Local Search Marketing

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LSM Uses Location-Based PPC and SEO Marketing

Local search marketing is an online advertising technique which promotes services and/or products to local consumers. The technique operates through popular marketing methods like SEO and PPC, but incorporates geo-targeting to reach a more specific audience. Some examples include:

  • Location-Based PPC Campaigns: These campaigns target location specific keywords, and run ads exclusively to the desired location
  • Local Keyword Research: This activity extends keyword research beyond “industry keywords” and includes “local keywords” as a qualifier
  • Local SEO: This method includes optimizing titles, meta descriptions, and content with location keywords, and presenting descriptive NAP information in the footer of the website

Each function of local search marketing is designed to target a niche audience. For local businesses in DFW, targeting a specific location, be it; county, city, state, or district, can produce a more efficient marketing campaign. To further discuss local search marketing and how it can affect your company, give us a call at 800.231.4871.

Advantages of Location Targeting

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Location Targeting Focuses on Relevant Consumers

Why should business owners invest in location-specific marketing? It’s all about efficiency. Why waste marketing dollars advertising to people who have no use for your services? Businesses that have adapted to the modern marketing landscape understand that properly allocating resources is the most important factor in business success. Advantages of location targeting include:

  • Cost Efficiency: It costs less to market to a specific location because there’s less people to reach
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Generating traffic is nice, but it becomes irrelevant if they can’t be converted into sales — relevant traffic turns into a higher CRO
  • Traffic Relevance: Local SEO draws more appropriate traffic to your website and traffic that can be converted into sales

These are not the only advantages of location targeting, but they are certainly the most prominent. Fort Worth business owners can rely on these elements to make an informed decision about the value of local marketing. Cut costs and increase sales with this exciting marketing technique.

Local Search Marketing Services

Employee With Magnifying Glass Performing Search Marketing ServicesIf you are considering investing in local search marketing services, choose the #1 internet marketing company in D/FW. That’s Dallas / Fort Worth SEO. We specialize in local search optimization and PPC marketing. We can turn your local company into a more recognizable brand, and one that ranks higher on Google SERPs.

Tired of wasting marketing dollars? The time is now to reassess and re-distribute your marketing dollars. With search marketing, DFW SEO can create more efficient marketing investments with higher ROIs. We also offer month-by-month agreements so you are never locked in long-term. Give us a call at 800.231.4871.