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NAP Listings Are Very Important To Local SEO

NAP citations refer to directory listings of your company’s name, address, and phone number, hence the initials; N-A-P. Because of their expanded reach, the accuracy and consistency of your citations are critical to local SEO This is further evidenced by Moz’s 2017 Local Ranking Factors study, which lists citation signals as a considerable factor. Google gauges the credibility of your company based on the presence and accuracy of citations. Qualities of a well optimized business listing include:

  • Accurate: Exact NAP information is crucial to maximizing your lead generation potential
  • Branded: Each listing should be branded with your company logo, and “about me”, or “biography”
  • Consistent: Google monitors citation inconsistencies, so make sure your contact info is uniform
  • Keyword Optimized: “About me” sections should include industry keywords, much like your website

If you’re wondering where directories get your information from in the first place, you’re not alone. Many companies don’t realize that data aggregators like Infogroup and Acxiom distribute business information to directory websites. But where do the data aggregators get the info? From public records, which can encompass a variety of sources. If you want to ensure the accuracy of your listings, the data aggregators are a great place to start. Call 800.231.4871 for NAP citation sources.

Best Directories for NAP Citations

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Google My Business Is A Critical Directory

Much like inbound links, the quality of your citation source determines its influence on your credibility. High quality online directories help establish companies as reputable, trustworthy, and visible. With this in mind, you’ll want to claim and optimize listings on as many directories that fit that criteria as possible.  In contrast, you’ll want to avoid listings on low-rate directories, preventing low quality links. The best directories for NAP citations include:

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Facebook
  • Google My Business
  • Yelp

You’re probably thinking “Isn’t Facebook social media?” Yes, but it’s also a business directory. Each of these directories serves as a valuable link for you company website, and helps establish your business is credible in the local community. Not only can these listings help prospective customers find your services via directory, but your citations will also improve your local SEO, increasing the likelihood of you appearing in local search results.

Cleaning Your Local NAP Citations

BBB NAP CitationsIf you notice inconsistencies in your business listings, you likely require local NAP citation cleanup. This process ensures accuracy and consistency in your listings, and deletes duplicate or obsolete citations. We’ve already detailed the impact this can have on local SEO, but it can also generally improve the credibility of your company as well. Whether it’s Better Business Bureau, Yelp, or Google My Business, the objective remains consistent.

Going through each one of your citations can be an excruciating process. Most businesses must enlist professional assistance to complete the objective. There is no better choice than Dallas / Fort Worth SEO. Our services don’t stop after NAP citation cleanup. We also offer website design, SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. Our internet marketing plan is all-inclusive and can improve your local credibility. Call 800.231.4871 for NAP citation sources.