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Organic SEO

For Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX businesses, organic SEO is the foundation of online success and lead generation

What Is Organic SEO?

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the strategic development of online presence, through unpaid measures, for the purposes of increased visibility and exposure. There are a multitude of organic methods that local business can utilize in order to enhance their online profile. For organic SEO services in Dallas / Fort Worth, call us at 800.231.4871. Some of the benefits to organic SEO include:

Cost Efficiency

With organic SEO, you don’t pay to rank on search results, but rather increase your ranking potential naturally. There are so many ways to optimize your business online, that it can be hard to keep track. Some of the organic SEO practices we partake in are:

  • Calls to Action: Phone number links within your content allow users to reach you directly from their mobile device
  • Citation Sources: Directory listings like Google My Business and Yelp are free to claim and optimize, and play an important role in SEO
  • Content Development: By filling your website with relevant and informative content, you are sending signals to Google that your website is valuable
  • Keyword Research: Implementing the right keywords within your content, header/title tags, and URL structure, pays dividends
  • Website Structure: Implementing schema markup to better explain your website to search engines, means more clicks and fewer exits


Organic search optimization is a long term investment. If properly optimized, your business should enjoy the benefits of increased visibility well into the future. A few indications of sustained success include:

  • Business Indexing: Your business becomes indexed by Google for local search results, increasing your visibility exponentially
  • Increased Authority: Your online visibility leads to more trust from customers and a better overall reputation

Generating business leads becomes much easier when you have established yourself as an authority online. Organic SEO lays the foundation for a business model that can gradually scale as more potential customers become available.

Traffic Relevance

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We offer organic SEO services in DFW

Optimizing your website for organic search helps your business attract the right kind of traffic. To discuss organic SEO services in DFW, call us today at 800.231.4871Instead of generating empty clicks, your website will engage with potential customers. The primary benefits of relevant traffic are:

  • Higher Click Through Rate: The number of users who click on your website link via search engine results
  • Lower Bounce Rate: The number of users that exit your website immediately after entering

As Google monitors your website performance, two measurements taken into consideration are click-through and bounce rates. By showing Google that users are actually staying on your website once they visit, you are sending a signal of positive user experience. For this reason, traffic relevance correlates directly to search results ranking.

User Friendliness

Google is clear that their primary objective is to provide the best possible user experience. For websites hoping to rank in the top section of Google search results, a quality user experience is imperative. Some of the ways in which organic SEO contributes to user experience include:

  • Content Quality: Users don’t want to see keywords stuffed unnaturally throughout your content, they want to read clear and visually enticing content
  • Natural Link Building: Users come to your website for a reason, links help them navigate your site to find the best information
  • Responsive Design: Users will visit your website on any number of devices, all of which must present your website optimally
  • Website Hierarchy: Creating a URL structure that makes cognitive sense, helps users interpret your website more easily

Each of these components enhances the experience of the user. Organic SEO and user experience are connected to each other, as developing a user-friendly website are what will ultimately rank you higher in search engine results.

Is Organic SEO Better than PPC?

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PPC works faster but should not replace organic SEO

If there’s a downside to organic SEO, it is that it takes a while for Google to recognize the additions and/or changes to your website. To further discuss our organic SEO services in D/FW, call us at 800.231.4871. A quick way to generate customer leads is by investing in pay per click advertising (PPC). The advantage of PPC is that it can generate traffic fast and lead to quicker conversions. In contrast, the downsides of PPC include:

  • Cost: The top Google spots aren’t free, and you will have to make a substantial AdWords bid in order to ensure visibility
  • Traffic Irrelevance: PPC helps you generate traffic fast, but not all of that traffic is useful or contains conversion potential
  • Unsustainable Success: You can’t pay for clicks forever, your ROI will eventually dry out and you’ll end up losing money

These factors do not suggest that PPC should not be an option for DFW businesses. If you decide PPC is something your business would like to invest in, it should not come at the expense of Organic SEO, but rather work with it.

Internet Marketing with Organic Search Optimization

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Organic SEO benefits businesses long-term

The most efficient way to market your business online is through organic SEO. Google prioritizes websites that build a reputation for quality content, website design, and structured data markup. By gradually building your online presence with tested principles, your business can increase its visibility and increase its reputation.

Marketing your business online is not an easy task. With a number of options available to business owners, deciding how to make the most efficient investments can become overwhelming. DFW SEO specializes in internet marketing for Dallas / Fort Worth businesses. We provide full-service marketing that encompasses every aspect of search optimization. For organic SEO services, give us a call at 800.231.4871