofing industry for example, other roofing sites would naturally link to you as a reliable source.

Unfortunately, people took advantage of this rank booster and began paying for inbound links. These inbound links worked for a time, but Google’s algorithm is now capable of determining if you have legitimate backlinks or spammy backlinks.

The following are all bad inbound link sources:do not sign

  • Spam sites
  • Fake directories
  • Hoax articles
  • Fake forums
  • Link farms
  • Link rings

Where we come in

monitoring systemOur team will work on backlink monitoring for your business. Through proper inbound link management you can rid your site of bad inbound links by disavowing those links. This process can be extremely time consuming and complex. We will perform an inbound link audit for your website when you first sign on with us. Then through proper SEO practices we will do our best to remove any penalized linking.

If you believe your website is suffering from improper inbound links, talk to us today. We provide backlink monitoring and inbound link management for Dallas / Fort Worth companies. Our goal is to help your website optimize properly by following Google’s guidelines.