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SEO backlink monitoring preserves your online reputation

A backlink is simply an incoming link from a separate website. They can come from any external source including, blogs, industry websites, online directories, etc. They can even come from questionable external sources like spammy comment sections, and link schemes. In cases such as those, websites can actually suffer consequences from no fault of their own. Call us at 800.231.4871 for SEO backlink monitoring in DFW. Some of the steps we can take to combat poor backlinks are:

  • Create New Website: If your website has a poor design and bad reputation, a new site is recommended
  • Disavow via Google: Follow Google’s disavow backlinks instructions from Search Console
  • Request Removal: Find the source of your backlinks and send a professional email requesting removal

The most important thing to do regarding backlinks is to create enough quality ones to make the bad ones matter less. Your online reputation will not be destroyed by a few backlinks, as long as you have a higher ratio of quality ones. It is important to earn links from quality sources like authority websites, industry connections, and online directories.

The Importance of Quality Backlinks

Quality Backlinks

Your internet marketing relies on reputation indicators. Google prioritizes businesses that establish themselves online as trustworthy and resourceful. In order to accomplish this, quality backlinks are necessary. These links serve as an association to other entities. You want them to be respected and authoritative so it will reflect well on your business. Some ways in which backlinks affect internet marketing are:

  • Authority Building: Quality backlinks increase your authority by association
  • Brand Establishment: Inbound links help establish your brand and its purpose
  • Traffic Generation: Quality incoming links mean quality traffic from valuable sources
  • Visibility Enhancement: If you can generate links from popular websites, your visibility grows

By earning quality links, you are increasing your potential for sales conversions exponentially. The ramifications of your link quality make backlink monitoring a necessary task. At DFW SEO we monitor backlinks to ensure that your online reputation improves rather than deteriorates. As opposed to on page SEO, the generation of inbound links is known as a component of off page SEO.

Disavowing Backlinks for Search Optimization

Backlink MonitoringWe previously mentioned that disavowing backlinks is a technique to combat the generation of unwanted inbound links. Google does not wish to penalize companies for the actions of 3rd party websites. Still, if some of your backlinks look suspicious — like they have come from link scheming practices, Google is forced to take action against you.

If your online reputation has been compromised due to mismanagement or improper activity, DFW SEO can help you reestablish yourself. We monitor backlinks to ensure that your old links are taken care of and that your new ones connect with the right sources. Stop putting your trust in unreliable SEO services. If you are a business owner in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and are looking for SEO backlink monitoring, give us a call at 800.231.4871