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What Is Organic SEO?

Organic SEO Development

Optimization Occurs Both On Page and Off Site (Off Page)

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) refers to non-paid actions performed on a website to increase its visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). There are a variety of organic actions that can be performed to boost search visibility and exposure. Dallas – Fort Worth SEO is the leader in SEO services in the DFW Metroplex. We work with businesses throughout North Texas to help them generate relevant traffic for their website and produce meaningful leads. Our organic SEO services include:

  • Content Marketing: The creation and development of content based on keyword research
  • On Page SEO: The implementation of keywords within on page elements such as titles, headers, and body text
  • Off Site SEO: The optimization of business listings on online directories, and the generation of authoritative backlinks
  • Website Design: The construction of SEO-friendly websites that display optimally on mobile devices

In contrast to PPC advertising, or other paid marketing endeavors, organic SEO refers exclusively to actions that are unpaid. The term organic refers to search visibility that is “earned” rather than “paid for”. On Google SERPs, there are various kinds of results. The top results are actually paid advertisements that appear similarly to traditional results. Underneath those are usually the local 3 pack results, which are based on location data, and finally, beneath the local 3 pack, are the organic results, which are based primarily on SEO and link equity. Call 800.231.4871 for organic SEO services for Dallas – Fort Worth businesses.

Why Is Organic SEO Useful?

Cost Efficiency

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SEO Has A Significant ROI Return

Organic SEO is an inbound marketing technique, and anyone in the marketing industry will tell you that inbound marketing has the highest ROI potential of any marketing technique. Because organic SEO is “earned”, it levels the playing field for businesses of all sizes and scopes. While PPC awards keyword ad space to the highest bidder, SEO rewards websites that make consistent efforts to enhance user experience and present an ideal website for visitors. More examples of SEO include:

  • Calls to Action: Phone number links within your content allow users to reach you directly from their mobile device
  • Citation Sources: Directory listings like Google My Business and Yelp are free to claim and optimize, and play an important role in SEO
  • Content Development: By filling your website with relevant and informative content, you are sending signals to Google that your website is valuable
  • Keyword Research: Implementing the right keywords within your content, header/title tags, and URL structure, pays dividends
  • Website Structure: Implementing schema markup to better explain your website to search engines, means more clicks and fewer exits


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Organic Optimization Is Long-Term

Small businesses in the Dallas area often want results fast, but that is something not possible without an established website, that has been consistently updated, for months, if not years. For this reason, many businesses opt for pay per click advertising which yields results quickly by placing your website on top of SERPs for specific keywords. While this can be a good short term strategy, it does not provide the long-term sustainability of organic SEO. With search engine optimization, you are not only building for the near future, but for the long-haul, and are developing a business asset that will serve your company throughout its lifespan. Examples of sustained success include:

  • Business Indexing: Your business becomes indexed by Google for local search results, exponentially increasing your visibility
  • Increased Authority: Your online visibility leads to more trust from customers and a better overall reputation

Traffic Relevance

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Not All Traffic Is Good Traffic, Nor Convertible

Organic optimization helps your business attract the right kind of traffic. While marketing companies might sell you on the concept of traffic increase, failure to distinguish the value of that traffic is a major red flag. Consider the notion that a large percentage of your traffic was lured to your site for the wrong reasons. If you are a looking to generate leads for your business, but your traffic is visiting to learn “how to” do something, the visitors will never turn into customers. With DFW SEO, we ensure that your traffic is relevant by optimizing your pages with the right keywords. By doing so, the result will be:

  • Higher Click Through Rate: The number of users who click on your website link via search engine results
  • Lower Bounce Rate: The number of users that exit your website immediately after entering

User Friendliness

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Google Places Top Priority On The Experience Of Its Users

Google has made it clear that their primary objective is to present the best possible experience to its users. For websites looking to rank on top of Google SERPs, a quality user experience is imperative. Fifteen years ago, websites could rank high based on manipulative tactics like keyword stuffing, link scheming, and hidden text. Since these actions negatively affected user experience, Google began to crack down on them with each algorithm update, and those techniques eventually became counter-productive for ranking position. In 2018, to rank well on Google, a website must focus on:

  • Content Quality: Users don’t want to see keywords stuffed unnaturally throughout your content, they want to read clear and visually enticing content
  • Natural Link Building: Users come to your website for a reason, links help them navigate your site to find useful information
  • Responsive Design: Users will visit your website on any number of devices, all of which must present your website optimally
  • Website Hierarchy: Creating a URL structure that makes cognitive sense, helps users interpret your website more intuitively

Is Organic SEO Better Than PPC?

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PPC Is Best For Short-Term Leads

The terms “better” and “worse” are somewhat subjective in digital marketing. Much of your strategy will depend on the specific goals of your company, as well as the size, scope, and market reach of your business. Generally speaking, organic SEO is a superior long-term strategy in comparison to PPC advertising. With that said, new companies without a website, will likely have to invest in PPC initially, while they wait for their organic SEO strategy to implement. PPC alone will not serve your business well in the long-run, a fate illustrated by the following qualities:

  • Cost: The top Google spots aren’t free, and you will have to make a substantial AdWords bid in order to ensure visibility
  • Traffic Irrelevance: PPC helps you generate traffic fast, but not all of that traffic is useful or contains conversion potential
  • Unsustainable Success: You can’t pay for clicks forever, your ROI will eventually dry out and you’ll end up losing money

Internet Marketing with Organic Search Optimization

Content Team Inputs KeywordsEvery successful internet marketing strategy utilizes organic SEO in some fashion. In 2018, organic SEO is more focused on mobile experience than ever before. Businesses in Dallas – Fort Worth must keep pace with their competitors, if not outperform them, in every aspect of digital marketing. The good news is that DFW SEO can help you accomplish that. Our SEO experts work flawlessly with our web design team to provide the ultimate internet marketing strategy for businesses.

Marketing your business online is not an easy task. With a number of options available to business owners, deciding how to make the most efficient investments can become overwhelming. DFW SEO specializes in internet marketing for Dallas – Fort Worth businesses. We provide full-service marketing that encompasses every aspect of search optimization. For organic SEO services, give us a call at 800.231.4871